How to use original content to get more social engagement

How To Increase Social Media Engagement

Creating content to drive social media engagement is a tricky business, requiring a balance between purely promotional content and content that will engage and provide ongoing value to your audience (aka – the stuff that makes you money). Social media engagement can be a cornerstone of successful businesses, with a majority of sales coming either directly through social or through customer recommendations, which are made on various platforms. Different type of content works on different platforms, but a general rule is to keep your words short, pictures impactful, and your call to action direct.

Being active on social media is necessary to stay competitive and edge out your competitors. And monitoring what your customers are saying may make the difference between understanding the needs of your customer and adding value, or just adding to the digital clutter with insincere or invalid messaging. Today, we will discuss how to increase social media engagement so you can see more conversions from your efforts.

How To Increase Social Media Engagement

Use Visuals to Increase Social Media Engagement

Images make it easier for people to understand social media messages

Social media experts agree that visual media is more engaging for people on social networks. Just think of your preferences — if you had a choice, would you rather see a text-based post that requires you to stop, read, and think, or a visually engaging image that tells a story at a glance? Take a look at the example above, which post are you most likely to skip past? Which grabs your attention? Keep these things in mind as you either pick from metadata when scheduling social media posts or when you are creating images for your blogs and social media posts.

Visual content doesn’t have to be expensive to produce, something as simple as a lifestyle shot of someone using your product or even stock photography overlaid with a powerful message is all you need to capture the imagination of your audience.

If you are able to grab a quick video from a behind-the-scenes shoot, even better! Most social networks prioritize video content, to begin with, so publishing videos directly to your social media accounts will already increase your organic reach putting your post in front of more people with potential to engage your post.

Photo contests and asking your customers to interact with your brand in visual ways can also be great engagement-drivers.

Ask Questions, Add Value

ask your audience for their opinion to get more comments

It may seem obvious, but people love to give opinions and talk about themselves. Why not use your brand’s platform to give their stories a voice? Asking people questions that get your audience involved are super powerful. They will increase your reach, and you will hear what your audience likes (or dislikes) about your particular brand or industry. Staying in sync with your customers allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your buyers and potentially even see shifts in the market before they become an avalanche. Social Media Examiner shares timely, relevant news while asking their audience to get involved. As you can see, it works.

Including games, contests or giveaways also give your audience the feeling that you have their best interests at heart — offering discounts and driving people to customized landing pages can support your brand by creating content that others will want to share. Be sure to jump into the conversation instead of just posting and ghosting — your customers will be glad to know that there is a human being behind the screen and will engage more willingly with an individual than they will with a brand. Social media is meant to be shared, and that implies a two-way street.

Maintain Solid Content Type Ratios

A good rule of the road for generating engaging social media content is to share 80% helpful information and only about 20% promotional content. In other words, you need to show your audience that you value them enough to give them something interesting to read other than yet another call for them to purchase your latest and greatest gadget. Repurposed content is fine as long as you are sharing information that is still valued by your audience.

There are few if any reasons not to repost content that resonated with your audience in the past, mostly because it is a good bet that your audience even a week ago looks completely different than it does today. Because of the fluid nature of social media, people drift into and out of conversations and brand engagements on a daily, weekly and sometimes even hourly basis.

One of the top challenges most marketers face is creating truly engaging content. In order to achieve this, your content must be exceptionally focused. Only through this strategy can you accurately target and address the individual reader, rather than addressing a mass pool of people on a general level.

The essential techniques and skills outlined in this guide will help you create focused content from blog posts and websites, to white papers and case studies. While people new to content marketing may choose to work through each step from start to finish, those who are well-versed in content marketing may discover new ideas by dipping into individual chapters.