How to get more engagement on your Facebook page

10 Steps to Increase Facebook Engagement

If you aren’t taking advantage of everything that Facebook has to offer today – including the almost 1,000,000,000+ members that log into the platform on a daily basis, but all of the other marketing opportunities that this social media platform provides – you may be at least a bit crazy.

Savvy entrepreneurs and smart marketers have long understood the value of getting more likes on Facebook, but now all entrepreneurs and marketers are starting to wake up and realize that it is not about likes. It is about engagement. Why? Because engaged followers can convert into purchases, website clicks, and desired actions. This is called ROI and it’s what marketing is all about.

Trouble is, maybe you bought fake followers on Fiverr and now all your followers are in some country you’ve never even heard of. Or maybe you spent money on ads, grew a decent follower base, and had an ineffective person creating boring posts, then Facebook tweaked their algorithm and your fans stopped seeing your posts completely. Now you’re angry and upset and think that Facebook is a piece of garbage…it’s not. You need to clean house and start fresh.

Let’s dive into this quick guide to shows you how to get more likes AND engagment on Facebook!

1) Clean House

You need to make sure you have a quality community before you move onto everything else. If you own a boutique maternity shop, your clients should be in your geographical area, should be moms…a few dads with a sprinkling of people who could be their friends and relatives. If most of your followers are males in Pakistan, you’ve got an issue.

* Go to Facebook Insights
* Scroll down a bit and look for “Total People Who Viewed” – Select “By Country”. This will give you an idea of where your engagement is coming from. If it does not match your demographics
* Click “Settings”
* Find “Country Restrictions”, Click “edit” and enter the names of the countries you want to restrict.
* Then click on “People and other Pages” (you won’t like this). Manually go through each user to see if they fit your demographic. If not, click the dropdown arrow and “ban from page”

I know that you won’t like this, but the wrong demographic can seriously mess with your efforts. This will be time well spent.

2) Provide valuable content

Just because it is effortless to share almost anything and everything on Facebook doesn’t mean that you actually should share almost anything and everything on Facebook!

The overwhelming majority of online marketers today are “me too” parrot style marketers, copying everything that they come across and pushing it out into the online ether as though it was their own – completely unaware of (or are ignorant of) the fact that they are market has likely already seen the same thing from a handful of other people and has become desensitized to it.

That is the fastest way to make sure that your brand and your business gets ignored.

How do you find good content? See what’s trending and then come up with your own commentary. One great tool is BuzzSumo. Also check out what is trending on Facebook, Twitter, and what others in your industry are creating on Instagram (which is super easy to do with the Photos tool on Socialdraft).

Make sure to test all kinds of content. This means images AND video. Video is currently performing best, so take advantage of that nifty smart phone you got to create some quick and fun vids.

When you utilize valuable content – almost always original content – you won’t have to worry about how to get more likes on Facebook, you’ll have to start worrying about how to maximize and convert each and every one of the likes that you’re able to cash in!

3) Invite People to Like Your Page

A trick on how to get more followers on your Facebook page and how to get them to engage

There’s a nifty little trick not many people know about. Go to one of your popular posts. Click on the area that shows the people who have liked this post. A modal box will pop up. You will see an “invite” button to the right of this. If you click it, the user will receive an invite to like this page.

Use this in tandem with a boosted post…a quick way to increase your targeted likes.

4) Improve the visibility of your Facebook platform

Even the best marketing on the planet is going to be worthless if you aren’t able to get that marketing out in front of people that can become customers.

You’re going to want to utilize advertising (Facebook advertising is amazing – when you use it right) to improve your visibility, and really unlock all of the leverage that tips to get more Facebook likes has to offer.

With more visibility you’ll be able to convert more visitors into fans, and with more visibility you’ll be able to more effortlessly communicate with your market and create the kind of relationship that they expect these days.

5) Pose Questions

One very effective way to interact with your fans and increase engagement is to ask questions. Asking questions initiates a response from people. Also take time to formulate questions designed to ignite interest, such as tips, controversial issues or questions related to events.

6) Contests

One tried and true way of increasing engagement is to hold contests. There are many types of contests but the key to increasing the level of engagement is to make the contest as intriguing and thought-provoking as possible.

7) Call To Action

In marketing, a call to action is an instruction to the audience to respond by requesting the audience to do something. This could be as simple as leaving a comment, purchasing a product, provide personal details and contact information. The choice is up to you, but let them know exactly what you want from them. Remember, if you don’t ask, you won’t received.

8) Plan Facebook campaigns

Plan Facebook campaigns in advance which will add to your content reservoir. But be creative. For example, Lay’s invited users to propose and vote on the next flavor by selecting three ingredients, a name, and also by providing a short description.

9) Post regularly but not too much


According to some research, pages that posted one or two times per day received forty percent higher user engagement compared to pages that had more than 3 posts per day. Just a reminder that you can schedule your social media posts with Socialdraft (think about it – a whole year’s posts scheduled so you can engage all day).

10) Include Photos

There is a reason photos are the primary type of content posted and shared on Facebook. Photos are also the most engaging type of content on Facebook, with a 87% interaction rate. According research published on eMarketer, photos accounted for 75% of content posted by Facebook pages worldwide.