Instagram tips that are easy to follow and get good ROI

Instagram Marketing Tips You Should Implement Today

If you aren’t taking advantage of everything that Instagram has to offer as far as marketing is concerned, you are seriously handicapping your business.

With more than 300k+ monthly users logging into Instagram on a regular basis, this is a tremendous source of targeted traffic and a great way to reach your market without having to blow open your budget.

To really leverage everything that Instagram has to offer we are going to share with you the following 20 Instagram marketing secrets. Hopefully you’ll be able to maximize the secrets to really boost your profits!

Take advantage of everything that hashtags have to offer with these 20 Instagram Marketing Tips

One of the most important Instagram marketing tips for business that you’re going to want to commit to memory is the value of using hashtags.

World-famous on Twitter, hashtags on Instagram work much in the same way – and allow you to be the laser target all of the content that you post and share on this platform. You’ll want to make sure that your Instagram hashtags are dovetailed to your market and your ideal prospect, and you’ll want to make sure that day really help support your branding and advertising campaigns in general.

A couple of Instagram marketing secrets that have to deal with hashtags include:

  • Make sure that you are hashtags are relevant AND descriptive (you can use these tools to find the perfect hashtags for your post)
  • The max amount of hashtags you can use is 30 – utilize all these as they will help you get found
  • Don’t use hashtags on your bio page, but make sure that every piece of content out the door includes at least three hashtags
  • Use hashtag research tools (available online) to laser target the hashtags you are including with every piece of content
  • Track your hashtag marketing success to adjust on the fly and optimize all of your efforts
  • Use numbers and emojis in hashtags, these can help brand you and catch people’s eyes
  • Use hashtags that are kinda in the middle, you don’t want something too broad or you will get lost in the feed, but if you’re too specific, nobody will find you

Leverage Technology that Socialdraft offers to boost your Instagram marketing efforts

It is critically important to remember that Instagram is one of the most involved social media platforms out there to market and advertise on. You can’t just create content, you gotta engage. The only way you are going to have any real success on this platform is if you take advantage of all the different tools, tricks, and secrets available – including those provided by Socialdraft.

These are the tools we offer:

  • Use the “Photos” area to follow people in your industry or potential customers
  • Use the “Photos” area to engage those people by liking their images
  • Use the “Photos” area to repost not just to Instagram, but to multiple social networks (Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn).
  • Schedule to multiple Instagram accounts using the drag & drop calendar
  • Allow multiple people to create and publish content to Instagram

Create better Instagram pieces of content in the first place

One of the most simple and straightforward of all the Instagram marketing secrets out there is probably also the most overlooked – the value in creating better Instagram pieces of content to be shared on the platform to begin with.

A lot of people are under the impression that you have to market and advertise on Instagram through brute force and bulk uploads, but nothing could be further from the truth. You’re going to want to post relevant, interesting, and engaging piece of content that have been specifically tailored to your market.

We are talking about creating content that is:

  • Consumable – exciting, interesting, and engaging at a glance
  • Shareable – the kind of content that people WANT to share all on their own without any poking or prodding
  • Unique – people are going to get sick of the same old, same old on Instagram so you’ll want to shake things up
  • Consistent – you need to make sure that your Instagram page and your brand stands for something
  • Measurable – you need to pay close attention to the statistics and analytics on all of the pieces of content that you upload

Speaking of measuring your efforts…

Another important one of the Instagram marketing tips for business you need to commit to memory is the value in measuring all of your efforts on the platform.

Take advantage of as many tools as possible to track all of your efforts online, but especially on a platform like Instagram.

You’re going to want to track:

  • Total traffic figures
  • Total engagement figures (take your last post, add the likes & comments on the post. Divide by your total followers & multiply by 100).
  • Sales that originate from your Instagram content
  • Your Instagram uploading frequency and schedule
  • The amount of people that each upload brings into your sales and marketing funnels

Post on a Daily Basis


On Instagram you need to be constantly present. If you’re just starting out, posting once a day will do, but if you really want to succeed, posting 2-3 times a day (as long as you are posting great content), will get you much better results. You can schedule to multiple Instagram accounts using Socialdraft, so we make this easy on you.

As long as you stick to those Instagram marketing secrets you’re going to enjoy a lot of success!