How to decide if Facebook or Instagram is better for your business

Instagram Or Facebook, Which Is Better For Your Business

There are tons of social networks, tons. But the two powerhouses seem to both be Facebook houses. Lets take a moment to see whether Instagram or Facebook is better for your brand when it comes to advertising.

A Look At The Data

While there is no doubt that marketing through social media can be beneficial for your brand, there are questions regarding whether Instagram or Facebook can do a better job and give you the maximum ROI.  With that in mind, lets take a look at the basic statistics behind both companies.


Facebook is approaching nearly 1 billion users and the high end of hundreds of million hits per day.

Instagram on the other hand, has significantly fewer hits.  However, the hits they have are more oriented towards businesses with more interest when it comes to what businesses are doing.

As Facebook has generally plateaued when it comes to users, Instagram is still rising and has grown by more then 200%.

It should be noted that what has helped this improvement was its purchase by Facebook in 2012 who now owns Instagram.

The Reach Of Your Brand Message

Do you want to reach people on Facebook?  If you do, then be prepares to pay.  Organic brand outreach has shrunk considerably on Facebook after they introduced paid advertisements.   Down nearly 60%, people will generally not find you unless you pay to advertise yourself to them.

Instagram on the other hand is significantly easier to get your message across on, reaching even more people despite there being less people using the platform.  This is in part thanks to Instagram having higher levels of engagement.

When looking at Instagram vs Facebook, engagement levels for the first come to around 68%, while for the second they pan out at 32%.  The long and the short of it is that while Facebook has more users, Instagram has more engagement than Facebook.

Considerations Regarding Competition & Filters

Did you know that nearly 93% of marketers use Facebook?  Now, compare that to the 36% of marketers that use Instagram.  Do you see where we are going with this?  If you are interested in having less competition for your message, then Instagram beats Facebook hands down.  With less competition, you have more room to grow your brand, to set the message regarding your brand, and to become a leading source of information for your brand on the social media platform.

All of this competition also leads to brand filtering.  With only so many spaces to advertise and so many companies looking to get their message out there, ads are filtered through Facebook directly.  This means that not every person will see your ad.  Now, compare this to Instagram.  Through Instagram, brands will reach 100% of their followers when they post.  While there are less people on Instagram, you would require multiple times more people on Facebook before the same number of people is reached.

Consider The Socioeconomic Status Of Instagram Vs Facebook

Instagram is a fascinating website and social media platform in that it bucks a number of established trends.

First, being post-Facebook, Instagram gets a lot of younger and more dynamic users.  Along with being more socially engaged and being able to communicate better with your brand, these individuals actually earn more on average then a Facebook user.  While not much, it is still important to consider.

The average Facebook user spends roughly $55 on orders.  The average Instagram user spends roughly $65 on orders.  A difference of $10 can make a big difference when thousands or tens of thousands of new customers flood your brand from promotional ads.

Basically, if you want to reach a younger, more affluent audience, you will want to focus on Instagram.

Any Last Thoughts on Instagram Vs Facebook?

Simply put, having a presence on Facebook through a business page is a no brainer.  An excellent way to link people to your website and have a social media presence, Facebook excels at this.  However, if you are looking to advertise, then you should strongly consider Instagram over Facebook.

How to Market on Facebook and Instagram



Regardless of which platform you decide to market on, you will need a plan and great tools.

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