Salon and Stylist Instagram Photography Tips

August 11, 2016

Tips that hair stylists can use when taking pictures for Instagram

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What’s This?

The cardinal sin of Instagram is to post ugly images or pictures. Just think about it. Why would someone go to your hair salon if you don’t care about the quality of the pictures you post to Instagram. It shows a lack of care, and I would not want someone who is careless to touch my hair.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional. People on Instagram prefer images that feel genuine. Anything that looks like stock generally does not do as well as an image snapped by a phone.

The best news is that with these Instagram Photography Tips for Salons and Stylists you will be able to take gorgeous images for your Instagram account.

Salon & Stylist Instagram Photography Tips

Use the Rule of Thirds

If you’re on an iPhone. Go to Settings > Photos & Camera. Then toggle to turn on “Grid”. This will turn the grid on on your iPhone. This will make it easier for you to follow the “Rule of Thirds”. This is perhaps the most important thing you can learn about photography and will change your life. How it works (simplified – watch the video above for a more detailed explanation): The grid will add a set of 9 rectangles to your screen. You need to place your subject where the lines meet. This will make for a more interesting composition.

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Good Instagram Image tips hair salons

Skip the Zoom

Zoom stinks on smartphones. So instead of zooming, just move closer to your subject. This will make it so the subject is clear, and so that the detail in your work is easily seen. Sarah Potempa knows just how important it is to show detail and taking those few extra minutes to set up the shot surely paid off in engagement.  Mirrors are great tools for hair salon photography Use Mirrors There are probably tons of mirrors at your place. These are great for showcasing all angles of your work. Check out the example above, that’s incredibly smart Instagram Salon marketing. This picture did great not only because of the subject, but because Jen Atkin really thought about the tools around her.  Take Tons of Pics You can delete them all after. Take pictures of the same subject from all different angles, play with the lighting, add props, you get the idea. Pay attention to the background Pay Attention to Your BackgroundThis image seems great at first, but upon closer inspection, it looks like the woman in the background is hiding her face. That makes me think that she is uncomfortable in the salon and may deter me from going. The last thing you want is for something unwanted or offensive to show in the background of that beautiful image. You also don’t want a messy or ugly background, so before posting review the background of your shot to make sure you are sending off the right message.


Did you know that if you just tap on the screen of your smartphone, the focus will move to that? Yeah! It’s that simple. So try it next time you take a pic.

Smiling pictures get more clicks

Ask For A Smile

A smile can make all the difference. Remember that you’re selling a lifestyle, and that lifestyle is of a happy, satisfied customer. They smile. If the person you’re taking a picture of doesn’t want to smile, it’s not Instagram worthy. Of the two highlighted above, which do you think  you would click? Both are gorgeous ladies, but I know which one I’d be more likely to click.

Add a watermark with your salon's name to your Instagram pictures

Watermark Your Images

There are tons of images on Instagram for salons and stylists. It’s quite hard to tell them apart. Use an app to add watermarks. This also has a secondary effect. It trains your customers to use your brand or hashtag in their images (as in the example above). Mandi Aparicio only has created 194 posts, but there are almost 400 posts using her hashtags. That means she has created an army of customers who are helping her promote her brand (and most importantly her business). We’ve reviewed apps that you can use to add a watermark here, so take a few to watch the videos, they show you step by step how to use them AND we tell you how much they cost. Totally worth the investment.

Edit Your images

You’re selling beauty, so it’s ok to enhance your images. There are tons of apps that are super easy to use here.

How to Manage your Hair Salon’s Instagram Account

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If you are curious about Socialdraft, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.

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