How to use Labor Day hashtags to get more likes and comments

Labor Day Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

A holiday that celebrates the working man and woman is a hit! Especially on social media where people are looking for inspiration on what to do and what to buy on the one day that is especially for them. This is your opportunity to bring in sales, and engage with tons of people who have the days off. This is a perfect time to push sales, contests, and promos to add even more value to your customers. Take a few seconds to copy and save these Labor Day Hashtags into your phone, make sure to use them on your Instagram posts to get the most organic reach, likes, and engagement.

Labor Day Hashtags

#LaborDay #HappyLaborDay #USA #LaborDayWeekend #America #GoodbyeSummer #LaborDayParty #LaborDay2019 #NationalLaborDayes

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#LaborDay #HappyLaborDay #USA #LaborDayWeekend #America #GoodbyeSummer #LaborDayParty #LaborDay2019 #NationalLaborDay [/pw-clippy]

How to Manage and Grow Your Instagram Account


A successful Instagram account takes a combination of a few things:

An Optimized Profile
Beautiful Images that are posted with a rhythm
Smart write ups with a call to action
Properly researched hashtags
Consistent posting (daily if possible)
And consistent engagement

Having the right tool can really help you in reaching success with your Instagram account. A good Instagram scheduling tool will save you time, keep you consistent, and help you engage.

With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
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Use Hashtags for Brands Related to your Brand or Business

Hashtags for associated businesses will give you exposure with their fans

Fashion Blogger April Golightly is quite smart in her hashtag use. Her Labor day post is perfect and relevant, and it incorporates a fashion brand that is quite popular among Instagram users. When she used the hashtag #liketkit, she was assuring that the audience for would be exposed to her post. A gorgeous way to incorporate a brand in order to piggy back off of their audience.

Use Industry Hashtags

Industry Hashtags will help you reach the right audience

Talking about laboring on Labor Day? Turned out to be a great idea for Think Round Marketing. Why? Because they included industry hashtags that attracted people who were interested in this sort of post.

Use geo location hashtags to be seen by a local audience

Native Weddings did a spectacular job on this post. Because they used a mix of Labor day hashtags and location hashtags they made it so this post would be seen by both people perusing labor day posts AND people looking for #ChicagoWedding hashtags. The post would have performed even better if they used a few more hashtags such as #Chicago and #CHItown. These two would  have increased their reach, likes and comments.

Now that you know exactly how to combine your Labor Day hashtags with others to get the most out of your Labor Day posts, all you need is the right tool.

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