You can schedule posts to LinkedIn Company pages using socialdraft

Socialdraft: LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

You asked for a LinkedIn scheduling tool…you got it. Now Socialdraft schedules posts to multiple LinkedIn pages.

How Does the Socialdraft LinkedIn Scheduling Tool Work?

How to Connect LinkedIn to Socialdraft

Instructions on connecting LinkedIn to Socialdraft

Simple, once you’ve signed up for Socialdraft (we offer a risk-free trial so you can try us out), sign into your LinkedIn account. Then, connect your LinkedIn account to Socialdraft in Settings > Social Profiles. The Socialdraft dashboard will pull in both your personal account (which you will be able to schedule posts to) and your LinkedIn business pages.

How Many LinkedIn Business Pages Can I Manage on Socialdraft?

That all depends on the Socialdraft plan you choose. The dashboard has a capability to manage unlimited LinkedIn business pages.

How Do I Schedule a LinkedIn Post on Socialdraft?

Then, simply create a post just like you would for any other social network on Socialdraft. There are multiple ways to do this:

1. Single Post on the Calendar

How to schedule to LinkedIn from Socialdraft tool


  • Click on the date you want the post to come out
  • Enter your write up and desired link
  • Select “LinkedIn”
  • Choose the LinkedIn pages you want the post to schedule to
  • Select a category (optional)
  • Select the dates you want the post to publish
  • Choose the time the post should come out
  • Click “Schedule this post”

2. Recurring Post on the Calendar

How to schedule repeating posts on LinkedIn

  • Click on the calendar
  • Enter your write up and link
  • Choose the LinkedIn icon
  • Select the LinkedIn pages you want this post to schedule to
  • Choose a category (optional)
  • Click on the “Recurring” tab
  • Choose “Daily”, “Weekly”, or “Monthly”
  • Select a choice from each of the fields
  • When done click “Schedule this post”

4. Bulk Schedule to LinkedIn with a CSV on Socialdraft


  • From the calendar, click on “Import CSV” tab
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Click “Submit”
  • Choose “Select All” and click “Schedule” if you want Socialdraft to schedule to the dates on the CSV
  • or…Choose “Select All”, two dates, and “TrueTime” if you want these posts to be randomized

5. From Any Website with the Socialdraft QUEUE Extension


  • Install the Socialdraft Queue Extension
  • From any website, click the Socialdraft Icon
  • Edit the write-up
  • Select the LinkedIn Pages you want this to schedule to
  • Select the QUEUE calendar you want this to schedule to
  • Click “Add to Queue”

If you are not a current Socialdraft user, you can try us out RISK-FREE. Just click here to get started.

What else does Socialdraft do?


Socialdraft is more than just a LinkedIn Scheduling Tool. Socialdraft is your solution to manage your brand’s entire social media presence. Here are a few things Socialdraft can do:

– Socialdraft publishes to Facebook pages and groups), Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

– Socialdraft has a feed so you can interact with your communities from one simple place

– Socialdraft is compatible with Instagram so you can schedule posts, search hashtags for recent content and schedule reposts to all your connected social networks.

– Socialdraft allows you to work directly on a social media calendar which is exportable so you can send it to clients or bosses for approval (you can even white label it at the Enterprise level).

– Socialdraft has a nifty bookmarklet that lets you easily schedule posts from any website.

– Socialdraft allows you to duplicate posts with a few simple clicks.

If you are ready to try out Socialdraft, sign up for our risk-free trial.