Use these Christmas Hashtags on Instagram to get more eyes on your posts

List of Optimized Christmas Hashtags for Instagram

Do you have am Instagram plan for the Christmas season yet? Are you looking for ideas to improve your social media marketing over the holidays? Whether you sell a product or you render a service, social media can help you attain customers, especially during the holiday season when the competition is fierce. This is where hashtags come in. A good list of optimized Christmas hashtags will give your Instagram posts the edge, help you come up on search, and garner you the most views by your targeted audience.

To get the most organic views on your Instagram Christmas posts, you need to use the right hashtags. The list of Christmas hashtags below will help you achieve this goal. Take a few seconds to copy these hashtags by clicking on “copy” and save them to your phone’s notepad for easy reference.

#Christmas #Christmastree #Christmaseve #Christmastime #Winter #Christmas2016 #Christmasparty #Christmaslights #Socialdraft #Christmaspresent #Xmas #December #GivingIsAwesome #Cold #Santa #Snowing #Santaclause #Christmasday #MerryChristmas #Snowman #Family #Love #Feliznavidad #Holidays #Presents #Gifts #Warm #Celebrate

How to Use These Christmas Hashtags for Instagram

A list of optimized Instagram hashtags

You need eyes on your Instagram and social media posts so that you can capture customer’s interest and get them to purchase your goods and services. You need to begin thinking of each social network as a miniature Google. The same way Google uses keywords for SEO (search engine optimization), Instagram and Twitter use hashtags. Hashtags are a major way to be found on social media. When someone searches a hashtag like #christmassale, they are probably looking for either ideas on things to buy, or a good sale that will make them feel better about spending their money. If your images aren’t hashtagged properly, you won’t be found and you’ll lose out on sales.

PRO TIP: Some experts will tell you not to use hashtags on Instagram (or to use only 3 hashtags). This is bad advice and only works if you are Kim K. Instagram allows for a total of 30 hashtags per post. and Use them all. Just be smart about it.

Your Christmas Social Media Strategy

Don’t expect these Christmas Hashtags for Instagram to do all the work for you. Every post should have a gorgeous image or video, encourage people to stop, pay attention, and perform an action. The idea is that they aren’t merely spectators, but that they convert to consumers.

Let’s begin to talk about your hashtag strategy. These are the equivalent of Social Media SEO. People click on a hashtag, and your content will have a chance of being seen.

Use a Mix of Industry Specific & General Hashtags

What is a good combination of hashtags for Instagram during Christmas

The hashtags you copied from above are just a starting point. These are general hashtags to give you a chance to be seen by a large audience. The issue here is that general hashtags tend to get used a lot. This means you will be pushed down the feed very quickly. This is why it is so necessary to research and implement industry specific hashtags which will help you reach the right audience. Your industry specific hashtags should have been used between 5,000 to 50,000 times.  Check out the image above. #Christmas will let your audience know that this post is related to Christmas, but it will also lump you in with all other industries. If you are a wedding florist, using a hashtag like #ChristmasWedding will help you reach a very targeted audience – people looking for ideas for Christmas weddings. If you are a recipe website, chef or blog – using a hashtag like #ChristmasRecipes or even a more specific one like #eggnog will help you to reach a super targeted audience, so make sure to balance broad and industry specific hashtags for the best reach.

Geo-targeted hashtags

Use Geo targeted hashtags on your Christmas Instagram posts to get local audience views

If you are a local business, then you must use geo-targeted hashtags on your Instagram Christmas posts. Yes, you still need to use #Christmas, but you need to supplement these with local hashtags to get in front of people who are in your area. These can convert to customers. For example, imagine you are a restaurant in New York City and you’re pushing out your special Christmas meal. Tourists may be surfing Instagram for ideas on things to do. If your post comes up under #ChristmasNYC #NYC and #NewYork, they may think of you as an option for the Christmas meal they can’t make in their hotel room. Or say you are a show that’s not as famous as Hamilton the Musical. Add these geo-targeted hashtags and you’ll increase your chances of reaching your audience.

Trending Hashtags

It is imperative that you keep an eye out for trending topics and incorporate these as hashtags into your Christmas Instagram posts.

Branded Hashtags

Instagram is “the” place to build your brand. Do a bit of brainstorming and come up with a unique hashtag for your brand. Make sure to include this hashtag in your profile with instructions to your audience on how to use it. This will allow you to build an army of brand advocates with each picture they share that is related to your brand.

Product Hashtags

How to user branded hashtags to get higher reach on your Christmas Instagram posts

Use other brand’s popularity to your advantage. Just like you would tell your customers what type of gifts you have for the holiday season, you can share this information on Instagram by way of hashtags. That brand’s reputation will be associated with yours and you will make it easier for potential customers to find your products and services. When you use product hashtags, go an extra step and tag them on your post. This will send them a notification which means the chances of them liking, commenting and sharing your posts increase. Look how smart this gorgeous Christmas Instagram post from Nordstrom is. They use the Elf on a Shelf to market a Kate Spade handbag and piggyback off both brands. Genius!

Post & Engage Daily

Being active on Instagram on a daily basis will increase your chances of growing your audience, engaging them, and converting them to your desired action. In fact, the least consistent you are, the more chances you have of losing followers and decreasing your click thru rate on the network.  Socialdraft’s dashboard can help you with all this.

With Socialdraft you can:

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