Hashtags for Independence Day

A List of the Top 4th of July Hashtags

The day the US adopted the Declaration of Independence  has become one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. Today we’ll discuss Instagram marketing tips for Fourth of July, as well as the best 4th of July hashtags to use so you can get the most organic views on your posts. If you follow our tips below and combine your 4th of July hashtags with other types of hashtags, you will get more likes and comments from targeted followers. Before we get to that, copy the list of 4th of July Hashtags below to get the most visibility for your Social Media posts before the Independence Holiday.

4th of July Hashtags and How to Use Them

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Summer has finally arrived and that means that 4th of July is right around the corner. For most of us that means barbecues, fireworks, sales, parties, and picnics.

For the rest of us who are digital marketers, it means a big opportunity to reach out to our communities and convert them. The Fourth of July holiday is one of the most important events for social marketers. It is up there with Christmas, Mother’s Day, the SuperbOwl, and Thanksgiving. 4th of July is an official holiday that means big business for local businesses, major chains, and large corporations alike.

This means money, and you (and your clients don’t want to miss out).

Check out these stats from US News:

  • 41.9 Million people will travel at least 50 miles
  • 150 Million hot dogs will be eaten over the holiday weekend
  • $247 Million Chinese fireworks will be purchased
  • $3.6 Million American flags will be imported for the holiday

The average American ends up spending around $300 on Fourth of July celebrations. That’s a lot of money for supermarkets, gas stations, big box stores, and most local businesses.

This is your chance to shine. It’s time to get creative, add a little red, white, and blue to your marketing materials…and get ready to see that Social ROI spike.

4th of July Hashtags & Social Media Marketing Ideas

Include Hashtags for Related Brands & Businesses

Use hashtags for related or verticals

The Met Museum in NYC was very smart here. They utilized #fourthofjuly to appear in the feed of people who are browsing that tag, but they also included a related brand, that of artist #WilliamMerrittChase to assure that they’d also come up in the feed of people looking for the artist. They now can garner the attention of two different types of Instagram users; art lovers – particularly fans of the artists, as well as those celebrating the holiday. You can do this as well. For example, if you are a bar running shot specials, make sure you hashtag the liquor company you are using. If you are a retailer selling swimsuits for the holiday, use the hashtags for that bathing suit brand. This tactic will open you up to more eyeballs on Instagram.

Use Custom Branded Hashtags

Use a branded hashtag for fourth of July to get your audience to share your posts

Home Goods has created a branded hashtag. If you take a few seconds to check them out, you’ll notice that they instruct their community on Instagram to share their images with #makehomeyours. While Home Goods has only created 1,400 pieces of content, there are over 71,000 photos using their tag. This works as proof of purchase, people who are sharing photos of their purchases at the store, and it is acting as free advertising. Each image expands their reach.

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Don’t Forget Location Hashtags

Local hashtags will let you get seen by people who can convert

Local brands, businesses and services can’t ride on 4th of July hashtags alone. They must use location hashtags in order to be seen by a local audience that converts…just like NYCGO has done. Notice that they didn’t just use #NYC, but included #Brooklyn and #East River to reach the maximum amount of people who would be interested in the fireworks display. If you are a local business marketing itself on Instagram, you should consider using the name of your city, the neighborhood, and even landmarks in the area.

Run Contests on the Fourth

If you are running giveaways or contests on the 4th of July, make sure to use the right hashtags

There are all types of contests you can run on Instagram on 4th of July. Make the contest easy to enter, don’t give people too many hoops to run through. Then, combine your 4th of July hashtags with contest hashtags as in the example above. #giveaway lets people who are searching for giveaways be exposed to your post.

Stars and Stripes/Red White & Blue

Use 4th of July hashtags such as #redwhiteandblue on Instagram

If you sell products that have 4th of July themes, like red, white & blue or starts & stripes, this is the perfect time to promote them.  Notice how the example above tags this with not just #fourthofjuly, but also #red #white #blue. They could have done better if they included #redwhiteandblue as well as #dress and #childrensclothing.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts


Now that you know how to use your 4th of July hashtags, there is one more thing to consider. You can’t expect to only post on special holidays and get a return on investment. Isntagram is a commitment, it takes time. You need to post consistently (daily if possible) and you need to engage your community as well. When I say engage, you need to look for people using Instagram hashtags related to your posts, you need to then like their post and follow them. Think of this as a virtual tap on the shoulder saying – I’m here, why don’t you check out my posts too.

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