Mardi Gras Hashtags For Instagram and Examples of How to Use Them

December 15, 2016

Optimized Mardi Gras Hashtags for Instagram


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What’s This?

Mardi Gras  is a big day for business not just in Louisiana, but anywhere in the US where people like to party. Local businesses like restaurants, bars, bakers, hair dressers, and clothing retailers can benefit from a good Mardi Gras social media campaign. Mardi Gras revelers will spend to have fun and look their best during the Mardi Gras holiday. The issue is, Mardi Gras is very popular. This means that gorgeous photo you post to Instagram has the potential to get lost in the feed, that is unless you use the right Mardi Gras hashtags. This will make it so all those revelers who are posting their own pictures of their celebration have a chance to see your posts. Take a few seconds to copy (and save) the Mardi Gras hashtags below. That way you can use them before, during, and after the holiday. Then, read on to get some ideas on how to use these hashtags with real life examples.

Mardi Gras  Hashtags for Instagram

#FatTuesday #mardigras #bourbon #carnival #Beads #MardiGrasBeads #Krewe #parade #mardigras2017 #mardigrasparade #NewOrleans #bourbonst #frenchquarter #thebigeasy #louisiana #treme #birthplaceofjazz #nola #followyournola #igersnola #Mobile #Pensacola #alwaysneworleans #beautifulneworleans #discovernola #igerslouisiana #igersneworleans #showmeyournola #exploreneworleans

How to Use Your Mardi Gras  Hashtags for Instagram

The hashtags you just copied are general Mardi Gras Hashtags. This means anyone can use them on their posts and get likes and comments. But you’re not just anyone and your brand or business has special needs. You have business goals. This means that you need to mix these general Mardi Gras  Hashtags with other hashtags in order to get an ROI out of your Instagram marketing. You need to start thinking of Instagram as a search engine in itself, and of hashtags as the keywords that will get you found. Let’s discuss this more in depth.

PRO TIP “Use all 30 hashtags that are allowed by Instagram”

Use a Mix Industry Specific & General Hashtags

When posting to Instagram for Mardi Gras, include industry specific hashtags as well

This is a perfect example of why you want to use Mardi Gras AND industry specific hashtags. Pet portraitist Bethany Salisbury, was very smart here. She created a post that was relevant to the holiday by using purple, green and gold – the colors of Mardi Gras. Then she used both industry specific hashtags such as #petportrait #dogportrait #dog #dogart #petgifts #art, then she used tags that would appeal to dog lovers #mixedbreed #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #muttskickbutt, AND she used holiday specific hashtags #neworleans #mardigras #mardigras2016. This gave her visibility among all three audiences, and you can bet that a dog lover in New Orleans has a higher chance to click over since it combines two of their passions, dogs & Nola.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

Make sure to utilize hashtags for your geographic location in your Instagram posts

If you are a local business (like a restaurant, shop or car dealer), or if you offer a local service; you need to be found by your local audience. They are the ones that can convert to customers. This means that you need to use location hashtags. Faces Events, an events planner is Miami was very smart about pushing out their services. They created a gorgeous post that was relevant to the holiday, used industry hashtags, Mardi Gras hashtags, AND location hashtags #goulds #florida #miamievents. This means that people browsing Instagram for Goulds and Florida would both be exposed to their post increasing their chances of a conversion.

Associated Brand Hashtags

Use hashtags for associated brands to piggy back off their audience

Jackie Merlau is not just a makeup pro, she is really good at using hashtags. Jackie’s posts use branded hashtags that are related to her industry. For example, #MAC #MacCosmetics and #MACgirls. Every time her clients check out her accounts they are reminded that she uses nothing but the best products on her clients.

Unique Branded Hashtags

Using a custom branded hashtag will help you reach more people

Party City is very smart about their custom hashtag. They kept things simple just by using their brand name. Notice that their profile trains their audience to use their hashtag “Show off your party using #PartyCity for your chance to be featured on our social channels!” . This is very effective. While at this time, Party City has only created 1,179 pieces of content, their custom hashtag has been used more than 100,000 times. That means that their customers are promoting them. They’ve converted their customers into an Instagram marketing army. That’s smart.

Tips to get the most out of yourMardi Gras  Hashtags for Instagram

You’re ready for Mardi Gras . You copied and saved the general Mardi Gras  hashtags for Instagram. You know how to use these and how to mix them with other hashtags when you add them in your posts. The issue here is that you still have work to do. If you only post on Mardi Gras, your chances of actually converting people are close to nil. You need to begin to schedule daily Instagram posts, to engage and grow your audience. The Socialdraft social media calendar tool is the perfect thing to help you with this.  Click play on the video above to see what you can do on our dash to market your business on Instagram.

First, you need to Post Daily

You’re busy, but posting to Instagram takes seconds, and if you schedule on our social media calendar tool, you’ll never forget to post. If you can’t post daily, post every other day. The idea here is to stay in the mind of your customers so they don’t forget about you.

Engage your audience

After you post, spend a little time engaging. Use the Socialdraft hashtag tool to check out posts from people in your geographical area and people who are creating content about your industry. Take a few seconds to like their posts and follow them. They will probably get curious and follow you back – this gives you a chance to engage and convert them.

If you wanna see how the Socialdraft social media calendar tool can help you with on your Instagram marketing, take us for a risk free trial . If you have questions, open up a chat with one of our agents, we’re always happy to chat.

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