How To Harness The Sucessful Marketing Secrets of Startups

June 30, 2014

Marketing for Startup Business


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What’s This?

In today’s competitive world of online marketing, the complexity of managing your company’s web presence — websites, blogs, a YouTube channel, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, videos, infographics, slideshows — may at first appear to be a daunting task fraught with intimidation.

Harness the Successful Marketing Secrets of Startups

And as Markerly, a brand amplification platform, points out, for startups with a limited supply of money and talent, a state of panic can engulf a lot of business owners. But this lean environment can also sharpen the intelligence, skill and resourcefulness of entrepreneurs involved in fresh new startups.

With this in mind, Markerly reminds readers there are simple rules that should be followed when crafting the best possible marketing plan for your business — and of those rules, one of the most effective is to use demographics to market to your company’s specific target audience. Because no matter how old a company is or how much money it makes, unless a business markets to its specifically targeted demographic it will fail.

Mint Blog


Markerly cites Mint, a personal financial management service started in 2006, as an example. Mint was built around the young professional demographic their chief marketer determined was being neglected, and they successfully targeted their content accordingly.

A quick glance at the MintLife blog reveals their creative use of infographics and writing. Mint uses only quality writers and illustrators, both in-house and freelance, and have not sacrificed quality for quantity which yields low-grade content. Markerly correctly notes that “while quality content marketing may be a long game, it yields undeniable results.”

Content Diversity

Content Diversity

Mint uses more than just articles to capture the interest of their customer base of young professionals. Mint also includes videos, infographics, and slideshows to engage readers. To establish reader confidence, Mint boldly distributed their content to Digg and Reddit, and garnered positive feedback — not an easy task considering the nature of those two scruffy social sharing sites.

Socialdraft Application for Businesses


Markerly adds that Mint also persistently tracked reactions to their content, and then used that information to follow up on what worked and what didn’t work, constantly improving as they went along.

By constantly monitoring and improving your company’s online content, the quality of your company’s interaction with the community is always enhanced because of your company’s continuous effort at self-improvement.

Here’s a few more quality suggestions from Markerly:

Be Creative

Don’t limit yourself in terms of how you interact with your user base. In a sea of businesses and other startups jockeying for recognition, why should they choose you? Stand out (in a good way) and your audience will be delighted with and appreciate your extra effort.

Be Purposeful

As stated before, with limited resources none of your efforts should go to waste. Even if you HAVE oodles of resources, don’t be careless with them.

Be Thoughtful

Consider your future courses of action carefully. Letting your ideas incubate and then acting accordingly will benefit you much more than trying out new fads at random. Having a smart team with similar values and a solid grasp on what’s important to your company’s growth really helps with this.

Be Aggressive

Don’t be afraid to really put yourself out there. You have a lot of competition, after all, and you won’t reach your goals by being passive in your efforts.

Always Fine-tune

Pursue strategies that have proven results and prune out what isn’t working. This will keep your company a solid marketing foundation to build off of and keep operations efficient. In the end, it simply comes down to being a valued resource, which means being trusted, reliable, smart, entertaining, and helpful.

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