Medical Practices Reputation Monitoring

Today most people research medical professionals online before picking the right one, so online reviews can have a huge impact on your practice. You can’t ignore them, you can’t get mad you have to react to ever one even if it’s from your competitor.

Show me the Money!

Bad reviews cost you real dollars — in a recent Harvard Business School study it was found that a 1-start review can decrease your annual revenue by 10%. Calculate that for your business. So if your practice is doing $500,000 in revenue you’ll be losing out on $50,000.

Monitor for bad reviews 24/7/365.

Identify lies, misleading information or direct slander of your business instantly as they appear, so you’re not wondering what happened to your business if their is a sudden drop off in business..

Save time you time

Are you running we web business or a medical practice? Once you’ve answered that for yourself you’ll realize you don’t have time to always be checking those you know who sites. One place, one dashboard and your prepared.

We focus on quality, respect and big data to empower you to bring your business to the next level.

Review monitoring – Catch bad reviews before they damage your business with automatic email alerts when new reviews appear online.

Review Management – View, monitor and manage your reviews from top review websites from one convenient dashboard.

Review Boosting – Convenient tools make requesting reviews of your business from real customers easy for the both of you.

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