MLK Day Hashtags and How to Use Them

Businesses and brands want to make the most out of most holidays on Social Media. They are absolutely great opportunities to build relationships, get conversions and sales, but some holidays need to be treated with respect and care.

Just as you need to be careful with Social Media on Memorial Day, you need to think about the tone of voice you use on Martin Luther King Day.

Because these aren’t your regular celebratory holidays, but historic and political moments they can be polarizing. As much as you may think you will benefit from marketing on a day like MLK day, you run the risk of offending your audience and causing massive damage to your brand.

Today, we’ll discuss MLK Day hashtags and the best way to use them on Instagram.

Before we get to the discussion, take a few seconds to click copy on the list of hashtags below so you can use them on Instagram throughout the years to come.

MLK Day Hashtags

#MLK #MLKday #MartinLutherKingDay #MartinLutherKing #MartinLutherKingJR #civilrights #standingrock #CivilRightsMovement #FightThePower #MLKjr #Activist #BlackLivesMatter #CivilRightsActivist #Selma #BlackHistory #BlackPride #BlackCulture #EqualRights #CivilDisobedience #MontgomeryBusBoycott #AmericanHistory #USHistory #SCLC #IHaveADream #NobelPeacePrize

MLK Day Hashtag Best Practices

Let’s get down to business. The day that we remember one of the most revered civil rights leader is not the day you want to push sales. Just don’t.

You want to tie your message into one of inclusion, peace and unity, not of opportunism. Here are a few examples of MLK Day Instagram posts that we particularly liked.

MLK Day Instagram Post Examples

Keep things simple on Martin Luther King Day

The Ellen Show:

This is a perfect post to remember and honor MLK. This message works for Ellen’s brand because it reminds her audience that it is a day to be of service, to do good for the world. It also resonates since Ellen is always speaking of equality for all on her show.

Educational posts can be very good for a brand on MLK day


The Museum of Modern Art crafted a post that is perfect for the audience. This historic photo shows King after winning the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a lovely way to remember him and his work, and highlights the arts at the same time.

Diversity posts work quite well on Martin Luther King Day


This was not an Instagram post, it was a tweet, but it worked perfectly with the Crayola brand. It is short, sweet, and fits the spirit of their brand.

If you’re not 100% absolutely sure that your brand or business can push out a respectful MLK post on Instagram, skip the holiday. You’re better off staying quiet for a day than offending your audience, causing a stink and damaging your reputation and ROI.