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Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

It doesn’t matter if you’re just new to the business – it’s important that you utilize every available resource and marketing opportunity as early as you can to ensure the success of your venture. With competition getting thick and strategies becoming more and more complicated, it is vital for business owners to maximize the use of all platforms in order to reach their audience, improve their reputation, and sky rocket their sales. Among the most important tools you should make use of is mobile marketing.

With billions of users accessing the internet through mobile devices, it would be irresponsible and impractical not to optimize your brand for mobile consumers. Make sure you make the most of your efforts by taking these mobile marketing tips into consideration.

Tips to Optimize Mobile Marketing

  1. Ensure Top Speed – Today, everything relies on speed. People want fast food, fast transportation, fast internet, and your business is no exception. If your website, application, or mobile platform lags, sputters, and fails to load at record time, expect your prospects to push away your brand and forget you all together. When a page takes too long to load, people will click back to their search engine of choice to look for another quicker answer. This is called a bounce rate. You want a low bounce rate. People want fast results, and this means you have to make sure that your mobile marketing resources load at the fastest possible rate. A few things you can do to speed up your website rate are: make sure you pick a fast loading theme (if you’re working with WordPress), optimize your images so they don’t take forever to load (try this plug in),  use a CDN network so you can cache pages (makes them load way faster), and delete unused plugins.
  2. Update Your Location Information – Many times, when consumers try to locate a business online, they’re likely to get an estimate of where that particular company is. For many, this can be very inconvenient, especially if they’re in their car or on a bus looking for your establishment. Make sure you update your name, address, and contact information across all available internet resources to make it possible for prospects to locate your brick and mortar with ease. This includes keeping this info above the fold (on top of the page) so that your visitors can easily access it (and most likely keep your site open longer).
  3. Refrain From Blocking Images – Instead of blocking images, JavaScript, or CSS, try to optimize your mobile platform to accommodate them. Smartphones today are capable of supporting any of this information, so ensure that you optimize your site to keep them in place. This increases your chances of giving your consumers a full-on interaction experience.
  4. Have Frequent Performance Checks – Is your mobile marketing strategy truly giving you worthwhile results? Don’t waste your time and effort on a plan that doesn’t bring about positive outcomes and see to it that you adjust your current strategy for bigger, better results. Use analytic tools and tests to find out how your marketing efforts are doing and perform he necessary alterations to improve your strategy.
  5. Click to Call – Make sure your phone is a click to call. Search engines like Google look at how easily people can find information, how long they stay on site, and the actions they take…like calling your business. Make sure that you prominently display your phone number, and that it is set up as a “click to call” from mobile.
  6. Claim all Social Media Channels – Social media is a great place to get links. This tip will serve you not only on mobile, but also on desktop. Make sure that all social networks are claimed and that your profile is filled out properly and completely. Make sure your website link works perfectly. This will have a powerful impact on all your SEO.

Lastly, your site should be responsive. If it is not, this should be the first thing you take care of. So go…get to it and put these awesome mobile marketing tips into action.