An optimized list of Mother's Day Hashtags for Instagram to help you get more likes and comments

Mother’s Day Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

Mother’s Day is one of the most special holidays of the year. It is the one day that is set aside to show moms of all ages just how much they are loved. This also means that it is a big holiday for sales. In 2016 alone, $21.4 billion dollars were spent on Mother’s day. This means that the holiday is a great opportunity if you either sell products or services geared towards mom. This also means there is a lot of competition. Today we’ll discuss Mother’s Day Hashtags and how to use them to get the most eyes from your target audience. Before we move on, take a few seconds to copy and save the Mother’s Day hashtags below so you can use them before, during, and after the holidays to get the most out of your Instagram posts.

Mother’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

#MothersDay #Mother #Mom #Parents #MomsDay #Brunch #MothersDayWeekend #Love #ILoveMyMom #Family #Daughter #Son

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#MothersDay #Mother #Mom #Parents #MomsDay #Brunch #MothersDayWeekend #Love #ILoveMyMom #Family #Daughter #Son[/pw-clippy]

How to Use Your Mother’s Day Hashtags for Instagram


Instagram is not just a social network. It is a very powerful search engine where your posts can be found. If people like your posts, then you have a vetted lead. These people should be engaged. Hashtags are the way you are going to get in front of these people to vet them as leads. But, you can’t expect to just post your specials or deals a week before Mother’s Day and get conversions. Instagram takes commitment. You must work on your account and your audience on a daily (or at least weekly basis). You’re probably thinking that this is way too time consuming, but it’s not. Let’s break it down:

Post Daily (or at Least Consistently)

If you’re too busy to post daily, then why not post every other day. Study after study shows that brands that aren’t active on a consistent basis on Instagram lose followers. This means a lower ROI. Use a social media scheduling calendar tool Socialdraft (seen above) to schedule all your Instagram posts and to have your team help you with content creation and publishing. This will save you tons of time.

Engage your audience

This is key. After you post, take the time to engage your audience. This means clicking over on the people who you think could convert to customers (pro tip – check out the people who are engaging your competitors) and follow them, like their posts, comment on their posts. This will increase your chances that you will be able to convert them into a sale.

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Use a Mix Industry Specific & Mother’s Day Hashtags

Use industry hashtags to attract the eyes of paying customers

It’s great if you get seen by everyone and their mother on Mother’s Day, but it is better if you are seen by your target audience. These are the people who can convert. Take Coravin, it’s a wine gadget that helps wine last longer. Their very cute Mother’s Day posts speaks directly to moms (and wine lovers) since they are using both #Mothersday and #Wine. They could have gotten significantly more likes and engagements had they used the Mother’s day hashtags above and a combination of wine hashtags.

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Mix Location Hashtags & Mother’s Day Hashtags

Geo targeted hashtags are a must for local service providers

If you are a local business, brand, or service provider; having someone 50 miles away from you won’t hurt your post, but it is not the optimal pair of eyes for you. In order to get in front of the people who are in your area, who will actually convert, you need to use location hashtags to enhance your posts. NYC Chocolatier Jaques Torres did a nice job here by adding the #NewYork hashtag. I would have advised him to get down and dirty with location hashtags and had him include nicknames for the city (#NY #TheBigApple) as well as neighborhood hashtags like (#UpperWestSide and #UWS) to get in front of even more people in his geographical area.

Use Hashtags for Verticals and Partners

expand your Instagram audience by using other brand hashtags

Just as you would promote products you use or sell at a physical location, you’ll want to do the same on Instagram. Take Kreative Kristie. She is a crafts blogger who created a gorgeous Mother’s Day card post for the holiday. She included the hashtags #freshlymadesketches #clearlywhimsystamps, two brands that were part of her creative process. What happens then is that the audiences for those brands will be exposed to her post, therefore increasing the size of her audience. She also mentioned the stamp company she used in her write up with an @mention. This is super smart because it will send them a notification, and if they have a smart SMM, he/she will take the time to like and comment increasing Kreative Kristie’s engagement as well.

Include Custom Branded Hashtags

How to use custom hashtags on Mother's Day

Teleflora, one of the largest florists in the USA is very smart about how they use their branded hashtag. It’s quite simple, #Teleflora. This makes it easy for people to create content around their brand and to get their customers to act as brand advocates. Note how they combine a mother’s day hashtag #OneToughMother with their branded hashtag. While they have only created 491 pieces of content, their hashtag is used over 3,000 times. Just imagine all those happy moms sharing pictures of the gorgeous floral gifts they were given by their kids from Teleflora. That’s a HUGE branding opportunity.

How to Manage Your Instagram Account


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