A list of optimized national dog day hashtags

National Dog Day Hashtags

We love dogs. Wanna know how much we love dogs? In fact, in 2016, 80 million dogs were a part of a US household. That means that 47% of all households in the USA have a dog as a part of their family. We love dogs so much that we’ve dedicated an entire day (August 26) to celebrating them. And just to give you an idea of how popular this holiday is on Instagram, as of 12/22/16 there were 5,483,544 posts using the #NationalDogDay hashtag. This means you have HUGE opportunities here. If you are going to market your brand or business on this holiday on Instagram, take a few seconds to copy and save the National Dog Day Hashtags below to use on your posts.

National Dog Day Hashtags

#NationalDogDay #ILoveMyDog #DogDay #Dog #Dogs #DogsOfInstagram  #Dogstagram #DogsOfInsta #Doge #DogsAreAGirlsBestFriend #DogsAndPals #Doggies #DogWalk #DogLovers #DogLife #Instadog #Pup #Puppy

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 How to get the Most Out Of Your National Dog Day Hashtags

Use Custom Branded Hashtags

Convert audience to brand advocates with a branded hashtag

National Dog Day hashtags are great. They will get you in front of a wide audience. But, a holiday like this one where you are dealing with a subject that people are super passionate about is a HUGE chance for you to get more value from your customers. Take Petco’s example. They have created a very simple, but very effective branded hashtag #Petco. If you notice, it is included in their post. Once you check out their profile, you can see that they’ve only created 1,962 pieces of content. When you check out their #Petco hashtag, you will see that there are over 400,000 pieces of content tagged #petco. This means that hundreds of thousands of their customers are so invested in the brand that they are constantly repping them. You may think that you’re too small to do that. This could not be further from the truth. It’s not so hard to learn how to use a custom branded hashtag effectively.  Just remember to keep it simple, and to reward those who use your tag with at least a little Instagram love.

Mix Industry and National Dog Day Hashtags

make sure to combine hashtags associated with your business as well as national dog day hashtags

On a holiday like National Dog Day, if you are a dog-related brand, you’ll have an easy time attracting your audience just like Stella & Chewy’s did.  This organic, raw dog food supplier made sure to reach their audience by using very industry specific hashtags such as #dogfood #rawfeddog #rawfeddogs #rawfeedingcommunity. But this is not just a good idea for pet-related industries. Say you are a restaurant and you have outdoor seating that is dog-friendly, you should use industry-related hashtags such as #restaurant #dogfriendly #outdoordining and your National Dog Day hashtags to let those people looking to go our that your place is a-OK with their furry friends.

Or Create a Custom Hashtag Campaign

Ask customers to post images of their dogs with your branding

Selfridges came up with a genius idea. They asked their audience to post a picture of their dogs with their products. The results were not just adorable, they were marketing genius. This is something you could very easily implement with your brand. Offer to feature your favorites or reward random entries with discounts or free goods.


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