Better features for group admins on Facebook

New Facebook Group Admin Tools

If you are a marketer and you’re not a fan of Facebook groups, you’re missing out. Facebook groups are not currently affected by the Facebook algorithm, they are curated by you and allow you to actively engage an audience that converts. In short, Facebook groups are a great way to get clients AND since you can schedule to and engage on Facebook groups with Socialdraft, it makes sense that you should be actively using this feature. It makes even more sense now that Facebook has released new features for groups.

Facebook Group Admin Tools

Easy Way to Welcome New Members

Before, when you welcomed new members to your group, you had to manually write the post, then go to the member’s area to find out who the new users were, and then tag them in the post. This could get tedious. There is now a new Welcome Posts feature that automatically tags new members and speeds up the process.

Facebook group badges give you quick info on users

Facebook Group Badges

These badges make it easy for you to identify group admins, mods, and new members.

More Info on Current Members

Now, if you click on someone’s name in a group, you will get quick info on that person (only items that are publicly available). This includes:

  • Length of membership
  • Mutual friends
  • Events in common

You will also be able to click-to-view their profile and then message them or add them as a friend from there.

Group Insights

There is also a new tool to get insights on when to schedule posts to get the most engagement according to past performance.

Policing Tools

Sometimes posts can get out of control and members can misbehave. You can now turn off commenting per member on a post – instead of having to lock the entire posts’ comments.

You can also remove a member who is a part of multiple groups you manage with one click.

***Potential Member Questions

This is not a new feature, it came out earlier in 2017, but it is one of the best tools for groups out there. Facebook allows you to set three questions to ask people who want to join your group. It’s a great way to vet the people who want to join the group and to see if they will abide by group rules (if they don’t answer, they most likely won’t).

If you have questions on how to market a group on Facebook, join our Facebook Group for Social Media Managers. It’s a safe place to ask questions, get support, brainstorm, and meet like-minded people. Looking forward to seeing you there.