How the New Facebook Layout Will Affect Your Page

May 30, 2014

The New Facebook Layout for 2014


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What’s This?

Looks like the new Facebook layout will be coming on June 13, 2014 (although some sources say June 6).  Facebook has been prompting pages to “Join the Waitlist” for the new layout in a small area between the admin panel and the timeline image. Pages that were already on the waitlist will receive a large prompt to make the switch on the top of the page near the admin panel.

In the March 10 announcement from Facebook, they stated that the “Streamlined Look For Pages” was designed to make navigation easier for page admins. Their goal is to make it easier for you to get to your analytics, get information, and create content.

How to join the waitlist to switch to the new Facebook Layout

Here’s What an Updated Layout Looks Like

Facebook has moved the timeline to the right

The new facebook timeline is built for mobile

Facebook Timeline

The old Facebook timeline showed content on two columns. The new timeline is now in a single column format. Posts will be of the same size. This is most likely to optimize viewing on mobile phones, and tablets.

When creating your images keep in mind that this change has affected the image sizing for your posts. The image size for posts has changed from  403 pixels to 511 pixels wide.

Facebook new timeline helps to get likes

Floating Like Bar

Although most people don’t consume content on your business page, but on their newsfeed, we see the floating like bar as a big positive for pages.

Before, the like bar sat on top of the page as people scrolled even after they liked the page. This made it become more of a fixture which people got accustomed to and ignored.


Now, the new floating like bar floats over the timeline column where your content is shown and only shows up if the person looking at the content has not yet liked your page. Once the page has been liked, the like bar disappears.

The text on the page prompts people to  “Get updates from [page] in your News Feed.” We feel that both these changes will positively affect likes on business pages.

Where to find the about section on new Facebook Layout

Practical Information: Left-side Column

If you are looking for the more practical information on a Facebook page, look to the left. The left bar will contain useful items such as the about, likes, address hours of operation, and map (for local businesses)

This area is also where one can find information such as apps, pictures, videos, etc…

How to navigate a Facebook page

Navigation Bar

This is where those features Facebook deems most important will show up. Here, people can find the About section, Photos, and the top App. There is also a “More” drop-down for other apps.

Where is the admin area located on the new Facebook layout


The new admin panel is much cleaner and has been merged into the timeline photo.

Top Left: This is where you can get your notifications, insights and settings.

Top Right: Here you can get to “Build Audience”. This is the area where you can create ads and get to the help area of Facebook.

Right: This gives you a quick glimpse at stats including likes, reach, notifications, and messages.

Pages to Watch

The new Pages to Watch feature (located in the Page Insights tool to all admins) allows you to create lists of pages that are similar to your business that you want to “watch”. Great for comparing strategies and performance.

Pages will know that someone is “watching” them, but they won’t know that it is your page – at least not now.

7. Apps tabs are still present on your page

Apps tabs are still present on Facebook Page

8. All apps are still in the top menu, but can only be accessed by clicking the “more” dropdown

All apps are still in the top menu of Facebook Page

9. You can have one app featured on the main menu, but only one, and without any cute button or image

One app featured on the main menu on Facebook Page

10. You can still create milestones

Facebook Milestones

11. Your website URL is now always displayed in your about section, and it’s clickable

website URL is now always displayed in your about section Facebook Page

12. you can re-order all the blocks on the left column, but “people” and “about” stays on top

Re-order all the blocks on the left column on Facebook Page

13. Posts mentioning your page are not as easily visible than before

Posts mentioning your page are not as easily visible Facebook Page

14. Average reviews are now much more visible. There’s also a full page for reviews

Average reviews are now much more visible Facebook Page

15. All notifications are now easily accessible in one convenient page

All notifications are now easily accessible Facebook

16. Activity log and Banned Users were moved to the “settings” tab

Activity Log and Banned Users Facebook Page

17. No more “use Facebook as [your page] in the settings menu”

No More Use Facebook As Shortcut

18. Fan list now includes “irrelevant” fans and “valuable” fans.

Irrelevant and Valuable Facebook Fans



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