New releases from Twitter Early 2016

Twitter Changes May-June 2016

Twitter has been having a bit of a rough patch. Its stock is hovering between $14-15, user growth has been stagnating, and newer social platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are taking quite a few of its active users.

That being said, Twitter is still a great platform. Many use it as a news and information discovery network, marketers are certainly not leaving the platform (especially since Google is indexing tweets).

This has prompted the platform to make some changes to see if they make a difference to its current status.

Twitter Changes May-June 2016

Accessible Images

This change is geared towards people who are visually impaired. People can now add alt text descriptions to images within tweets. If you want to see how this works, in your Android or iOS smart phone or tablet go to Twitter > Settings > Accessibility. Then turn on “Compose Image Descriptions”.

When you add an image to your tweet, click “Add description” to insert the descriptive text.

Connect Tab

The “Connect tab” released in May, lets you browse people to follow and gives customized recommendations based on geo-location, activity, existing follower profile, and major interest accounts. Twitter is not where you should be following your friends. That’s what Facebook is for. Twitter is where you should be following your favorite brands and interests. This will keep your feed fun, relevant, and interesting.

140 Character Limit Changes

This is a celebrated change for all Twitter users. We all hated having to count characters on images and links when scheduling to Instagram. Especially, those of us who use a csv bulk scheduler. As things were, media links took up 23 characters of the 140, leaving us with 117. This was an issue especially because tweets with images are proven to get more engagement, retweets, and click thru.

Twitter recently announced that media (including images, polls, and videos) would no longer count to the 140 character limit. The same thing goes with an @handle (when replying to someone’s tweet).

While these are not a perfect fix, they are a huge step in the right direction.

Periscope “Go Live”

Live video is where it’s at. From Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter who acquired Periscope last year. Twitter has begun to roll out their “go live” button as they compose tweets. If you click it, you will be connected to Periscope so you can begin your live broadcast via Twitter.

Twitter has been a little slow on taking advantage of live video, but this could be a sign that they will be taking advantage of its power.

GIF Search


While images increase your engagement and click through…GIFs do even more. Twitter is making it easier for you to find GIFs. Just click a button & search. You no longer need to search for the perfect GIF, save it to your computer and then upload it to Twitter. I seriously recommend you take advantage of this feature.

Photo Sizing

As mentioned a few times here, tweets with images rule on Instagram. Twitter recently updated its size requirements. There is no more forced crop. Loving this change. There is also a new way to view with multi-photos in a collage.

Improved Anti-harassment Features


Twitter is known for its trolls and it looks like Twitter is beginning to take complaints more seriously. Twitter has implemented:

  • A clearer definition of abusive behavior in its TOS
  • Better blocking, muting, and reporting abuse functions
  • A Twitter Safety Center and the Trust and Safety Council


We are loving this as a good starting point. What else would you put in place to bring Twitter back to its glory? Let us know in the comments below.

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