8 Open Table Alternatives

8 Open Table Alternatives For Restaurants

We know that running a restaurant is not easy. Profit margins are low, business is seasonal, and having one person (or two) call out can make things incredibly difficult. You’re always spending time with vendors, dealing with online reviews, and on top of that, you need to deal with reservations. Sure, technologies like those offered by OpenTable make things easier, but these services can be costly. Thankfully, OpenTable now has competition. Today, we will discuss 8 Open Table Alternatives to help you save on reservation software costs.

How Much Does OpenTable’s Reservation System Cost?

Here’s a breakdown of OpenTable’s costs. There is a monthly fee of $249 PLUS:

  • Booking on OpenTable: $1 per cover extra
  • Booking on Restaurant’s Website: $0.25
  • Booking on Facebook Via OpenTable: $0.25

While these prices are significantly better than the original cost of the service (it used to cost $1,295 just to install), those quarters here and there add up. Today, we’ll introduce you to Open Table Alternatives that will help you save on reservations so you can increase your bottom line.

Affordable Restaurant Reservation Systems & Open Table Alternatives

We hear many restaurant owners complain that OpenTable is too expensive. Many are moving…and the good news is that there are alternatives. The convenience of OpenTable and its popularity can be great for restaurants that charge a higher cost per seat, but for more affordable places, the cost may not prove to be worth it.

We’re not poo-poing OpenTable. There are advantages to OpenTable. Their website notes that there are two reservations being made per minute. You can also reach out to your customers before AND after they come to the restaurant. This is a great advantage if you want to re-market them.

OpenTable and services like it help restaurants get reservations. From a diner’s point of view, it is much easier to just hop on your laptop or smartphone to make a reservation, than getting on the phone or sending an email and having to wait for confirmation.

If you want the benefits of an online reservation system, but aren’t fully in love with OpenTable, we’ve listed a few OpenTable alternatives for restaurants.

8 OpenTable Alternatives Worth Considering


Other reservation systems than OpenTable

Resy boasts a monthly cost of $189 per month with no extra charges and 24/7/365 support. As of January, Resy had seated 93 million people and serviced 2,400 venues in 160 cities. One feature we loved about Resy is that they have partnered with social media sites including Instagram, Airbnb, Google, Facebook, and other international partners to integrate Resy restaurant booking directly into their platforms. That means that you have a better chance to be discovered by people on those platforms.


Ureserv Application

URESERV is a ridiculously affordable online restaurant reservation and table management system. It was developed by a restaurant owner for restaurant owners to provide an affordable and robust solution to fulfill their online reservation and guest management needs. URESERV allows diners to make reservations through the restaurant’s website or social media pages. There is a flat monthly fee of $60 and a $0.10 reservation fee.


Eveve Application

Eveve charges a licence fee for TELOS and does not charge a fee per online diner, meaning that despite its superior technology and stability, its offering can be very cost competitive, particularly for busier restaurants. Last we heard the fee for licensing was $200 flat.


BookATable App

You can list your restaurant on Bookatable.com to gain wider exposure for your brand and generate new business. Display your restaurant on local, national and international partner websites such as tastecard.co.uk. Livebookings is an award-winning company built for restaurateurs by restaurateurs. Headquartered in London, with offices in Hamburg, Stockholm, Madrid, Washington DC, and New York and customers in 23 countries. Livebookings enables real-time, online reservations on restaurant websites and helps restaurants access customers that would otherwise be difficult to reach through a global network of partners including Bookatable.com, lastminute.com, American Express, and Time Out.


Reservation genie allows restaurants to easily get reservations

Reservation Genie is both a reservation system and table management service for restaurants. Packages including online reservations start at $49 per month if you opt to include the Table Management, the cost moves to just $79 per month. All reservations from locals are included in the monthly fee eliminating keeping the prices lower. They also offer a mix of table management and marketing with tools to bring in new business. This includes a loyalty program that encourages customers to return to your restaurant and tools to network with local concierges.


No Wait Application

The NoWait Guest App seamlessly syncs with the NoWait Host app, connecting guests to your host stand in real-time. The NoWait Guest App uses revolutionary wait quoting technology to extend hospitality into the mobile world and show real-time activity at your restaurant to would-be guests. They partnered up with Yelp in 2016 and were acquired by them, so this is where Yelp’s reservation system comes in.


Favourite Table

Favouritetable.com is a dedicated restaurant resource listing to help people decide what to eat, where to eat and how to get there. FavouriteTable typically charges between £69 & £199 per month for unlimited online bookings (restaurant website & FavouriteTable). There are no hidden fees whatsoever – and they provide complementary social media advertising and a stable of online magazines. FavouriteTable started 4 years ago and offers a 5 year no price increase guarantee.


Free Bookings Online Restaurant Reservation System

No complicated contracts, no hidden fees, no lock-ins. Freebookings is a “freemium” service. The basic reservation service is always free (and robust enough to be used in your everyday business to take online reservations from customers visiting your website), and on top of that, they offer paid for upgrades. Users can upgrade at any time to take advantage of premium paid for services such as mobile-optimized websites, advanced table management, email marketing, extensive reporting and access to a partner marketing network to bring your restaurant more reservations.


Yelp SeatMe App

Yelp announced it’s own competitor to Open Table. Free for restaurants as long as they have claimed their Yelp page. Yelp Reservations lets customers book a reservation from the Yelp business listing on their mobile or desktop computers. Users will also get a text message reminder and an option to cancel or change their reservation via text.

Yelp has already offered reservations through Yelp SeatMe, a startup acquired by the company last year. But, Yelp Reservations lets smaller and lesser-known restaurants — that don’t need the heft of Yelp SeatMe — to also sign up for the service.