Photographer Review Monitoring

When it comes to capturing life’s important moments, a photographer is the one person who has the attention to detail needed to capture the day’s events as they unfold, ensuring one will be able to relive those memories long after the day has passed. Events like weddings seem to pass by in an instant and without the services of a skilled photographer, the day may soon become nothing more than a memory. In order to avoid yet another lost memory customers are shying away from referrals from friends and family, and are instead turning to the internet to research the photographer reputation of photographers in their area so they can determine which one will best suit their needs.

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Regardless of the level of attention to detail a photographer may have, there are times when a customer will not be satisfied with their work, regardless of what they do. Take for example someone who brings their child in for photos, and the child is fussy the entire time, preventing the photographer from capturing one good photo of the child. Now this is not necessarily the photographers fault, but the parent will not see it that way, and will instead blame the photographer, most likely by posting it on their Facebook page, blog, or Yelp, about how the photographer was unable to capture the photos they had promised.

A review like this can do serious harm to a photographer’s reputation, and no one wants to lose business over something that they could not even control. In order to keep your business growing, you need to be aware of what is being said about your business on the internet and a photographer reputation monitoring service like Socialdraft can help do just that.

These review monitoring services monitor the internet and notify you as soon as a customer posts a comment about your business on the web, regardless of the site it may be located on. The service then does an analysis of the comment, and advises you as to whether the comment is something that needs to be addressed right away, in order to prevent a negative impact on your online photographer reputation, or if it can be addressed at a later point in time. With tools like these, you can spend less time worrying about what others are saying about you in your online photographer reputation, and more time doing what you love, which is taking photos.

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