Piano Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

January 3, 2017

How to get more likes on your Instagram posts for Piano

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What’s This?

Chances are if you are in the music industry you’ve been exposed to a piano…and, if you have something to do with Pianos, Instagram is a great social network for you to market your brand or business. Today we’ll discuss ideas for your Instagram Piano Hashtag strategy, but before we get down to business, take a few seconds to copy and save the Piano Hashtags below. They will be the foundation for your strategy.


#Piano #Musician #Instapiano #Singing #Pianocover #Pianovideo #Songwriter #Music #piano🎹#Pianoplayer #Keyboard #Pianoforte #Originalsong #Pianosong #Pianokeys #Pianomusic #classicalpiano #classicalmusic #classicalpianist 

How to Use Your Piano Hashtags for Instagram

Mix them up with Brand Hashtags

Use hashtags associated to vertical brands

You need to mix up those general piano hashtags with other types of hashtags in order to get enough exposure. The easiest one to start with is that of associated brands and businesses. In the above example, ChopinPiano, an account that features everything associated with Chopin has used multiple branded hashtags such as #Yamaha #Steinwayandsons and #Kawai. These will give this account a chance to be seen by people who are interested in their brands. It also increases the chances that they will click over and engage. One note here, when you do this, you need to be careful about these branded hashtags. #Yamaha is also a motorcycle brand. This hashtag will not get this account seen by the right audience. Changing it to #YamahaPiano will have a much better effect – so make sure to research each hashtag prior to using it, to make sure it is associated with content that is of interest to your core audience.

Include Location Hashtags

To get eyes from locals on your Instagram Posts include location hashtagsIf you are a  local brand or business (like a piano store or a piano teacher), or if you are providing a service in a particular area (like a pianist doing a show in a particular city), you need to use location hashtags. Sure, the general piano hashtags we gave you on top will get you seen by people who like pianos, and they will get you more likes so you have a higher chance to come up in “Top Posts”, but location hashtags get you seen by people who are more likely to convert. Think about it. Steinway Hall UK used two location hashtags: #SteinwayHallUK and #London. This means that every time someone is looking at either of those tags, they have a chance of being exposed to their message.  I would have gone a step beyond this to use #Marleybone and #Mayfair (the neighborhoods in the area).

Don’t Forget Industry Tags

Use hashtags related to your piano field

#Piano and #Pianist are both very broad hashtags. There are so many different facets to the industry, that you will want to use more exact hashtags in order to attract eyes from the right audience. Take the example above, for example. Jazz Pianist Jamie Hinckson uses hashtags such as #JazzPiano and #reggae to reach a set of people who are interested not just in piano, but in what he does.

Use Custom Brand Hashtags

Use a custom hashtag to build your brand

Branded hashtags are awesome. They are a very good way to measure your success, especially on Instagram where follower numbers can be easily inflated. Create a custom hashtag for your brand, something simple like your name or the name of your business. Pianist Lang Lang includes his branded hashtag #LangLang in his images. Notice how he as only 1,230 posts, but his hashtag has been used 15,885 times. That is proof of branding. People are so interested in his personal brand that they take the time not to just post images, but to act as a marketing army for him. This is powerful marketing.

How to Manage and Grow your Instagram Account

You now understand how to mix your Piano hashtags with others to get the most reach. Now you need to work your account. That means posting beautiful images daily, using a call to action on your posts, and engaging your targets. This requires help from a great tool like Socialdraft. With Socialdraft, you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry
Like these posts
Find people to engage and follow
Clean up your Instagram account.

If you want to take the Socialdraft social media calendar tool for a risk free trial, click here. If you have questions, just open up a chat :)

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