How to get more traffic from your Pinterest pins

Pinterest Guide to Effective Pinning

Pinterest is an incredible resource for businesses. It drives a huge amount of traffic to websites, it allows your audience to market your brand (for free) and is a great way to market your brand online. However, it’s not as simple as randomly pinning to your boards.  Before you start strategizing on the type of content that is best to promote your business, we’re going to give you a few tips in this Pinterest guide so you can make sure that your pins get seen, shared, and loved. The idea here is that your pins actually drive an ROI (return on investment).

Pinterest Guide to Effective Pinning

Unlike Twitter & Facebook, Pinterest image posts have a much longer lifetime. Tweets live for about 20-30 seconds. Facebook posts live for around an hour (and who knows if that is even the case with Facebook’s algorithm changes and focus on advertising). Pins get shared and re-shared working for you much, much longer. You may see web traffic coming to your website from your pins for well over a year. But, with the following knowledge, you can optimize your pins to get the most out of them.

Best Image Size for Pinterest: 735px x 1102-ish

Pinterest pins perform best at 735x1102 px sizing


The best-performing pins on Pinterest are taller images. They are more easily seen and take up much more real estate in the feed. They are also perfect for mobile. Your blog’s layout may not work with this image, so you’ll have to create a custom image to pin to Pinterest. This is super easy to do with apps like Canva (which is free).

Test out different Pin sizes to see what works best for you and your brands. Most effective pins are somewhere between 735×1102 to 736×1128 pixels high.

You’re probably saying “But…then the image won’t link to my website or blog???” Not true. There’s an easy way around that:

How to Customize the Image Pin


1. Create your custom image on Photoshop, Photoscape, Canva or any other image making service.

2. Craft your write up – remember to use relevant key words (example – if you’re a restaurant in NYC’s Lower East Side – use “NYC” “Lower East Side” in your description. The write up should be around 200 words long).

4. Edit the pin to add the link source so the pin points back to your site.

Always Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Add a call to action for best pinterest results



Sounds cheezy, but CTA’s (calls-to-action) are incredibly effective. Facebook recently announced that they’ll be penalizing CTA posts, but Pinterest has no such plans. When you add a CTA to your pin, you can increase engagement by up to 80 PERCENT!!! Need some ideas on calls to action? Here are a few:

1. Pin me!

2. Click through to learn more

3. RSVP Now

4. Sign Up Here

5. Share now

Keep Branding in Mind

Branded Pins to build brand recognition




While you are creating these great images, give yourself credit & brand yourself. Don’t miss out on opportunities to embed yourself in people’s minds. Simply add your logo to all your pins. There are lots of free or cheap apps to help you add your branding to your social media images.

Keep SEO in Mind

Google loves Pinterest. On top of this, you should be thinking of Pinterest as its own mini search engine. When you are pinning images, give them google friendly names. If you’re uploading a picture of say a burger you serve in your restaurant located in New York, don’t be lazy and name it “pic1.jpg”.  Name it “BurgerNYC.jpg” or “BurgerUWS.jpg”. Do this on the image write ups as well. All these tiny changes have a HUGE impact on how your brand is found online.

Use Socialdraft to Schedule Your Pinterest Pins


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