How local businesses can use Pinterest to market themselves

Pinterest Marketing for Local Business

Most people think that Pinterest is only good for online retailers who have a product to sell to women. This is not entirely correct. In the hands of a savvy business owner, Pinterest can yield an ROI, regardless of the type of business you are. Today, we will discuss Pinterest marketing for local business including how to find content, how to optimize your pins and how to figure out if your efforts are working.

Pinterest Marketing for Local Business

1. Pinterest is still dominated by women. According to Pew, of all US online adults, 45% of women use Pinterest as opposed to 17% of men.

2. A Millward Brown’s study found that the above were probably planning an event (weddings or vacations) within the next six months.

3. 96% of people who are active on Pinterest use it to plan for the above events.

4. Pinterest is a network for all ages, millennial, Gen Xers, and Boomers are all pinning. What’s the breakdown?

  • 36% – 18 to 29
  • 34% – 30-50
  • 18%  – 51-69

Pinterest is also investing into the local space with their release of Place Pins and Guided Search. This means that if you are a local business, you need to start thinking about your pinning strategy (and we have a few tips to help you optimize your pins for visibility). If you are a local business, you may also want to check out these tips on how to market your business on Pinterest.

The question now is how do you find your local targets, how do you make it easier for them to find you, what do you post, and how do you measure success.  Let’s get to it.

How to Find An Audience for Your Local Business on Pinterest

Before you do anything, you need to have a full understanding of who your customer is. If you are a dentist in a suburb and most of your customers are kids getting braces, then you need to target their moms. If you are a pool hall, your audience may be males between 30-45. Once you have figured out who your audience is, you need to research who they follow and what they pin. How do you do this? We recommend the following techniques:

Category Search

How to use categories on Pinterest to get content ideas

  • Check categories on Pinterest
  • Click on the main category you think your audience may be interested
  • Click on some of the options that come up and explore the content there

Keyword Search

How to get ideas for Pinterest content

For this technique, you can do a few different things. First, start by checking out your location: state, city, neighborhood. Get ideas from the content that is being created there. For example, if you are a local business in Kentucky, you can search ‘Kentucky’, ‘ Kentucky + type of local business’ (Kentucky + hair salon)  or ‘Kentucky + another industry keyword’ (Kentucky + ombre). From here you can get plenty of content ideas, see if influencers are pinning about your industry in your city and much more.

Create Boards to Capture Your Audience

How to decide the types of Pinterest boards for your local business

Once you have done this research, take the topics and keywords found to create boards. Take Bin 36 restaurant in Chicago. They have strategically come up with topics that are relevant to and connect their audience. Some of their boards:

  • Wine (wines for sale, wine tips)
  • Events (Chicago events & restaurant specific events)
  • People (their staff & customers)

These boards are all relevant and speak to a local audience that can convert.

Optimize Your Profile for SEO

Use keywords on Pinterest to be found

When you create your Pinterest profile, start off by making sure all of your information is filled out properly. Then, make sure that you add keywords so that when people search for you, they can easily do so. Add these keywords to your profile name, profile description, board titles, and board descriptions.

Use Vertical Pins That are Easy to ‘Read’

How to create images for your local business on Pinterest

Vertical images take up more space on Pinterest, and are easier to see on mobile. When you create pins, don’t be tempted to push out images with small writing. Text-heavy images are hard to read on Pinterest on search and even harder to see on mobile. Instead of trying to get everything out in one image, focus on one thing so you can truly entice your audience. The example above shows exactly what we mean, but we encourage you to do a similar search on mobile. If you see things that don’t make sense, make a note of them so you don’t do them later.

Use Rich Pins

Rich Pins will drive more engagement for your local business on Pinterest.

Article Pins: If you have a blog, use article pins when pinning this type of content. It will pull in the headline, author, and description to make your life easier.

Product Pins: If you sell anything on your website, these pins will bring in the name and price of the product.

Place Pins: These will include a map, address, and phone number. You should absolutely be using these for your local business.

Note: You will have to reach out to your webmaster so they can add the code for rich pins to your website.

Engage on Pinterest

Set aside 15-30 minutes per day to engage your audience. If someone repins you, thank them. If someone pins about your city, leave a comment on their pin. If someone comments on your pin, comment back. These little actions have a huge impact on your building relationships and getting them to come to your business.

Use the Right Tool for Pinterest Marketing for Local Business


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