Example of a successful Pinterest Board

Pinterest Tips for Business To Actually See An ROI

Pinterest rocks. Sure, Instagram is on everyone’s lips, but Pinterest is one network that has not lost steam and still delivers an ROI. If you haven’t started marketing on Pinterest, perhaps it is time you do so. that you explore the concept of how to brand your business on Pinterest. Today we’ll discuss why you need to market your brand or business on Pinterest, and then we’ll give you Pinterest tips for business so you can see an ROI from the time you spend on the network.


Before we move forward, let’s chat about where Pinterest is currently at so that you can get a better idea of why the network is so powerful.

  • Pinterest has over 150 million users
  • Pinners are young, 67% are under 40 years old.
  • Women love Pinterest, 54% of women between the ages of 34-55 are on the network (and 35% of them make over $100k.
  • Men are significantly increasing in numbers by 120%
  • Pinterest is great for particularly good for brands. 83% of people on Pinterest like to follow brands over celebrities.
  • Pinterest influences purchases, 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because they saw it on a pin.
  • Pinterest is great for web traffic. 5% of all referral traffic to websites is generated by Pinterest.



As you can see from the Pinterest stats above, Pinterest is powerful. It drives web traffic, purchases, and brand loyalty. Wanna know what’s even better?

PINTEREST USERS LOVE TO SPEND MORE. The average social shopper (someone who clicks from a social network) spends around $60 to $80 when coming from Facebook. When she clicks through from Pinterest, she spends an average of $140 to $180. That’s sure to affect your profit margin.

PINTEREST ITSELF IS EXTREMELY EASY TO USE. If the above reasons aren’t enough, think about it. Pinterest is easy. Create boards to categorize items, schedule your Pinterest pins through a dashboard like Socialdraft, and set aside a little time to engage. If you can do these things, you can have a well curated Pinterest account.


Ok, it’s really not all that simple. You can have a perfectly nice board that drives no revenue. So, let’s get down and dirty to the actions that are going to increase your chances of getting a return on investment from your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest boards should entertain and help

Don’t engage in aggressive self-promotion.

If you look at the top Pinterest brands out there, you will see that their boards are laid back and not overly promotional. Home Depot’s boards are a great example of this. While their boards feature their products, they’re not overtly selling you anything. They show you helpful ways to solve problems while including their items in a more subtle manner.

Lifestyle sells on Pinterest

Emphasize lifestyle over actual products.

Your brand surely stands for something, represents a lifestyle of some kind. This is the lifestyle your customers aspire to have. Create Pinterest boards that focus on the kind of lifestyle that you would want people to associate with your brand. As you can imagine, this can give you a lot of creative freedom and will draw customers to your boards (and website) much better than a picture of the items you sell. Aerie does a great job of this. Instead of posting an image of a swimsuit with its sales price, they show people like their customers wearing their products in settings that inspire. This technique always wins.

Keep track of what’s popular.

As you share pins that emphasize your brand’s lifestyle concept, pay attention to the pins people like best of all. Take that information, and apply it to product development and marketing elsewhere.

Pinterest contests generate sales

Run Contests.

While overtly marketing products is a Pinterest no-no, it is considered good form to let your followers share photos of each other with your products. Contests that allow people to do things like submitting their own Pinterest boards of your products can be fun, too. These work particularly well with custom hashtags. Valpak ran an awesome contest where pinners needed to create a board named “Register For Love“. They then had to hashtag pins in order to enter to win. This got tons of submissions and great press for the company.

Use Keywords More than Hashtags. 

We like to think of Pinterest as a social media search engine. It is where people go to discover things they need or lust after. When you write the description for your pins, use keywords, not hashtags. This is how people primarily search on Pinterest and will give your pin a higher chance of being discovered.

Vertical pins perform better on Pinterest

Keep Your Images Vertical

This is one case where landscape does not work. Why? Various reasons. Pins are displayed in columns. This means that horizontal images are shrunk and don’t look as good as vertical pins. This is even more so on mobile!

Make sure your pins are legible

Mind Your Text Legibility

Look at the above example. I know which pin I’d click. Yeah, the colorful one with the large numbers that makes it easy for me to read. The first is too hard to read, and this was on a desktop, not on mobile. The lesson? Make sure that your pin’s text is easily readable on the platform regardless of the device people are consuming it in.

Add Copy as Overlays

That being said, text is a great device for driving clicks and repins. So add a little text to give some context to the image on your pin. That overlay text will make it much easier for people to understand what your pin is all about.

Make Your Website Pinterest Ready

You’re probably creating great content on your website. Make it easier for your audience and clients to share it. Let them do the marketing for you. How?

  • Use the Pinterest browser extension.
  • Add the ‘Pin it’ button.
  • Add a Follow button.
  • Enhance the site with widgets such as Pin, profile, and board features.
  • Optimize your website for Rich Pins, they show more information about the product right on the pin. These are great for app, movie, recipe, article, product, and place pins.

How to change your profile on Pinterest so you come up on search

Optimize Your Profile

If you haven’t revised your Pinterest profile, it’s probably time you do. Here are a few action items for you:

  • Rename your profile so that it includes keywords before your profile name.
  • Add keywords to your description.
  • Choose your most important boards to feature (you get to pick 5)
  • Review the names of your boards.
  • Review your board performance, make the underperformers secret (this way you don’t lose its followers)



You’ve covered all the basics for Pinterest success. All you need now is a Pinterest tool to help you save time when scheduling Pins to Pinterest. Socialdraft does this and much more.

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