Become A Skilled Virtuoso With These 10 Graphic Design Tips

March 24, 2018


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Co to?

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, the best response comes from posts that include robust visual presentations that include graphs, images, shapes, and icons. Photos also provide a big boost in engagement on Facebook pages. This is the reason why we decided to put together these Graphic Design Tips. After putting these in place you will see more engagement from your social media posts.

Graphic Design Tips for Social Media

w rzeczywistości, 87% of a Facebook page’s interactions happen on photo posts. Facebook pages embrace photos as posts, i 75% of page updates are photos.

Some marketers suggest using multiple images in a Facebook post may increase Reach even further. Posts with multiple images — a standard text share with added images — reach far more users than with a typical image share.

Mając to na uwadze, a great way to enhance the visual presentation of images in your posts is to increase your graphic design skills.

Become a Virtuoso With These 10 Graphic Design Tips

Use contrasting fonts to balance out the composition in a picture

Pair Contrasting Fonts

Do you know which fonts look good together & which ones don’t?

Putting fonts together is one of the most common errors that people creating social media images make. If you pair fonts with high contrast, you will be off to a great start. The fonts will balance each other out while they pop.

In the example above, League Gothic was the font chosen for the words “New York”. This was paired with Montserrat for the supporting text. The contrast comes from the width of the fonts, but size creates more drama as well as an emphasis on the subject. Make sure that you always consider the color of your write-ups and how they will work with your background image (na przykład, white on yellow is much harder to read than black on yellow). Another easy contrast you can work with is one font that is serif and another that is not.

Be consistent with your color palette in social media images

Keep Color In Mind For Your Designs

Creating a harmonious arrangement has a lot to do with color. A simple trick is to select one of the colors from your background image and use that on your font on a contrasting color area.

If you are using a color picker tool, you can use it to get the six digit code to identify the color perfectly.

You can find the exact color of an image using a color picker tool, which will provide you with a hex code — the six-digit code that identifies an exact color on the color wheel. Get acquainted with Hex codes. Hex codes are your friend.

In the example above, we took the color from the rose and used that on the font on a dark contrasting area. This makes the font pop (making it easier to read) and keeps the composition harmonious. Doesn’t the matching peach just look so much better than all the other colors?

Organizing similar images into a grid makes for good designGrids make for fun composition elements

Pair images with similar subjects and place them in a grid-like way to draw the eye of the viewer in. If the images aren’t cohesive, then apply a filter to put them all in the same color palette. Consistency is key. The example above is from the Amazon website, but it shows just how eye-catching these images can be. Notice that the backgrounds alternate, but are still within the same color palette.

Transparent elements add surprise


Add Transparent Icons and Forms

Transparencies are a great way to add visual interest to an image. Add transparent elements as a bit of a surprise for the eye.

Shapes make it easy for people to understand information

Make Information Easy to Understand with Shapes & Icons

Shapes and icons are awesome. They are simple to understand and can convey information in seconds. This is probably the reason that infographics are so effective in Social Media. Take this example from SCA Digital. The circles are pie charts to represent percentages. Instead of reading, the viewer can immediately understand what the brand is trying to convey. Now that you got their attention, it’s up to your write up to get them to convert to a click-through or other desired action.

Up the contrast on your images and play with brightness to get better images

Fix Color Issues in Your Images

The worst thing you can do on social media is to post crummy images. Your images should be crisp and clear. If they are not, you are in luck. There are tons of apps you can use to edit your images. The above edit took all of 1 minute with Afterlight. Start by playing with the saturation of the image. This is probably the easiest and most effective quick fix for an image. Then play with the contrast or add a filter. Significant improvement, dobrze?

Use space to the best of your ability by cropping and enlarging images

Edit Image Size to Set Up Your Copy Space

Copy space is the area where you put your write-ups. This area should be clear so that there is nothing making legibility difficult. When you take your pictures (or search for images online), keep your copy space in mind so you can minimize the amount of editing you will do.

Keeping your aesthetics consistent will solidify your brand

Choose Consistent Elements to Solidify Branding

One of the best tips for you on social media design is to use consistent elements. This can be something as simple as a color palette, a font, logo, or theme. The idea is that no matter what social network your audience is on, they will be able to tell immediately that this design is related to your brand. This is especially important on Instagram but should be adopted across all your social networks. One of our favorite accounts implementing this properly is Ellen Waldren, she uses calligraphy as her branding tool.

Social design elements should be cohesive

Design Visual Assets for Social Media

Don’t think about these tips as just for your social media posts. These tips can be used across any visual element you create. This can be your Facebook cover images, your shopping bags, and simply anything visual that relates to your brand. Socialdraft user, the Stewed Cow has beautifully consistent design on their website, social media branding elements and social media posts.

Keep Presentations Consistent

Are you working on a report for a client? Or maybe you’re working on a power point for a presentation? Keep design consistent in layout, fonts and color palette. This will make the information being presented much easier to understand.

How to Manage Your Social Media?

Now that you’ve got all the skills of a graphic designer, you need the right tool to schedule all those gorgeous social media posts. Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media management tool for teams. z Socialdraft, możesz:

-Schedule posts to Facebook pages, LinkedIn business pages, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

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-Duplicate posts

-Schedule posts in bulk via CSV

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-Pull reports for Facebook & Świergot

-Keep an eye on your online reputation

-And collaborate with your team

If you want to take us for a spin, sign up for our risk-free trial. Bez ryzyka, tons of rewards.

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