How to get a verified Twitter account

March 5, 2016

A step by step guide on how to request a verified check mark on Twitter


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Co to?

If you have ever seen a Twitter profile that includes a light blue checkmark logo next to their name and wondered what exactly it signified, you’ve come across what is known as a “verified account”.

How to get a verified Twitter account


Verified accounts on Twitter enjoy a lot of extra credibility, a tremendous amount of influence, and are definitely regarded as “better than” those that are unverified – but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be effortless for you to get your hands on this kind of account.

w rzeczywistości, the odds are pretty good that you’re going to have a little bit of a tough time figuring out how to get a verified Twitter account all on your own, which is why you’re going to want to really zero in on all of the inside information we are able to share with you below.

We will be able to help you figure out EXACTLY how to get a check mark on Twitter.

Check out this quick guide!

The value in getting verified on Twitter

The entire point behind the Twitter verification is so that everyone in the Twitter universe would know that they were dealing with the “real deal” – an individual or account that represented the person that they claimed to represent.

This verification simple has been used by athletes, celebrities, and other high profile individuals to delineate that this account represents them and that it is their actual Twitter handle.

For business people, it opens up a lot of extra influence that you may not have had access to otherwise and can instantly your business from parity or hack accounts that would attack you from all sides without this verification.

Critical details to remember when trying to figure out how to get a checkmark on Twitter

When it comes time to figure out how to get a check mark on Twitter, it’s critical that you remember these four essential details:

  • The amount of followers that you have IS NOT going to be a determining factor in whether or not you are verified
  • When you receive verification and the coveted blue checkmark it won’t stop people from creating duplicate or parody accounts (though they won’t have the checkmark)
  • The verification isn’t going to immediately boost your followers or your engagement
  • Twitter is in complete control over who gets verified (which is why you need to figure out how to get a verified Twitter account hack to work for you)

That last point is where we come into play!

Easy steps for getting verified on Twitter

The first thing that you need to do is realize that Twitter would like to verify as few people as humanly possible, and only those that legitimately require Twitter verification to protect them.

Secondly, understand that it’s going to be a lot easier for you to get a Twitter verification when you imbed a “Twitter Follow” button on your official website. Not only will this blend credence to the fact that your account is the legitimate one that needs be verified, but it will also allow you to add more followers to your legitimate account through outside traffic.

From there you’ll need to go over the Twitter Verified Account terms that are provided directly from Twitter themselves. This should only take a couple of minutes to read and review, but it’s essential when you want to know how to get a checkmark on Twitter.

Now it’s time to actually apply for these verified accounts.

How to Verify your twitter account

1. Log onto your Twitter account and then go to the Twitter Verify Account Link. Click the continue button.

How to verify your twitter account

2. Twitter will ask you to confirm the account that you are looking to verify. You will need to click the check mark if the account is an organization account. If it is just a person account, skip that step and click next.

Krok 3 to verifying your twitter account

3. Twitter will ask you to make sure you are verifying the right account. They will ask you again if your handle is for an organization.

4. You will be able to ass up to 5 links to prove that you are a check mark worthy account.

5. Write to tell Twitter why they should verify your account. You have up to 500 postacie.

6. Then you will have to upload a piece of ID.

7. And then you’ll have to wait.

Twitter usually takes about a week to process their verification requests and they do this on a first-come, first serve basis. It can take anywhere between 7 i 14 days for you to hear back from Twitter.

Once you get the “blue checkmark” from Twitter, you will have to follow their directions to verify your account on your end. This is only going to take a couple of minutes, and from there you’ll have the checkmark that you’ve been searching for!


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