10 Tips On Getting High-Quality Facebook Likes

October 12, 2017

How to get good likes on Facebook


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Co to?

Facebook isn’t going anywhere. w rzeczywistości, it is only growing larger and larger. As of 2017, it clocked in at 2 billion users. That’s 2 billion people who could possibly be interested in your brand or business. But let’s get real here. All those people probably can’t be converted to valuable likes. Each business and has its own specific demographic, it is the people who fit into that demographic that can convert to either purchasers or your product, users of your service, or brand advocates for you. Your challenge now is attaining high-quality Facebook likes. If you’re ready for them, read on, because we’re about to make your task much easier.

10 Tips For Getting High-Quality facebook lubi

For businesses or brand, a Facebook page with many targeted likes/fans, wraz z aktualizowanych treści, Pomaga to uzyskać ekspozycję, pielęgnować relacje, i komunikować się z grupy docelowej. If your business page has 1,000 Fani — osoby, które lubiła swoją stronę na Facebooku — your updates have a chance of being seen on 1,000 kanałów informacyjnych, gdzie fani mogą podoba treści, i podzielić się nim z przyjaciółmi. This is how engagements can circulate your content through Facebook. jednak, you must keep in mind that you merely have a chance, this exposure is not guaranteed, you must work for it.

It’s important to realize that you don’t just want to attract likes, but rather high-quality likes, people who convert. Innymi słowy, you want likes from the segment of the Facebook population that have the highest potential of becoming a customer. na przykład, if your company offers female lingerie, interested females would be characterized as higher quality Likes for your page. If you start off with the right demographic, it will be much easier to get them to engage and share your content and help you get that exposure to more of your targeted demographic.

Before We Begin: Don’t Buy Likes

Buying likes on sites like Fiverr is not going to help you. These are going to be either bots or people in a third world country that does not fit your demographic. These aren’t quality Facebook likes. These people (if they are people) won’t convert, won’t engage, and won’t buy. Before you buy those fake likes, ask yourself if you are on Facebook to seem cool or to make money?

Buying likes will make it near impossible to establish a legitimate baseline in order to measure future success. Because of the Facebook algorithm, it can also have a negative effect on how your posts are viewed causing harm instead of good.

Eventually, you’ll have to clean up all those fake likes. It’s a pain and has to be done manually. You don’t want to do this.

Tips For Getting Quality Facebook Likes

1) Be Committed to Maintaining Your Facebook Page


If you don’t invest time to update and maintain your Facebook page you won’t see a return on your investment. Podczas korzystania z Facebooka jako platformy marketingowej, znaczna ilość czasu wymagana jest w monitoringu zwrotnej wysłana do swojej stronie Facebook, i utrzymując Strona aktualizowana o nowe treści. This is easier to do now with Facebook scheduling tools like Socialdraft that allow you to schedule content ahead of time.

2) Reply to Your Audience

Nie można oczekiwać, aby uzyskać sympatie jeśli zostawisz pytania bez odpowiedzi i nie zachęcać do rozmowy. “Research shows that a Facebook post receives half of its reach within 30 minuty. w konsekwencji, you should try to determine when your fans are on Facebook and aim to schedule your posts around that time.”

3) Cross Engage Your Fans

Find out what other social networks your fans are on and cross engage them. This will keep you fresh in their mind.

4) Content is King

The information you share should be unique and resourceful, and the knowledge you impart should empower readers with valuable insights, instill trust, and serve to confirm you as an expert source of unique and unequaled information. You want readers to consider your company the indisputable choice when they need what you offer. When reviewing a Facebook page, quality content and active engagements are what people look for before liking a Facebook page.

5) Invite Engagement

Encourage your fans to interact with your Fan Page, including questions, discussion boards, surveys, contests, and reviews of your products and services. Post details about business events and display discounts to your Facebook Fans. Provide helpful information about topics related your niche business. Only share content, videos, images, and links that will be of value to your fans.

Facebook Integration with your Website

6) Integrate Facebook Social Plugins to Your Website

Integrate your Facebook updates into your company’s website. Use Facebook social plugins to encourage connections such as Facebook’s Likebox, Like button, and Comment stream. This way you increase your chances of getting people who visit your site to like your Facebook page where you can remarket them.

7) Leverage All Your Social Networks

You need to cross-promote across all social networks. This way you can maximize your reach and be in touch with your fans no matter where you are.

* Link to your Facebook Fan Page on your website’s & blog’s home page.
* Add a link to your Facebook Fan Page in all emails.
* Become a Fan of your own Fan Page and suggest it to your Friends list.
* Use Twitter and other Social Networks to promote your Fan Page and offer deals to new Fans.
* Share Facebook content in email newsletters.
* Post links to your newsletter articles on Facebook.

8) Przypomnij Fans lubić i Udostępnij

Facebook has plenty of choices in sharing buttons with which people can promote your tabs and pages to their friends. Place a shout-out or reminder to “lubić” your status updates and instruct fans to click that little ‘Share’ button right next to your message so their friends will be alerted to the update.

9) Use Targeted Facebook Advertising & Settings

Get high quality likes on Facebook with Targeted ads

An easy way to get targeted likes for your Facebook page is through Facebook advertising. Facebook ads let you reach a whole new group of people. Use advertising to complement your contests & content — and you’ll have a recipe for success on Facebook. You should also make sure to set restrictions in your page’s settings. This will make it so you can really hone down on who you want to be a fan of your page.

10) Użyj Tagging i podziękowania

Tag pages that are relevant. Check out how this restaurant tags an event they are taking part in. You can go beyond this, as long as you are relevant. Autentyczne, i administratorem strony (mam nadzieję, że fani, jak również) doceni cię za to. For more information on Facebook Marketing, check out Facebook’s overview of the entire process. This step by step guide is a great source for any startup looking to grow their following through Facebook Likes.

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