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January 31, 2018

How to use Twitter lists to get leads


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Co to?

We’ve spoken about the importance of Twitter lists in passing in previous posts. dzisiaj, we’ll be giving you more detailed information on how businesses can and should be using Twitter lists for business. Lists will help you target, connect, angażować, and ultimately – sell. If you are a business, our team recommends that you start off with the following lists:

The Basics About Twitter Lists

Use Twitter lists to actually see an ROI from Twitter

The first thing you need to know is that you can create Twitter lists that are either public lub private. There are advantages to both. Let’s break that down.

Public Lists

Public lists will be visible to everyone on Twitter. When someone is added to a public list, they will receive a notification that you have added them to a list.

You need to be smart about how you use these. Say that you are a local business in a city and you are looking to connect with local influencers. You could create a public list of local bloggers and name it “city name + experts”. These people will receive a notification, a great way to get them to check out your profile. This will also give you a way to easily look for their content to share on social media.

Private Lists

Private lists are not visible to others, and the people who are added to the list are not notified when they are added. This type of list is best used for leads or when you want to stalk your competition.

How Many Twitter Lists Can You Create?

You can create 500 lists on Twitter, each with 5,000 people attached to it. That’s a pretty large number of lists, so that’s just another great reason to use them.

Subscribe to Other People’s Lists

Instead of creating your own lists, you can subscribe to other people’s and save yourself tons of time.

How to Create Twitter Lists

A visual guide to creating Twitter Lists

  1. Log into Twitter
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Kliknij “lists”
  4. Click “Create new list”
  5. Name the list
  6. Give it a description
  7. Choose public or private
  8. Click “Save list”

How to Add Someone to a Twitter List

A step by step guide on adding people to twitter lists

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Click the 3hree dots to open up the menu
  3. Click “add or remove from lists”
  4. Click on the list you want to add them to
  5. Done

Twitter List Creation Ideas for Business

Now that you know all the basics about Twitter lists, it is time for you to create lists of your own. Below are some list ideas to help you out:

1. Client Twitter Lists (Public or Private)

Whether you are a wedding florist, dentist, or a restaurant, you should be keeping track of previous and current clients. They can become your brand advocates, return customers, and lead generators. You may want to keep these private so your competitors can’t target them directly…lub, you may want to keep it public to show off all the amazing people and companies you work with. That’s a choice you will have to make.

How do you find clients on Twitter?

  • Search for them on Twitter by name
  • See who is talking about your brand or hashtag on twitter
  • Check Foursquare check-ins – many people link Foursquare to their Twitter profile

How do you engage and interact with clients on Twitter?

  • Monitor their tweets
  • Retweet and engage them in conversation
  • Retweet their reviews

Possible Clients Twitter Lists

2. Possible Clients (Private List)

Your future clientele could be on Twitter. It’s just a matter of finding and engaging them. Easy interactions like retweets can make it so that you build a relationship with them before making your pitch. This is much easier than cold calling.

How do you find possible clients on Twitter?

  • Find your competitor’s followers and those who engage your competitors
  • Find people talking about your product type or service
  • If you are a local business, find those talking about your geographical area.

How do you engage and interact with potential clients on Twitter?

  • Observe the 80/20 rule – Tylko 20% promotional conversation
  • Provide helpful information to solve their problem that does not promote your product
  • If they are content creators, share content they create that is helpful to your community

How to engage influencers on Twitter

3. Press, PR, Influencers

When I say PR, I mean traditional PR as well as bloggers and industry influentials. These people will most likely love to connect with you if you can become a valuable source of content for them. These are usually the easiest to engage.

How to Find Influentials On Twitter (click this link for more detailed information).

  • Search topics on Twitter
  • Try apps like Manageflitter, followerwonk, and buzzsumo

How to Engage Twitter Influentials

  • Start with simple retweets and #FF
  • Start conversations by replying to their tweets
  • When you can help them with a lead (even if it is not related to your business) – help them
  • Share content they create that is of value to your community (and don’t forget to tag them)

4. Competition (Private List)

A smart business owner is informed as to what their competition is doing. Keeping tabs on the competition can help you with pricing, ideas, and possible customer acquisition. Maybe one of their clients is a bit upset and mentions it on Twitter, this is the best time for you to connect with that user.

How to find Competitors on Twitter?

  • Check their website for a Twitter handle
  • Search for their business name on Twitter
  • You already know who they are 😉

How to connect with colleagues on Twitter

5. Associated Brands

There will be brands and companies that you work with who are not clients. Maybe these are your suppliers, conferences you attend, itp. You will want to develop a give and take relationship with them on social media so that you can help them amplify their message and they yours. This will also help you to build your online identity. You want to show off all those great products and relationships you have.

How to find associated brands on Twitter

  • Ask your sales rep or closest contact
  • Check their website for a twitter link
  • Search for them on Twitter

How to engage associated brands on Twitter

  • Message your sales rep or company contact to ask for the social media manager. This way they will know that you plan to follow and engage them and you can ask them to reciprocate.
  • Make sure to retweet and engage them on a weekly basis
  • Share their content
  • Include these brands in follow Friday to help them gain more followers

6. Friends and Family

This is business…why should I include Friends and Family? Friends will be most likely to amplify your message because they have a personal relationship with you. Because they are friends, they will be most likely to recommend your business to their social circle. This is especially so if you are a local business.

Notatka: This is not something we’d recommend for Facebook business pages.

7. Employees & Contractors (Private List)

You want to create this type of list for two reasons:

  • Monitor what your employees & contractors are saying about your business and brands
  • Amplify those good things they are saying about your brand

You will also want to set up rules and standards of what employees and contractors can and cannot say about your brand. We recommend having them sign a social media agreement. Chat with your lawyer for the best way to implement this.

How to Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts

Now that you have everything you could need to know about managing Twitter lists, you will need a way to manage your Twitter accounts. Socialdraft is more than a Twitter management tool. Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool that helps you do things like:

  • Schedule posts to multiple Twitter accounts, Strony Facebook, Deski pinterest, Rachunki Instagram, and LinkedIn pages
  • Set different users with permissions according to their experience (great if you work with interns, VA’s, or if you have clients that want to feel like they have more control).
  • Schedule one time, duplicate, or recurring posts.
  • Schedule in bulk using our CSV feature.
  • Pull reports to check your progress.
  • i wiele więcej.

We offer a risk-free trial of Socialdraft, so go ahead. Sign up and check us out.


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