LinkedIn Connections: A Surprising Source For Facebook Page Likes

Dostojny 1, 2014

LinkedIn Connections Export to Facebook


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Co to?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented service used for professional networking, and is the world’s largest professional network with 300 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe. You can use LinkedIn like a live networking event and introduce yourself to others, make new friends, and start helping more people connect. And by accepting invitations to others who add you, you expand your network which helps create more opportunities.

Import LinkedIn Connections to Facebook

As we mentioned in a previous post, LinkedIn has great targeting capabilities on their advertising platform, including the ability to reach users by the groups they are members of. Users that join groups tend to be more active on LinkedIn, meaning that if you’re targeting 100,000 group members you will likely reach more people than by targeting 100,000 people by title, seniority, location, itp. Advertisers can always further qualify group targeting by adding demographic information on top of it.

Both the LinkedIn and Facebook social networking sites permit you to create a network of contacts comprised of your fellow Facebook and LinkedIn users. And if you’re interested in inviting your LinkedIn connections to “lubić” your Facebook page, there is a solution.

Although neither Facebook or Linkedin allows users to directly export connections from LinkedIn to Facebook, according to digital marketing expert and web designer Bally Uppal, you can invite your LinkedIn connections to “lubić” your Facebook page. With LinkedIn’s export feature, you can export your LinkedIn contacts as an Excel Supported CSV file and import the file to Facebook.

Follow these steps to invite your LinkedIn connections to “lubić” Your Facebook Page

Go to your LinkedIn Profile Page

Krok 1

Log in to your LinkedIn Profile.

Click on Connection Tab on LinkedIn Main Menu

Krok 2

Kliknij “POŁĄCZENIA” Tab on main Menu Bar on LinkedIn.

Click on the Gear icon To Go to the Settings

Krok 3

Now you will see a “Gear Icon ” on the right side. Kliknij “Gear Icon” to open “Settings”.

Click on Export LinkedIn Connections Link

Krok 4

Now a setting page will be open and You will just a find “Export Linkedin Connection” Option in right side.

Choose Exporting Format of LinkedIn Connections

Krok 5

On this step, it will ask you to choose your format of export connections. You should choose it. Yahoo Mail (CSV File) from the drop-down list and click on export to continue to fill Captcha and finish it. Now your LinkedIn connections will be saved on your computer as Excel Supported CSV File.

Click on Build Audience Then Import Contacts on Facebook

Steps 6

Its Time to jump on your Facebook Profile and open your Facebook Page. Now click on “Build Audience” Tab and open “Import Contacts”.

Click on Upload Contact List File on Facebook Page

Steps 7

A new Pop-up windows will open, Choose ” Upload contact list file” and click on “Invite Contacts”.

Choose File then click on Import

Steps 8

This time it will show a browse button ” Choose File” to select your LinkedIn Connections Export file from your Computer. So navigate your file and click on “Upload Contact” Button to move ahead.

Select All Contacts then click on Preview Invitation

Steps 9

Now your all contacts will be shown in a Pop-up window, Just click On “Select all” Option to select and click on “Preview Invitations” to continue the process.

Review Invitation and then Hit Send

Krok 10

You will see a Auto-generated message for your contacts to Like your Facebook Page, just Scroll Down and Click on “I Am authorized……” Option to check it. At final step click on “Send” button to send your request. It will show you a confirmation message that your invitations will deliver to your contacts shortly

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