Hashtagi Kwanzaa dla Instagram i porady na temat jak z nich korzystać

November 28, 2016

Kwanzaa Hashtags for Instagram


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Co to?

If you Google Kwanzaa, the top results include how President Obama’s Kwanzaa tweet was seen as an attack on Christmas, and how Hillary Clinton’s Kwanzaa Twitter avatar may have hurt her standing within the African American community. We’re not here to discuss politics, or religion, but Social Media. If you are a community manager and you are going to market for the Kwanzaa holiday on Instagram, you need to understand the holiday and what it means before you even get started. dzisiaj, we’ll start off with a little information on the holiday, we’ll continue by giving you a list of optimized Kwanzaa Hashtags for Instagram, along with some examples on how to use them to run a successful Kwanzaa campaign on Instagram.

Before we even begin to discuss the way to use these Kwanzaa hashtags, click the copy button below the hashtags on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC and save them to your keyboard so you can use them whenever you post to Instagram.

#Kwanzaa #JoyousKwanzaa #AfricanDiaspora #MaulanaKarenga #MatundaYaKwanza #Kawaida #Umoja #Kujichagulia #Ujima #Ujamaa #Nia #Kuumba #Imani #Mkeka #Kinara #MishumaaSaba #mazao #Muhindi #KikombeChaUmoja #shukrani #Africa #Zawadi

What is Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa hashtags are good to use if you have an African American audience

Kwanzaa, established in 1966, is a holiday in which African-Americans remember their heritage and remind people of the importance of sharing with family and friends. Kwanzaa begins on December 26 and continues for 7 dni. In this lesson, children will learn about the celebration and will discuss the seven principles on which Kwanzaa is based: unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. This lesson helps children understand how different people might celebrate the holidays during the same time as they do, but in a different way.

How to Use Kwanzaa Hashtags


While Instagram is a social network, it is also a mini search engine. Instagram has 500 million active users and it is your job to get those Kwanzaa posts in front of the right audience. Hashtags are a big factor in achieving this goal. First off, do not under any circumstances use hashtags like #F4F or #LikeForLike. These hashtags will not reach out to the right audience and the name of the game here is ROI (zwrot z inwestycji). Your strategy is meant so that you can reach an audience that will convert, be that someone who will click on a blog post, someone who will purchase an item, or someone who will help you spread your message. Start off by using the hashtags we gave you above, these Kwanzaa Hashtags for Instagram are specific to the holiday, respectful, and will get your post in front of the eyes of people who are interested in the holiday.

PRO TIP “Use all 30 hashtags. Sites that tell you that using hashtags is not cool have no clue about search optimization. Instagram allows for 30, use all 30, this will help you to be found.”

Use a Mix of Industry Specific & General Kwanzaa Hashtags

How to get the right people to engage your Kwanzaa Instagram posts

This is advanced Instagram Search Optimization. The hashtags you copied above are general Kwanzaa hashtags. You need to do a bit more research to reach the right audience. na przykład, if you sell Kwanzaa greeting cards, then follow the example by artbyamw. Alicia uses holiday hashtags such as #Kwanzaa, but further targets her audience by using #GreetingCards #BlackArt and #BlackArtist. This is the perfect way to reach out to both a broad audience (giving herself a chance to be discovered) and by a targeted audience who knows exactly what they are looking for.

Geo-targeted Kwanzaa Hashtags

Use location hashtags on your Kwanzaa posts if you serve a local clientele

If you are marketing for Kwanzaa, then the hashtags on top are probably enough to garner you enough eyes, but if you are a local business or service, then you need to integrate location hashtags into your posts. Notice the post above uses Geo-location hashtags including #Pittsburgh #PittsburghPride and #PittsburghProud. These hashtags will make it so people in Pittsburgh have a better chance to see the post, engage it, and purchase the blankets. If you are a hair salon, restauracja, caterer, or any business such as this, then you should always be using location hashtags.

Trending Hashtags

Keep an eye out for trending (but still Kwanzaa relevant) tematy. If possible, integrate these into your Instagram posts by way of hashtags. Ponownie, the idea is to come up on search.

Branded Hashtags

Use branded hashtags to strengthen your brand during Kwanzaa

Instagram is a fantastic place to grow your brand. If you have not done so already, you should come up with a branded hashtag that is unique to your business. Then place this hashtag on your profile with instructions to your community on how to use it. If I were Ankara and Lace, I would add a small call to action to their profile, something like “Don’t forget to tag your latest look #AnkaraAndLace”. The brand is doing a lot right. Their posts are all tagged with Industry specific hashtags, Kwanzaa hashtags and their custom branded hashtag. You can see it is starting to pay off since the brand has created 474 Posty, and there are already 685 posts using it. that means that over 200 of their customers have purchased an item and shared it to their social circle. This is free advertising. This is smart. Product Hashtags Use hashtags for products you use or sell at your location to build on their audience If you work with physical goods, chances are there are a few products and brands that you trust. These are brands that are trusted by your community and clients as well. The good news is that they have been working hard to build this reputation and following and that you can piggy back off their work. na przykład, if I were a salon that used Cantu Beauty products, I would absolutely use their hashtag on posts. This gives your Instagram account a chance to be discovered by their audience. It also lends you credibility since they are a trusted brand. Go a step beyond just a hashtag. Incorporate information about the brand into your posts and at tag the brand. This will send them a notification, and if they have a savvy community manager, they will like and comment on your post so they can capture your audience as well.

Tips to get the most out of your Kwanzaa Hashtags for Instagram

Post, angażować, and Follow Daily


Quality, Consistency, Zaangażowanie. These are the keys to a successful Instagram campaign. Use a tool like Socialdraft to schedule your posts (and to allow your team members to create and schedule content). Then use our Instagram search feature to find the people creating content around your business. These are the people you want to engage. Once you’ve done that, spend some time following people who could be your audience, your clients and engage them. Watch the video above to see a few of the things that Socialdraft can do to help you grow on Instagram.

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