LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Increase Your ROI

November 15, 2017

LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Optimize Your Profile


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Co to?

Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service that is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 467 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the globe (106 million are active monthly). Before we get into these LinkedIn Marketing Tips, let’s look at their stats as of 2017:

  • 133 million LinkedIn users are from the USA.
  • Tam są 1.5 Million LinkedIn Groups.
  • LinkedIn can be used in 24 Języki
  • 40% of users use LinkedIn on a daily basis
  • 63 million unique visitors come in via mobile.
  • 79% of LinkedIn members use the free account.
  • 3 million people share content via LinkedIn weekly.
  • 57% of users are male vs. 44% female users.

Now that you have a better understanding of the current LinkedIn landscape, let’s discuss all the things you can do to increase your chances of actually conducting business on this network.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Increase Your ROI

Complete your LinkedIn Profile to make sure you control your message

Complete Your Profile

The benefits of having a completed profile on LinkedIn are immeasurable. If you search Google for your name (or anyone else’s name), you will probably see LinkedIn come up on one of the top 5 search positions. As such, you need to make sure that LinkedIn profile expresses what you want it to. Make sure that you include information such as your product, service, Firma, or previous work experience. Start by filling out your profile basics and then go in and make it more robust and interesting.

Connect With Those in Your Target Industry

Social Media has become a noisy place. A few years back, we would have recommended that you connect with everyone on LinkedIn. jednak, because things are so busy, keeping the noise down and lowering false signals is key. It is ok to decline an invitation from someone who is not from your targeted industry. There is no point in wasting their time or yours. LinkedIn is for business, so friending your high school sweetheart should be left on Facebook or Instagram.

Make your Profile As Exciting As You Are

Since LinkedIn is a business network, things tend to get dull there. It can be a snooze to look through hundreds of boring pages at a time. Let your personality come through. Add interesting stories, videos and stories. Make it easy for people to stay on your page.

Recommend others to increase your recommendations

Recommend Others

When you help others, they will help you. Giving a brief and honest recommendation for colleagues, co-workers, and clients is an easy way to come up on their notifications and stay in their mind. It may also prompt them to reciprocate and get you some recommendations. It’s a win-win situation and something that is super easy to do.

Ask for Specific Recommendations

Ask colleagues for recommendations for specific skills you want to rank on search for. Having others mention that you are a “great social media consultant” will help you rank higher when people search LinkedIn for that term.

Join Industry Groups

LinkedIn groups are fantastic places to network. No matter what industry or business you are in, this the part of LinkedIn you need to spend the most amount of time in. You may even want to create some groups of your own. Each group is its own hyper-targeted social network where you can mingle, spread your message, and connect with those you may do business with. If you haven’t yet joined groups, start today. There are groups for all types of industries, na przykład:

Connect LinkedIn & Świergot

Saving time is quite important and Twitter is also a big social network for business. When you share your updates on LinkedIn to Twitter, you save time on content creation and can drive people to connect with you on LinkedIn in a professional manner.

Making your LinkedIn page all about business shows how professional you are

Add Your Company Profile & Information

LinkedIn has some awesome tools to bring you closer to your company and closer to making business. You can add a video to your personal profile. I use this to promote Socialdraft. There are also tons of ways in which you can promote your products and services and tell people more about your company.

Have a Great Headshot

LinkedIn is a professional network. You need to look the part. LinkedIn is not the place to have a picture of yourself at a bar or a concert (unless you are a bartender or are in the music industry). Err on the side of being conservative here. Make your picture a clear headshot in professional clothing with no markings of a particular location. Oprócz, LinkedIn profiles that have a professional headshot get 14 times more clicks.

Share Your LinkedIn URL

This is a sneaky way to SEO your LinkedIn profile. Start to share that link on other social networks, on your blog or website and when you guest post, ask for links for this profile. It will help the LinkedIn profile rank and outrank other websites out there.

Edit the anchor text on linkedin links to your business website

Customize your Links

Did you know you can customize your links on LinkedIn? Tak. Instead of boring old “Company Name”, you can customize the link to have a call to action or explain what the site does. It’s quite a strong tool to use and a nice way to use anchor text.

Add Keywords to Your Profile

We mentioned Keywords above. These are critical if you want your profile to come up when people search for particular goods, services, or qualifications. You have to be smart about how these are added. Google search is quite different than LinkedIn search. When people search on LinkedIn, they are usually searching for “SEO Expert” while on Google they will search “How to hire an SEO Expert”. When you add keywords and phrases to LinkedIn keep the way in which people search there in mind.

Create Showcase Pages

Showcase pages are a great way to put attention on certain products and services. If you have one product or service that is the core of your business, this is a fantastic way to get more eyes on them.

Add Skills to Your Profile

Adding skills is great not just to let people know what you do, but also to increase your chances of coming up on LinkedIn search results.

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