Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

Grudzień 16, 2016

A list of hashtags you can use on March 14 to get the most likes and engagement from your Pi Day posts


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Pi Day is one of my favorite holidays. If you’re not familiar with this scientific celebration, Pi is a day to celebrate π (lub 3.14). This number is the ratio of th circumference of a circle to its diameter. It never changes. It’s an irrational number which has no end or pattern. It’s really cool and people make it a life goal to memorize as much of it as possible. It’s celebrated on March 14. This quirky holiday offers many marketing opportunities not just to those in science and technology; but those in education, culinary, those selling anything circular, and even those who deal in memorization. Really any brand can benefit from marketing themselves on Pi Day (as long as they get creative). Take a few seconds to copy these Pi Day Hashtags and save them on your phone so you can use them to market your Pi Day posts. Then read on as we discuss how you need to use these hashtags in order to get the most out of your Pi Day posts for Instagram.

Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram

#PiDay #NationalPiDay #Math #MathNerd #3.14 #Piday2019 #geekdom #nerdsunite #Math #MathChat #MathHumor #ILoveMath #Mathematics #Maths #Archimedes #AlbertEinstein #Einstein #PiDay #MathTeacher #MathJokes #Algebra #Geometry #Calculus #Mathlete #LoveMath #Mathematician #pie #culinary #baking

How to Use Your Pi Day Hashtags for Instagram

It’s amazing how many people celebrate this esoteric number. Besides it being really cool, it’s celebrated on March 14 (which is also Albert Eintein’s birthday). That means that if you are in any STEM field, you have some incredible marketing opportunities. The hashtags you copied above will get you good visibility during the holiday, but you need to combine them with other types of hashtags to get seen by the right audience. Let’s discuss.

How to get the most out of your Pi Day Day Hashtags for Instagram


Just because you have an awesome set of Pi Day hashtags, don’t expect to just post during the holiday and get a ton of people checking out your account. Instagram is a commitment and you need to be constantly active on the network. Socialdrafts social media calendar tool can help you save time in scheduling, engaging, and finding the right audience on Instagram. Click play on the video above to see what you can do on our dash to market your business on Instagram.


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Combine Industry Specific & General Pi day Hashtags

You must use industry hashtags to get seen by potential customers

This post could not be more perfect for the Pi Day holiday. Sci_Chic is all about making science fashionable. Their Pi jewelry line could not be more perfect. The shop used a combination of Pi Day hashtags, but enhanced their visibility by using hashtags that would attract customers. Someone who is looking for a graduation gift now has a chance to be exposed to this lovely gift idea.

#mathteacher #womeninstem #nerdynecklace #geekchic #geekgift #jewelry #shap3dbyme #3dprintedjewelry #necklace #graduationgift #3dprinting #necklace #handmade #silver #style #fashionblogger #fashionista

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

How to use location hashtags on Pi Day

Local businesses and services would be smart to promote themselves on Pi Day. It’s perfect for pizzerias, restaurants that serve pies, educational stores, museums, book stores, tutors….but, if you fit into any of these categories, then you need to include geo-targeted hashtags into your posts. It’s great if you’re getting exposure for #PiDay, but all those people will be hard to convert to customers if they aren’t in your geographic area. The SMM for Black Barn restaurant understands this well. In this post, they are using PiDay hashtags, associated brand hashtags (that comes next), and location hashtags. This is a smart Instagram post.

#nyceats #nycdining #nycfat #eatingnyc #grubshotsnyc #nyc #nycfood #flatiron #madisonsquarepark

Associated Brand Hashtags

Say you are a kid’s store and you offer math toys for kids. You’ll probably want to show case them during the Pi Day holiday. If you do, make sure to use their branded hashtag and to @tag them as well. This has two results. Pierwszy, people looking for their brand will stumble onto your post. Then, the @tag will notify the brand that you’ve posted about them. If they have a smart SMM, they will like, Komentarz, and maybe repost your content.

Unique Branded Hashtags

Use your brand hashtags to get customers to push out your products

If your customers love your products, they’re probably creating content showcasing them. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Train your customers to tag your brand and to use your branded hashtag. This way, every time they post about your work, their entire community has a chance to be exposed to it. TinyPies does this incredibly well. Although they’ve only created a little over 600 pieces of content, their branded hashtag #tinypies has been used almost 2,000 czasy. Follow their lead and make sure to include your custom hashtag with all your images so that your audience then follows your lead.

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