How To Expand Your Brand’s Reach With Pinterest Rich Pins

czerwiec 2, 2015


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Co to?

Pinterest is viewed by online consumers as a place to get inspiration on what to buy. w rzeczywistości, 43 percent of Pinterest members claim they use Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands they identify with, compared to just 24 percent of Facebook users. W rezultacie, Pinterest is a powerful vehicle for brand association, and is used by a majority of brands that offer products online, especially when you use Pinterest Rich Pins.

Pinterest recognizes its popularity with brands and has worked hard to provide useful tools that cater to business marketing to help businesses get more from Pinterest. Last year Pinterest tested Promoted Pins and endeavored to make Promoted Pins more relevant to Pinners, and help advertisers understand how their ads impact their business.

One of the latest additions to Pinterest is the introduction of Rich Pins which include more information about pinned images and the integration of the Pin It button with mobile apps. Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information on the Pin itself.

6 Types of Pinterest Rich Pins

Tam są 6 types of rich pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. From your feed, you can tell when a pin has more information by the icon that appears below the picture. Pinterest will also update all of your old pins so they’re more useful.

1) Product Pins are for things like clothes and furniture with pricing, availability, and where to buy (updated every day!) Product Pins include real time pricing, availability and where to buy. Pinners also get notifications when product Pins they’ve added drop in price.

2) Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info to get Pinterest cooks excited to hit the kitchen.

3) Movie Pins include ratings, cast members and reviews to help Pinners learn about new flicks.

4) Article Pins include headline, author and story description, helping Pinners find and save stories that matter to them.

5) Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number.

6) App Pins include an install button, so Pinners can download your app without ever leaving Pinterest. (For now, App Pins are compatible with iOS apps only.)

Rich product pins differ from regular products pins because Rich Pins shows current pricing details and has a direct link to the product page. With regular pins, the user must enter the price and the link only appears when someone hovers over the image.

Small Business Owners

Product pins are not limited to major brands, so small businesses can also benefit. na przykład, if you own a business that sells on eBay, your product pins will also have enhanced details. Small business owners using the Shopify platform will be able to configure their site for rich pins. And pins from Shopify stores will lead Pinterest users back to their website.

How to Apply for Rich Pins:

1) Decide what kind of Rich Pin ( produkt, recipe, movie, article or place ) you want to apply for your website.

2) Learn more about the required meta tags for each type of Rich Pin you want for your website.

3) Add the appropriate Rich Pin meta tags to product, recipe, article, movie, or place pages on your site.

4) Apply for Rich Pins with a single URL that contains the correct meta tags in the Rich Pin validator.

5) Someone from our team will contact you over email with the status of your Rich Pin application. The review process may take a few weeks.

6) Once your site is enabled for Rich Pins, all Pins that link back to pages with the correct meta tags will start appearing as Rich Pins.

Learn How to Add Tags For:

Product Rich Pins
Recipe Rich Pins
Article Rich Pins
Movie Rich Pins
Place Rich Pins

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