3 Tips for Removing Unwanted Fake Facebook Fans

Kwiecień 2, 2018


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Co to?

Know what makes me cringe more than anything? When someone asks if they should buy fake Facebook fans. You’d think by this day and age people would have learned. The worst is when a brand new social media manager picks up a client to find that there are 50,000 fans who “are” all gorgeous blondes named Misty but live in Pakistan. Fake Facebook fans weaken the integrity of your brand AND harm your business. Fake Facebook fans don’t contribute to higher engagement, so Facebook punishes pages with a lowered organic reach. If you find yourself in the position where you will be removing unwanted fake Facebook fans, make yourself a tea and read on. This piece will make your job a whole lot easier.

3 wskazówki for Removing Unwanted Fake Facebook Fans

Facebook is constantly updating their news feed algorithm to reward pages that get higher engagement. The latest update rewards those pages where people engage in conversation with each other on posts. Pages that create content that encourages this type of engagement will end up with greater visibility in the news feed. The updated algorithm also punishes pages that contain limited fan engagement, poor content, and like baiting with a loss in news feed positioning. That means if you are a business or social media manager who is marketing a page with fake Facebook fans, you need to get on a clean-up mission asap. Let’s get down and dirty:

Decide if it’s Worth the Effort

Ultimately, you want to remove fake Facebook fans and avoid the Facebook slap. You have a few choices:

  • Remove the fake accounts
  • Transfer your brand to a new Facebook page
  • Ignore the fake accounts.

Depending on the number of fans you have, finding and removing fakes can be a long, tedious task; especially if you have thousands upon thousands of fans.

A good rule to follow is if your page is performing well and your posts are appearing in the news feed, there’s no need to stress about the fake fans right. Jeśli masz 50,000 fans and only a small percentage is fake, you can probably ignore them.

jednak, if you have noticed poor reach and limited engagement, you gotta make a change. Whether you have 50 fans or 50,000, you need to find, remove, and ban the fake users.

Step by step tutorial on finding and deleting fake facebook fans

Find, Remove & Ban Fake Facebook Fans

Go to your Facebook page, then:

Settings > Ludzie & Other Pages

Then inspect fans that look suspect (have no profile picture or are incredibly beautiful). Once you click through, if they have little engagement or seem to be posting merely spammy things, they’re most likely not real Facebook fans.

This is where things get tedious. Check the box next to the person’s name. Then check on the gear icon, then either “Remove from Page Likes” lub “Ban from Page”.

How to block people from one country from liking or seeing your Facebook page

Future Proof your Facebook Page

Once you’ve removed the fake Facebook fans, you’ll want to prevent this from happening again. Begin by setting restrictions on certain countries that are known for fake followers such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. This is something you should absolutely do if you are a local business. Play with age restrictions as well.

How to Manage your Facebook Pages & Groups

Once you’ve done all that cleanup, you’ll need to work on a new strategy to get your real Facebook fans engaged and talking. For that, you’ll need a great tool. Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool for teams. z Socialdraft, możesz:

With Socialdraft you can do tons on Instagram such as:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook business pages & groups
  • Schedule posts to Twitter & Rachunki Instagram, Deski pinterest, Handel i stron LinkedIn
  • Set up team members with different permissions
  • Pull reports
  • Keep an eye on your online reputation
  • i wiele więcej

If you’re ready to take us for a spin, Kliknij tutaj.




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