Small Businesses Reputation Management

March 9, 2018

How small businesses can manage their online reputation


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Reputation management is integral to any small business. Niestety, reputation management has become a time suck since you not only have to worry about review sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor; but also reviews and mentions blogs, social media sites, video sites, and regular news outlets. Some businesses have been relying on free services like Google Alerts, but those are unreliable and give you irrelevant results…and most reputation management dashboards are prohibitively expensive…cutting into your already small profits. In this article, we’ll review some small business tips on reputation management so you can get a hold of your online reputation and save time and money.

Why is Reputation Management Important?

Reputation management is one of the most important aspects of Social Media because if people are speaking badly about your business you will lose money. In the past, negative talk about a business would happen after church, or before the PTA meeting. Now, customers have multiple ways and places to tell the world when they are upset about something that happened at a business. As such, reputation management is an integral part of promoting your brand. Start off by keeping close tabs on what people are saying about your business. Armed with this information you need to accomplish two main goals:

1) Swiftly mitigate and neutralize the impact of any unsavory comments regarding your company’s reputation.

2) Lavish those that compliment your business with gratitude and appreciation AND amplify their message.

Small Businesses Reputation Management Tips

Monitor reviews on social networks as well as review sites

The longer any negative comment about your company lingers online and unaddressed by your business, the deeper and more severe the damage will be. When two or even three negatively charged comments are quickly handled and countered with plausible explanations, you have a chance of mitigating or canceling out the damage. On top of that, your social audience will see that you care about them and about your business. This is a very good thing.

Criticisms should be met with a public apology and an offer to correct any issues that contributed to the person’s derogatory comment. Equally powerful in building your company’s reputation is swiftly and graciously responding to any and all praise directed to your brand.

Reward Loyal Customers

Reward loyal customers with coupons, discounts or free gifts and encourage them to “like” your Facebook Page and “retweet” your Twitter conversations. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to establish relationships with your customers by engaging in conversation. When you see someone post a picture to Instagram of your business, there are different things you can do to thank them across multiple social networks:

1. Thank them by offering a discount on their next purchase

2. DM them a certificate for a free product

3. Add them to a special list of people to get invites to special events

4. Amplify their message. Share it all over social media. If they tweeted, share the tweet on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, i LinkedIn. This is the best type of advertising.

Maintain High Standards

We know you maintain high standards, but sometimes it is easy to develop a relationship with your staff that makes it easy to ignore issues. This is where reputation monitoring comes in. If you keep seeing negative alerts coming in about a particular team member or product, it means you need to take the time to look into that issue.

Following this rule will allow you to truly maintain a high standard for your business and will eliminate the need to address and respond to negative comments at all. Focus on providing such an excellent service that your customer base will be your strongest defenders if someone has something bad to say.

Curious About Socialdraft?

Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media dashboard to help you and your team manage social media. These are some of its main features.

  • Harmonogram Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Schedule Instagram reposts to your connected social networks
  • Work on our nifty Drag & Drop Content Calendar
  • Schedule in bulk via Excel
  • Export your Social Media Calendar
  • Use your own Custom
  • Pull reports
  • Create campaigns – groups of Social Media accounts to publish the same information and tons more.

This means that you can manage your business’ online reputation AND social media from one place. Check us out today, we’ve got a RISK FREE TRIAL so you can check out what we do and make up your own mind.

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