10 Must-Have Items on Your Social Media To Do List

March 2, 2016

A list of the things community managers need to do on a daily basis


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Co to?

Wierz lub nie, the best social media managers, marketers, and all around “ninjas” aren’t – most of the time – just winging it when it comes to social media.

Zamiast, all of these elite social media experts take advantage of daily to do lists for social media uploads, interactions, and proper scheduling that gives them the opportunity to play around with their creativity inside of already defined restrictions.

This is the ultimate way to get the most out of your social media superstars, and the only way to really set yourself apart from the rest of the pack on all of the major networks out there.

Oczywiście, creating that social media marketing task list isn’t (usually) going to be all that simple or straightforward. This is especially true if you’ve never had to establish this kind of protocol, or if this kind of protocol has never occurred to you previously.

But that’s where this quick guide comes into play. We are going to be able to share with you EXACTLY how you build your own daily to-do list for social media efforts, how to get everyone on board, and how to adjust it on the fly so that it always provides you with the kind of marketing results and return on investment that you are after in the first place. Once your team agrees on a To Do List, you should categorize the items on your list into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

Let’s get right into it!

10 Must-Have Items on Your Social Media To Do List

1) Structure is the name of the game

Though there is always a temptation to kind of wing it when it comes to creating interesting, engaging, and relevant pieces of content to share on social media (after all, timeliness and relevance are critical for success on these platforms), you’re going to want to structure your content as much as you can without choking off creativity to really boost your results.

Parkinson’s Law dictates that the scope of a project grows in relation to the amount of time that you have available to spend on it, and the same is true when it comes to your content. If you have no restrictions in place for creating, scheduling, or uploading content the odds are pretty good that you weren’t going to be that consistent.

Get that structure in place ASAP.

2) Respond to inbound social media messages before anything else

You need to be sure that you are as engaging social media as you can be.

This means that you need to create two-way conversations with individuals that choose to interact with your brand on social media and that you need to be as open, honest, forthcoming, and funny as you can be. You really want to develop an online personality and persona that your market comes to both enjoy and respect.

This is the secret to unlocking effortless influence on social media.

It all starts by engaging with inbound messages before you do anything else each morning. This means that every morning you will start off by reading and responding to all direct messages and comments on your posts. EVERY MORNING, FIRST THING IN THE DAY.

3) Check out what’s being said about your business and put out any fires

The next thing that you need to do on your social media marketing task list is to find any mentions of your business or your brand and put out any potential customer relationship fires that may exist.

You want to address issues as quickly as you can, you want to address issues as generously as you can, and you want to make sure that people see just how responsive you are as an operation.

This is mission critical and something that you can’t afford to get wrong. Especially in the always on and instant nature of social media today.

4) Deploy new social media content


Now is the time to knock out your content daily to-do list for social media.

You’re going to want to post multiple pieces of content to all of the social media profiles and accounts that you have active, and you’re going to want to make sure that you schedule “feeds” of content to be deployed all throughout the day as well.

Stick to a regular and consistent schedule of posting and you’ll be able to establish real relationships with your visitors, your followers, and your market.

Keep the 80/20 Zasada na uwadze,. Your content should be at most 20% promotional. Everything else you share should either entertain, inform, or assist your audience.

As you check your alerts on Socialdraft, you can easily share content mentioning your brand, Biznes, or industry with the click of a button. This is a great way to reciprocate when others mention you on Social Media.

Sharing other types of content is easy to do with Socialdraft. We’re set up just like a calendar. This makes it super easy to create content that is relevant (it’s much easier to schedule for holidays when you have a calendar in front of you). You can also drag & drop content to re-schedule it AND categorize it so you can re-use it later on.

5) Brainstorm new content and establish your future calendar

The time to think about tomorrow’s social media marketing is today, and you’ll need to be sure to dedicate a significant portion of your social media marketing task list to “future proofing” your marketing efforts as much as possible.

You don’t need to handcuff yourself too much (spontaneity on social media is essential), but you do need to have some idea of how you’re going to approach the days, weeks, and months in the future so that you are moving towards a clearly defined goal and not just kind of “wandering around in the wilderness”.

6) Monitor industry mentions

Keep abreast of trends and current events related to your industry so you can be an informed participant in discussions.

7) Check stats

One of the most important ways of determining whether your marketing strategy is effective is to analyze and crunch the numbers. With Socialdraft you can obtain analytics on most of your social media accounts. Check your follower growth, engagements, traffic type, itp. If you notice any changes or spikes, good or bad…check your social media account so you can figure out what went right and what went wrong.

8) Regularly initiate engagement


In order to expand your brand’s reach, make a regular and sustained effort to establish relationships with your followers, as well as people who are not following you. This is different from the engagement you took part in first thing in the morning where you answered comments. Now, you’re going to get out there to find people to engage. If you use the Socialdraft dashboard, you can use SmartID for this. It shows you the most influential people who have already engaged with your content in one way or another, tells you what they are influential in, and gives you their social media links so you can engage them across platforms.

9) Know your product inside out

Since most inquiries deal with a brand’s product or service, make sure that whoever is commenting and replying on behalf of your company is completely familiar with what your brand offers.

10) Weekly Team meetings

Get together with your team at least once a week to discuss new social media developments and fresh ideas related to your brand’s marketing strategy.

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