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February 19, 2018


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Co to?

One of the biggest complaints we heard from Social Media managers while developing the Socialdraft dashboard was how cluttered and hard to work with social posting options were. Our main goal when creating the Socialdraft scheduling and posting tool was to make it easy to work with, and easy on the eyes. dzisiaj, I’ll walk you through the Socialdraft calendar features, which include a nifty Drag & upuść re-scheduling option.

Socialdraft Calendar Features

The Socialdraft Przeciągnij & kalendarz spadek allows you to schedule your posts ahead of time (either via CSV or simple posting), easily re-schedule posts with a simple drag & upuść action, recycle effective posts, AND craft interactions for multiple social networks (and multiple clients), all from one place.

z Socialdraft, the ultimate goal is to help anyone who manages social media pages and those who work in teams to schedule and create content, interact with their community, and do it all smarter – not harder. In a previous article we explained the main features of the Socialdraft social media tool.

Today we’ll discuss features related only to the Socialdraft Calendar.

Socialdraft Social Media Calendar

Drag and drop social media scheduling calendar

Socialdraft puts all of your content in one easy-to-read calendar. You will no longer have to spend hours a day surfing through each social media site to post reviews. Korekta może być dokonana za pomocą metody przeciągnij i upuść. Super simple, super easy.

What Social Networks Does the Socialdraft Calendar Work with?

What social networks does Socialdraft work with

Socialdraft is compatible with most social networks. If your network of choice is not available, let us know. These are the social networks you can schedule posts to with Socialdraft:

  • Handel Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Profile (one only – the one tied to the Socialdraft account)
  • Twitter Konta
  • Deski pinterest
  • Rachunki Instagram
  • LinkedIn Business Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles (one only – the one tied to the Socialdraft account)

How Many Social Networks Can I Manage On Socialdraft?

You can start with as few as 5. Our Team Business level allows you to manage up to 100, but…if you have more to manage, just email us. We can create a custom package for you with as many as you like.

How to Access the Socialdraft Calendar

To access the Socialdraft calendar, simply log on. As soon as the page loads, you’ll be looking at your social media calendar. On the calendar, you can see everything you have scheduled on all of your social accounts: Świergot, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for multiple accounts.

What do the Colors Mean on the Socialdraft Social Media Calendar?

Simple to understand social media scheduling tool

The calendar is color-coded by Social Network. na przykład, the light blue posts are for Twitter, red posts are for Pinterest, and green is for tasks. Posts that are dull have already been posted in the past.

I’m Managing a Kabillion Social Media Accounts, I’m Confused

Social Media scheduler that sorts by user

Don’t worry. We’ve got some sweet filtering options to make your life easier. While you’re on the Socialdraft calendar, you can filter by:

  • Status: draft, pending, Opublikowany,
  • Social Network: Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram.
  • Social Account: You can filter by just one account.
  • Social Campaign: Or you can filter by a group of accounts.
  • Social Category: Categories you create to organize your posts.
  • SubUser: By the person who created the accounts.
  • Keyword: Need to find a post that you know contains a particular word? Use this option!

How To Duplicate a Post

How to Clone Social Media posts

If you want to duplicate a post that was successful in the past, there are two ways to do this:

  1. click and drag the calendar entry to a new date, and you’re done! You’ve duplicated that post.
  2. You can also click on the post and click “Duplicate”. Then select the date and time you want to duplicate this post to.

Just a small reminder – on Twitter, duplicate posts cannot immediately follow each other, so make sure to space them out.

How To Re-schedule Posts

Reschedule post on Socialdraft with the edit button

Thre are two ways to re-schedule your social media posts:

  • Drag & upuść: If you’re in a rush or just want to quickly get something off your calendar to another day, click, drag and drop.
  • If you want to re-schedule to a particular date, then click the post. Then click “edytuj” to edit that post (or in the case of a recurring post where you want to change all the posts in that sequence – click “edit all”. Then make the changes you desire.


Social media platforms allow businesses to market their products and services in digital communities and networks where individuals share, discuss, and co-create generated content. But properly managing multiple social media networks like Facebook, and others including Twitter and LinkedIn, when promoting your business would be virtually impossible if not for programs such as Socialdraft. Our goal is to make your life easier.

If you’re curious about Socialdraft, take us for a risk-free trial.

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