How to Use Socialdraft’s CSV Social Media Bulk Scheduling

February 14, 2018


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Co to?

CSV Bulk Scheduling is a great tool for Social Media Managers working across multiple networks for multiple social accounts. It is even more helpful if you need to submit your content for approval to clients. Our goal with CSV Bulk Scheduling was to make your life easier. Even if you aren’t managing over 50 social accounts, the CSV Bulk Scheduling tool is awesome…you can dedicate one day to preparing and planning your social media schedule and upload all that work at once. This will help you stay organized & active on social. Let’s walk you through our CSV bulk scheduling feature.

CSV Social Media Bulk Scheduling


Socialdraft was designed to help teams who manage social media pages to schedule and create content, and interact with their community in a smarter, simple, and more streamlined way. In previous articles related to using Socialdraft, we’ve explained the main elements of Socialdraft as a social media tool, and features related to the Socialdraft Calendar. In this article, we’ll discuss data tables presented in CSV text file format.

how CSV posting works for scheduling social media posts

What is a CSV Document?

CSV is a common file format that is widely supported by consumer, Biznes, and scientific applications and is a popular format for transferring data from one application to another because most database systems are able to import and export comma-delimited data.

When data is pulled from a database and represented in comma-delimited format, each column value is separated by a comma from the next column’s value and each row starts a new line, as in the example below:

Adams, Jane, 46, female, New York
Doe, John, 32, male, California
Jones, Sam, 13, male, Texas
Smith, Mary, 64, female, Louisiana

This allows social media managers to use a single CSV to assemble posting schedules. W rezultacie, via excel or google spreadsheets, with CSV you can add hundreds or thousands of posts and schedule them. We provide sample sheets to download that are personalized for each account and make it easy to get started.

Each sheet can specify a time zone so their posts come out when their audience is online. So for example, a Public Relations agency that manages social media for restaurant clients in New York and San Francisco, may schedule some posts in Eastern and Pacific time zones. They may also have interns or clients that would approve the schedule before posting and forward them using CSV.

How Does CSV Bulk Scheduling Work on Socialdraft?

Bezpłatną wersję próbną Socialdraft

1. Sign up for a Socialdraft account (you can try us out for free for a month)

How to download your CSV file for social media posting

2. After you’ve completed the sign-up process, from the dashboard, click społeczny then click kalendarz.

Hootsuite alternative with CSV posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

3. Select your time zone, then click Import CSV to download a sample CSV file. This file will contain one sample post for each of your connected networks. How you work with the CSV is up to you. You can use one CSV to schedule all your clients. I like to create a separate CSV for each client to keep things neat & easy. Simply copy paste to copy the content in the rows.

4. Work on your content on the CSV file.

Socialdraft oferuje CSV komentarz

4a. Message: This is where your text goes. Make sure that if you are working on Twitter, the status is well below 140 characters so you have room for your link and image

How to use Socialdraft Bulk CSV Scheduler

4B. Share_Link: This is where you place the URL you would like to link to. You do not have to include a link, but you can if you want.

HOw to add an image to CSV document for bulk upload to facebook twitter linkedin

4c. Share_Image: This is where you place the URL to your image. ****Right click on the image itself and click ‘COPY IMAGE URL’ to get the exact link. For more image formatting tools, go here.

Socialdraft's CSV posting tool

4re. Scheduled_DateTime: This is where you select the time and date you want your posts to come out. Your time zone should have been selected previously. The correct time format is Mon xx, yyy 00:00jestem e.g. Grudzień 10, 2014 6:00 pm.

CSV file for socialdraft

5. Upload your CSV File: Click the “+” sign next to “Upload CSV”, select your file, and then click submit.

approve your posts

6. Approve/Edit Posts: The next step is the approval screen, where you get to check and make sure that everything will schedule properly.

6a. If Correct: Simply check the box next to the preview.

6B. If Needs Edits: Click edit, edit post, click update. Then check the box next to the preview. From here you can change the time, tekst, obraz, and link of your post.

6c. If Needs Deletion: Click remove, click ok.

7. Schedule: Kliknij harmonogram

It’s really easy to do once you get the hang of it….and if you run into any snags, just ask for help. Email us and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy!


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