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Instagram is known today as one of the most popular social networking platforms because of its unique take on internet-based interaction and sharing. There are close to a billion users on Instagram which has turned it into both a stable networking application and an obvious marketing platform for business owners. Because many brands have chosen to use Instagram to boost their online presence, Instagram developers have released new advertisement features that maximize entrepreneurs’ efforts to reach prospects on the site. While there are numerous advantages to these newly released functions, the question remains – is it smart to use ads in place of influencer marketing?

Understanding The Differences

Before discussing the advantages and/or disadvantages between Instagram ads and influencer marketing, let’s explore the difference. Instagram ads fall under the category of native advertising.

Native Advertising

In a nutshell, native advertising consists of ads in the form of articles, infographics, or videos that can only be bought and displayed on one platform, such as Instagram Sponsored Ads, Twitter’s Promoted Tweets, and Facebook’s Sponsored Stories. BuzzFeed, and Eater have developed native ad formats for their sites.

Marketingu wpływu


Influencer marketing focuses on specific key individuals rather than the target market as a whole. W tym przypadku, Social media influencers create and publish content on their respective platforms. Influencer content may be in the form of a testimonial or third parties, such as retailers or manufacturers. Budgets for paid influencer marketing can vary and are based on audience reach. But unpaid influencer marketing can exist from relationships with influencers to further their own personal social growth. One very important thing about working with influencers, is being able to recognize who is truly an influencer. Who is actually able to drive actions, not someone who “has a lot of fans”, but someone who can convert their audience into an action for your brand. You can read more about how to find real Instagram influencers tutaj.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Instagram Ads VS Influencer Marketing

So thrilled with my @nutribuddyuk Starter Kit! Time for a fit & healthy summer! #nutribuddy #spon #healthy

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1. Improved Brand Identity VS Authenticity – One of the biggest benefits of using Instagram ads is that it allows brands to improve their brand identity across the entire Instagram user base. Although this is advantageous for business owners who want to reach more audiences, a lot of Instagram users have complained that they don’t want ads showing up on their feed, especially if they’re nor particularly interested in the products or services advertised. Influencer marketing on the other hand offers a much more authentic user interaction without forcing products and services on users. If a user doesn’t follow an influencer, they’re not likely to cross paths which works best for those who want to maintain a feed that’s free of irrelevant content. The above partnership between Zara Holland and Nutribuddy works incredibly well. She has a large following of over 136k people, but she also has high engagement. As of the moment, the post has almost 8,000 likes and 72 komentarze. That means people are interested in what she has to say, and her personal brand aligns properly with her sponsor.

2. Expenses Associated with Ads Vs Influencers – To avail of the advertisement services that Instagram offers, a brand will have to pay up. Regardless of how little the fees might be, there is no denying that an extra expense will still be an expense. For brands seeking to cut back on fees, collaborating with an influencer might be a more reasonable choice. This is because influencers usually charge very little and sometimes, would be satisfied with nothing more than a freebie or two of your amazing product.

3. The Algorithm Is Coming – Another thing to keep in mind when deciding is that Instagram has recently implemented a “Facebook-Like” algorithm. Facebook’s algorithm change in 2013 dropped organic reach from 16% w 2012 do 11% w 2015 (at least that’s what Facebook reported). That’s pretty significant. This could affect your reach (as well as that of your influencers). This may give an unfair advantage to running ads versus Influencer marketing when it comes to your marketing dollars. But then again, if your influencer has a truly dedicated community, this should be minimal. Make sure to discuss your influencer’s engagement prior to engaging in a relationship.

How to Decide If You Should Go For Instagram Ads or Influencer Marketing?

If you want to find out which of these two strategies would be best for your business, it’s vital that you understand what your goals are. Do you want to reach a wider audience? Are you seeking to improve your online reputation? Do you want to lead prospects to making a purchase by driving traffic to the right places? Considering all of these questions will help you identify which strategy would be most ideal for you. We suggest you run tests for both and see what works best for your particular brand and business. After all, marketing is not a one all solution. Every business is different and will have success with different strategies. Once you are ready to work with an influencer, check out our guide on best practices on how to Collaborate with an Instagram inflluencer.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

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Among the most used social media platforms to date is Instagram. This particular networking application allows users to edit and upload photos, images, and videos on their own feed to share with the rest of the Instagram user base. Instagram has become popular throughout the years because of its appealing aesthetic and because of the presence of numerous celebrities and public personalities on the platform. With millions of users on this social media application, business owners are wondering – how can Instagram be used to market products and services?

Entrepreneurs can use Instagram to market their brand by structuring an Instagram influencer campaign. This strategy entails the collaboration with industry influencers whose opinions and insights are seen as reliable by a large group of followers. Are you wondering how to run an Instagram influencer campaign? Read on to find out.

How to Structure an Instagram Influencer Campaign

Identify Relevant Influencers


Find your Niche: Your brand is bound to fall within a niche – what exactly is it? Understanding what niche you’re in will tell you who your target market is and thus who influences them to make their consumer choices. If you’re a brand that sells make-up and cosmetics, you should choose an influencer who builds their content around the same. If you offer auto repair services, identify an Instagram influencer who mainly leverages on cars.

Check their Engagement: You also need to look at engagement levels. It is very easy for someone to purchase fake followers for Instagram. Don’t go after the largest fish in the pond, go after the tastiest one. This influencer will post content and get tons of likes and comments…but not just any comment (example “nice picture”), but deliciously relevant comments that show this person truly influences what people do. Zasadniczo, you want the influencer who is actually touching and influencing the people who could convert into your customers or users. We’ve got a more in depth piece on how to identify influencers here.

Create a List of Your Desired Influencers: Chances are, not all your influencers will get back to you. So it is smart to pitch 10-20 influencers to increase your chances of reaching a collaboration agreement. Make sure that you list these influencers by engagement, then following since you want the most influential influencers.

Use SmartID: If you use the Socialdraft dashboard, you can utilize SmartID to hone in on influencers who are already engaging with your brand. This will make the chances of collaboration higher and your campaign easier.

Reach Out to Your Chosen Personalities

How to Reach Them: Now that you’ve identified the people who can influence your audience, it’s time that you reach out to them and settle on a deal. Most influencers who want to work with brands will have their email on their profile. If they don’t, check out their blog or publication. Many times they will list their contact info there. If it’s not there, DM them. Be honest, humble and direct about your collaboration goals and rewards.

Agree on Payment

What’s nice about Instagram influencer campaigns is that some influencers won’t require monetary compensation and will very happy with a juicy freebie or a discounted service. Discuss the terms of collaboration with your chosen influencer and make sure you compensate them fairly for a trouble-free partnership. Powiedział, że jest…paid sponsorships are best (click here to find out what the going rates are for your basic Instagram sponsorships). Paid people have a buy in, they will give things more love and get you better results.

You may want to reach out to accounts with a smaller following and high engagement. Your chances of getting a good deal here are highest. Make sure you are clear about exactly how the collaboration will run. If they are posting an image (or multiple), how long will they keep it up. Will this be only an Instagram relationship, or will it spill over into their other social media accounts?What exactly is their reward, how and when will they receive it. Due to FTC rules, your collaborator MUST disclose that the posts are paid, make sure this is also discussed.

Support and Monitor

Once your campaign is ready to launch, be ready to monitor not just your social media accounts and website, but also their social media accounts. If people are commenting about your product or service on their Instagram post, this is your chance to engage them and close on the action you desire from the community. You’ve already done so much, don’t sit on your laurels and miss out on the ROI of an Instagram collab.

Confirm (and Confirm Again)

Before the campaing launches, email your collaborator with an outline of everything you have discussed. Confirm the caption that will be attached to the image, make sure the call to action is clear, make sure that your custom links are perfectly structured, and cross any t’s that are left hanging.

Funnel Your New Prospects

Once your influencer starts to post about your brand, products, and services, you should expect there to be an influx of new prospective customers. Where exactly do you plan to lead all of these individuals once they’ve been convinced by your influencer? This is where the need for a URL shortener and a landing page come into play. The URL shortener will help you track the traffic that is coming to you (since you can’t link out on Instagram posts). Then you can either create a super targeted landing page, or you can opt to have them visit your Facebook page for more information or you can redirect them to your website from your influencers Instagram. It depends on what resources you have available. What matters is that you give them the necessary information after they make the decision to learn about you.

Amplify Their Reach

Sure, you are collaborating with an influencer to piggyback off their reach, but you can help to make this larger. Be ready when they post to Instagram. Comment and like their post. Ask your friends and co-workers to do the same. Then repost their image, share it to other social networks. Use your Social powers to help your influencer to help you.

Sites that Work With Influencers

While we recommend that you work with influencers on your own (keeps that nice ROI high), there are companies that specialize on working with influencers. A few are:






Next up – How to Measure the results of your Instagram Influencer Campaign

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

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An Instagram influencer campaign is a marketing strategy that entails the identification of and collaboration with an influential Instagram user in order to improve a brand’s popularity and reach a target market. Many business owners make use of Instagram influencer campaigns because of the reliability and authenticity of influential personalities which can greatly influence users when it comes to consumer related choices.

If you’re one of the many brands using Instagram to reach your target market, you’re probably wondering how to measure ROI of Instagram influencer campaign. Find out more about calculating the success of your campaign with this simple guide.

How to Measure ROI of Instagram Influencer Campaign

1. Frequency of Mentions – When you select and collaborate with an influencer, you should discuss with them how many times in a day or in a week you expect them to make a positive post about your brand. Despite the fact that you’re doing business, their Instagram account is still theirs so you can’t assume that they’ll dedicate it entirely to your products and services. Understanding your ROI starts with how many times you’re mentioned on your influencer’s feed.

2. Reception – How was your influencer’s post about you received? Did people like it? Were they interested? Did they react negatively? This will tell you whether or not you actually made conversions or simply gave yourself a bad rap.

3. Likelihood of Appearance – Of all the times your influencers posted about you, how many times did users actually saw them? If you established partnerships with multiple influencers in the same niche, expect some of their followers to be the same people. Another thing you should remember is that not everyone probably saw those posts, so don’t treat this number as fact.

4. Generated Interaction – How many likes, akcji, or comments did your influencer’s post get? You will be able to tell whether a photo or video about your brand did well by comparing the average interaction generated by an influencer’s other non-business related posts to the post about your brand. If you fall within the average, you can assume that you did pretty well.

5. Gained Following – When an influencer posts about you, it states that they vet for your brand and Instagram account. This means that there should be an increase in your following. Make sure you know when your influencer’s posts will come out and measure your growth on those days as opposed to your average.

6. Sales – If you are selling a product or service, measure how many sales are made. You can set up a special hashtag for a discount, or if your influencer is willing, he/she can change the link on his/her profile to your link. This way you can measure the click throughs and actions that come from their posts.

A note on the above, Google Analytics can’t tell what traffic is mobile from Instagram, so if your influencer is using your regular link it won’t be able to tell it is coming from mobile, so we sugges that you use something like Bitly or goo.gl link so that you can properly track clicks both from mobile and desktop.

There is no perfect tactic when it comes to analytic for Instagram influencer campaign, but with these simple computations, you will be able to come up with an accurate idea of how your partnership is doing. Adjust your campaign based on your findings to maximize results and improve the outcomes of your Instagram influencer campaign.

When talking about social media for marketing, individuals are likely to think about Facebook as the ultimate platform. While this might be true on some level, Facebook isn’t the sole option for those seeking to maximize their online efforts. Instagram has become a top contender in the realm of social media marketing and offers business owners a wide array of functions and features guaranteed to bring about the best results for their social media marketing strategy. w rzeczywistości, engagement rates are significantly higher on Instagram than on any other social media platform. Engagement has grown over 400% on Instagram. Do you see why you need to become active and begin engaging your customers on Instagram?

Wondering how you can create engagements on Instagram for better reliability, reputation, and sales? Find out with these simple tips, Sztuczki, and tactics.

How to Engage on Instagram

1. Collaborate with Influencers:


Influencers are a sort of online celebrity that has a substantial follower base thanks to their own charisma and social media efforts. These people aren’t celebrities per se, but they are popular because of the content they post. Collaborating with influencers will allow you to reach their audience through a voice that they trust. By bringing the word out about your brand through a person that is generally seen as trustworthy and reliable, you increase your chances of making a sale and earning a loyal follower base. An easy way to identify influencers is by using Socialdraft SmartID. It tells you what influencers are already engaging your content on social media and gives you the links to their social media channels (including Instagram) so that you can engage them. Most influencers looking for collaboration will freely share their email on their profile. If you see someone that you want to collaborate who does not share this information, DM them…you never know.

2. Repost Quality Content


With Socialdraft you can easily regram, or repost, content from one user’s Instagram feed to your own. If your consumers post photos of your products and services, you should try to engage with their content by sharing it on your own feed for your followers to see. This proves that you appreciate the patronage and that you pay attention to your clients and consumers by valuing their experiences with your brand. Click here for an in-depth look into how to run a proper regram campaign.

3. Start a Conversation:

Don’t just use captions to describe photos – start a conversation with your followers! Encourage your prospects, Konsumenci, and fans to interact with you and with one another by using your captions as a starting point for discussion. Ask questions, encourage people to share their thoughts, and respond to consumer comments to enrich the Instagram experience for your followers. A few examples:

Komentarz, double tap, regram, let us know your thoughts…

4. Craft a Contest:

Who doesn’t love a freebie? If you really want the full participation of your Instagram followers, start a contest or giveaway to prompt interaction and engagement. Encourage your followers to share a photo, to spread the word, or to tell their story in exchange for a freebie, a discount, or a special offer unavailable through any of your other social media platforms.

5. Give them Love:



Everyone on Instagram wants a little love…a comment. So get out there and engage. Search hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Find the images that you think your potential customers created, click through and engage. This is the best way to build a relationship and get that community member to become a customer.