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The wine industry is ridiculously competitive and the sales process is tedious. There are visits to wine shops, education to each customer that walks into a shop, and competition from online shops. Smart wine pushers can reap the rewards of a good Instagram strategy. It’s not just about posting pretty pictures though. You need to be smart, have clear goals, be consistent and engaging. Just think about it. dzisiaj, I can follow my favorite wine shop, my favorite winery, and even my favorite wine. It’s a lot less intimidating to buy a wine in a shop or to choose it from a wine list if I have already been familiarized with it online. Instagram is also a great place to track social depletions. Just think about it, every Instagram post by someone outside the industry is a bottle that was purchased. That is proof of ROI…and you can make this proof easier to track with hashtags. Today we’ll discuss the best practices for wine on Instagram, as well as some great wine hashtag tactics. Before we do, take a few seconds to copy and save the hashtags below. These are optimized wine hashtags will be the basis (but not the whole of your strategy).

Wine Hashtags

Copy these optimized Wine Hashtags by clicking on the “copy” button on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

#redwine #winetasting #winelover #winery #winetime #whitewine #instawine #winecountry #winelovers #winetasting #wineaddict #winetime #winepairing #mywinemoment #winewednesday #winedownwednesday #winesofinstagram #wineoclock #winemaker #winemaking #wineoftheday #winestagram

Best Practices for Wine Hashtags on Instagram

Start off with Targeting

Using regional wine hashtags will help you target the right people

The hashtags you copied above are your generic hashtags. These are your basics and will appeal to a larger, general audience.

The issue here is that you’re not just pushing any wine to any customer. Yes, you want to reach all wine consumers (and you want to convert them), but just like when you’re conducting a tasting, it is much easier to convert those who already like or know your product.

On top of that, due to the nature of the Instagram feed, when you use the #wine hashtag, you will quickly drop on the feed due to the large number of posts tagged this way. When you use more specific hashtags, you will give yourself more visibility with the right people.

The sweet spot is using a combination of general industry hashtags and targeted that have between 50,000 -500,000 uses.

The above post from Loire Valley Wine (whose social media team uses the Socialdraft dashboard) is a great example of how to target your post to a targeted audience.

They really get specific with #LoireValleyWine #LoireRose which are very specific, but they don’t ignore the more general audience by using #winemonday #winesoffrance #vineyard and #frenchwine. They also completely skip spammy hashtags which simply do not work.

Use Geo-Targeted Hashtags

Mix wine hashtags with city and state and region

Even if you are an online retailer, you should be geo-tagging your posts. If you are a wine shop, restauracja, or wine seller, then you ABSOLUTELY need to geotag your posts.
You need to stop thinking of Instagram as a social network and more as a search engine (yeah, just like Google). Say you are a wine shop in New York, if you don’t geo-tag your posts when people search those local hashtags you’re not giving them a chance to discover you.
Jordan is as good at using local hashtags as they are at making wine (although they could benefit from actually adding a location to their posts – do this and I will call you an Instagram master).
Notice their hashtags #sonomacounty #healdsburg #California #AlexanderValley. Whenever anyone searches Instagram for these hashtags, Jordan is giving themselves a chance to be discovered by both people interested in the region and those who are currently there.
Use wine hashtags and local hashtags to reach a local audience

Here’s another example from Cellar To Table. Their post is not only hashtagged #williamsburg and #brooklyn, they have also tagged the location on their post. This means that someone can discover this post and decide to go to that restaurant. That’s a bottle sold and depletion goals on their way to being achieved.

Branded Hashtags

Use branded hashtags to get more likes on your Instagram posts

Yes, I know this is not wine, but Cognac Maniacs ran an incredible repost campaign using the Socialdraft dashboard, so I could not resist.

Notice their write up. It includes a call to action telling users to share their Cognac Cocktails with the tag #CognacManiacs.

What are the benefits of a call to action as clear as this one?

This strengthens their brand, prompts sales, and leads to depletions. Every Cognac cocktail that was posted to Instagram with this tag is proof of social ROI. On top of that, the brand within the industry became well known, people wanted to be reposted.

Branding is important. Instagram can help you with this.

We recommend you take time to come up with a great branded hashtag and that you teach your community to use it. Encourage them to share so you can build your brand and prove that social media can get you depletions and brand ambassadors.

Instagram Wine Tips

Tag Others

When you tag someone on Instagram they get a notification which increases the chances of them liking your posts

This is a smart wine pusher. Notice the gorgeous mix of generic and targeted hashtags…but then, click the image. You’ll see that David has taken the time to tag the distributor he works for, the winery in the picture, and more people in the post.

All these people will receive notifications that he has posted about them. They will most likely like and comment on the post and remember this wonderful relationship later on. Another smart social marketer.

Work with an Influencer

Combine wine hashtags with influencer marketing to grow your Instagram account

Influencers have spent lots of time building a strong and engaging community that can convert into sales.

Veuve Clicquot partnered with Whitney, a New Orleans visual artist. Working with her allows them to reach out to a whole new set of customers.

You may not have the same budget as Veuve, but you can work with smaller influencers as well.

They can be just as powerful. If you haven’t yet worked with an influencer, click the following guide on how to collaborate with an Instagram Influencer. Just make sure you follow all the FTC rules and to set clear expectations as to what you expect and how and when the Influencer will be paid.

What to Do Daily on Instagram to Get Results

All the stuff I told you above is not enough to get you a robust ROI on Instagram, there are more things you need to do:

Post Daily:

Instagram is a Facebook property. They have recently implemented their algorithm. If you don’t post daily, you won’t get engagement and the algo will kick in. This means you will lose followers and that you will come up lower on the feed. Do yourself a favor and use a scheduler like Socialdraft (you can see it above) to keep yourself on a good, consistent schedule.

lubić & angażować:

The best way to get people to like your content is to spread the love. Think of each like and comment as a link, a way for people to get to you.

Click through on one of your hashtags. Then check out the area that says “Top Posts”. Click on each of the first 10 people on every post. Like and comment on their posts. Then head back on the Socialdraft dashboard and like 50 posts related to that hashtag. You will see more likes, komentarze, and follows on all your posts.

A blog is a great tool. Anyone who feels like they have something to say can start one, and some of the best blogs generate millions of views and visitors per month, offering significant opportunities for monetization. The thing most people don’t tell new bloggers is that no matter how good your content is, it’s only valuable if it is read by people who can take action based on what they are reading. And for the blogger, the action could be liking and sharing the post, clicking on an ad, or purchasing value-added content they discovered as part of the blog reading experience.

You can have amazing blog posts, but if nobody sees them, what’s the point. There are various ways to generate blog traffic. Start with a proper SEO structure, make sure your website is mobile friendly, and write content that is geared to your audience. But if you really want to see your blog traffic grow, you’ll need to learn to generate blog traffic with Social Media.

How to Generate Blog Traffic with Social Media

The structure of your overall content strategy can inform whether or not your blog content is utilized as fully as possible. Sounds fancy, dobrze? It’s actually quite simple. By pushing out your content to multiple social media platforms, you’re amplifying the impact and reach simply by putting the same content in different places. Just like all your friends don’t like exactly the same type of cars, your audience will all engage with content in different ways.

Some heavy Facebook users flat refuse to get on Twitter, Instagram users may not use either. jednak, people that are on either platform are likely to click through and read an interesting piece of content no matter where it appears–and that’s where your content strategy comes into play to drive your website traffic. You need to put your content where it will be more likely to be read, but you need to entice them, let’s dive deep into how you can achieve this.

Focus on Great Images

Simple images increase actions

Use vibrant and impactful images to quickly grab the user’s attention. The visual doesn’t have to be complicated; depending on your message this could be anything from a snap of your latte with a cool swirl to stock photography of a gorgeous sunrise. Most of the time, the simplest images work best. Look at the example above. While all the images are fine, Riderflex’s image is the most effective. It immediately tells you what you get if you click through. It is also on brand, easy to read, and quite eye-catching.

Different types of imagery work better on different platforms. Instagram is more aspirational. Twitter is better for direct news-y type of images, and Pinterest is great for informational how-to type of content.

Depending on your market, your content and your business goals, you’ll want to delve more closely into which content platforms best support your message and give you an opportunity to raise overall awareness of your blog with an eye towards driving ongoing website traffic.

Bloggers report up to 200% increased engagement from tweets with visual content versus simple text-based tweets, with Facebook boasting about a 40% improvement and LinkedIn images garnering nearly 100% more comments than posts with no image.

Lather, rinse & repeat. . . but keep it interesting

Use a social media scheduling tool. This will allow you to control how often and when your content publishes on different platforms. It will also help you to control the messaging that you use to drive people to click through to your blog. Finding a group of like-minded blogging friends will allow you to intensify your SEO efforts by generating a measure of buzz around your content. Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your content, and always be generous with your own time in the blogging community. Sharing content from others and judicious use of @mentions and comments can go a long way towards building interest in your future content and support from fellow bloggers.

The simplicity of sharing and scheduling tools might tempt you to just repost the exact same content leading to your posts on different social media platforms, or even to post the same content more than once. This is perfectly ok…as long as you consider a few things.

Pierwszy, change up the dates and times that your content comes out. The person who is on Twitter at 9 a.m. on a Monday probably won’t be on there at 7 pm the next night. We usually recommend that you space out content at least a week and a day on Twitter, and much longer on Facebook (maybe about a month). For Instagram, it’s all about one-time original content.

Drugi, change things up a bit. Alter your images, change up the write-up and keep things exciting.

Trzeci, come up with a plan…a schedule you can follow whenever a new blog post comes out. na przykład:

  1. Publishing day – Post update to all social networks
  2. Publishing day – Reach out to friendlys who can share your content
  3. Publishing day – Submit to bookmarking sites (like reddit and digg)
  4. Next day – Share again to social networks (Facebook, Świergot, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
  5. Next week – Share again to social networks – repackage the delivery with fresh images & write-ups
  6. Next Months – Re-share content once a month

Measure Blog Traffic Driven By Social Media

The last thing you need to do is to check your analytics to see what is working and what is not. This way, you can take your learnings from this post and apply it to the next. Things to look out for (you’ll need either Google Analytics or a URL shortener that gives you analytics like bit.ly).

  1. Post Activity: Are you getting more actions and engagements on your posts as you share to social?
  2. Effective Networks: Which networks are driving more traffic (don’t just measure re-tweets, plenty of people blindly retweet – what you are looking to measure is website clicks)
  3. Negatywna informacja zwrotna: check your web and social media mentions. Is the chatter positive or negative? This will let you know if you need to change the tone of voice in your blog posts as well as change the way you are distributing them in social media.

You have been working hard and finally, you feel like you have a strong social strategy. You’re feeling ready to work on interactions, but how do you decide who to interact with? The answer is customers and influencers. You know who your customers are, but now you’re asking yourself: what exactly is an influencer? Today we will discuss what makes a real influencer as well as how to identify social influencers so that your time and money spent on influencer campaigns are well spent.

Jak zidentyfikować liderów społecznych

An Influencer is someone who is considered an authority in a particular topic. They talk (or tweet, or post) and people listen…and click…and buy. They are trusted people on social media. Influencers can spread you message to a very targeted audience.

What exactly is an Influencer and how do you approach them?

An Influencer is a person who has a significant impact on a niche area such as organic foods, dating services, medical devices, and revolutionary software. An Influencer may also be associated with consumer groups, or industry and trade associations. An influencer can be, but is not necessarily someone with a large social media following. That can easily be faked. An influencer has a targeted, engaged audience that converts.

More Followers Does Not An Influencer Make

One common misconception regarding influencers is that the more followers they have, the more influence they wield. What really matters is an influencer’s level of engagement, and Domain Authority – or how well a website ranks on search engines. Someone with 1 million followers or fans may seem influential, but if those followers are fake or not engaged and they do not convert, they aren’t truly influencers. You are better off working with someone with a following of 1-10k followers who actually convert. You need to look at the entire package. Social media reach, website traffic, and most importantly – engagement and conversions.

The same principle applies to Twitter-Instagram-Facebook — it’s not the number of followers an Influencer has but rather the highest engagement rates an account has that will have the most influence on amplifying your content and increasing your chances of achieving a call to action (ROI).

Questions to ask yourself when looking at Social Media Influencers

  1. How active are they?
  2. How often are they posting?
  3. Do they reply to comments?
  4. What is their engagement rate?
  5. What social networks do they get the most engagement in?
  6. Do people ask them questions?
  7. How many retweets are they getting & who is retweeting them?
  8. What is their website traffic & where is their audience?
  9. What is their average time on page?

How to Approach an Influencer: First Establish a Relationship

When focusing on choosing an Influencer, make sure they are enthusiastic about your area of interest, and above all, don’t contact an Influencer without first attempting to establish a relationship by following them, helping them and sharing their content.

Social media is a give and take. If you want to work with an influencer, show them that you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you start, start with smaller influencers. They will be more open to collaborations, will charge you less for those partnerships, and because they are smaller will put great focus into your agreed upon

This is just like real life. You don’t just walk up to someone and ask for a favor. You first introduce yourself, make small chat, maybe do them a favor and then you can ask for a partnership.

Tools to Find Influencers

The functionalities of these tools are incredibly simplified to fit just this topic and are a good place to get started, but remember to ask for analytics from their social media accounts so you can be certain they don’t have inflated numbers.


BuzzSumo Social Media Tool

Buzzsumo allows you to search influencers on Twitter, filter those results, and export them as CVS or XLS so you can grind and get some more work on them.


FollowerWonk Tool

Followerwonk comes to you from the people at Moz (an awesome resource). The search engine allows you to identify influencers and sort them.


Keyhole Tool

Keyhole works alongside hashtags. It helps you to identify influencers as related to hashtags. You can see top conversations and content.


Traackr App

Traackr is a premium category of service that is billed as an influencer marketing and analytics platform, Traackr helps you discover influencers, get social media insights, and figure out how best to connect. Features include an influencer search engine, profiles, dynamic lists, share of voice reporting, sentiment analysis, and trending content. PR, communications, and marketing pros use this service.


Kred Tool

Kred: A product of PeopleBrowsr, Kred is a paid influencer measurement tool that promises to help marketers identify, prioritize, and engage influencers. It offers a rewards service that will connect marketers with influencers, as well as audience engagement analysis, influencer leader boards, and email marketing. KredStory is a consumer application for curating and sharing on social networks and analyzing your own social media activities; it also offers each user a Kred score.

What to Do Once You Have Chosen Influencer Tools

Once you’ve selected your tool (or tools), you can get down to the nitty-gritty.

1. Identify the influencers that have the biggest reach (most followers).

2. Compare: compare influencers with the most engaged followers – do any of these overlap? Are any of these already in your social circles?

3. Identify those influencers that are not currently interacting with your brand – this is where your opportunity lies.

Connect With Influencers

Now you have your targets and you need to get to work. it’s time to work on your message, strategy, ROI measurement, and brand KPI. Take time to review the content that your target influencers respond to, what time gets you the most interaction and what topics pique their interest.

Give a Little, Get a Lot

People tend to like gifts and bribes. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but if they get a little something from you they will be more likely to interact and amplify your message. I’m not talking about dollar bribes or gifting bribes. People on social media are looking to get the same exact thing you are: social influence. Engage with their posts, amplify their message, and take part in conversations to increase the chance that they will reciprocate. Create lists when possible and add these influencers to your content calendars.

Give a Lot, Take a Little

Instead of “gimme, gimme, gimme” it’s “give, give, give”. Yes, I know it sounds redundant to the above paragraph, but content, access, engagement will get you noticed and will get you love. Make sure to post unique, fun, relatable, shareable content that serves your community (and your target community of influencers). Make it easy for them to share your content.


Social media does not only exist on social. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people via email, LinkedIn, etc in order to make connections. Are you a winery looking to grow their reach, message your sales reps and ask them to share your social stats with their clients…but make a promise (and follow through) on reciprocal likes, Wynika, and content amplification.

Maybe you’re a restaurant in town. Stop by the jewelry shop next door. Offer to create a discount for anyone that shows a receipt from their shop on the same day. Then collaborate to blast this out on social media. you will both benefit.

The opportunities are endless – it just takes a little creativity and reaching out.

How to run an Instagram Influencer Campaign

The Winter holiday season can bring the most revenue to all types of local businesses from beauty salons, restauracji, bars, toy stores, i więcej. In order to maximize your exposure to a targeted local audience, we reached out to social media experts and asked them to share their Local Business Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips. Their tips will help you to get away from vanity metrics like followers and likes to instead convert social media followers into paying customers.

Local Business Holiday Social Media Marketing Tips

Brenda Della Casa, Digital Marketing Expert – BDC Digital Media

1) Create content for each platform.

Many companies make the mistake of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to their platforms which is like inviting friends to four different events where they will have the same conversations and experience. Create a fun video for Facebook, showcase a discount on Instagram, write a thought leadership piece about your product on LinkedIn and host a Twitter Chat or run a poll on the platform. Writing a blog and sharing it on all platforms is fine, but that shouldn’t be your only promotion.

2) Give something of value.

The worst thing you can do is use your social media platforms as a space to run the world’s longest social media commercial. Give tips, ask questions, share information related to your product and make a link. It should be 70% Zaangażowanie, 30% hard sell.

3) Plan it out.

Create a content calendar. Choose interesting and vibrant visuals that are clear (check how that small, clear image looks when you add it to LinkedIn- if it’s blurry, don’t use it). Make sure your visual display looks good together. Research hashtags, ask a question and always include a call to action.

Social Media Holiday Tips

Tim Hebel – Beanstalk Web Solutions

1) Holidays are something all of us share, so even though we may not all speak the same technical or business jargon, we all can speak the language of what the holidays represent. Too often pages or accounts spend their energy or bandwidth selling or educating, which is an important strategy, but the holiday season offers a business the opportunity to be relatable, which followers are more likely to engage with. This is a chance to put the “społeczny” back in social media.

2) Post content that is funny, Interesujący, and that your audience will appreciate. Be consistent across all your platforms as your audience probably doesn’t follow you on every platform, and be available to interact with the audience on the various platforms.

3) If you’re putting dollars behind your social media posts, there are other best practices to be aware of. In addition to the well understood facts of having aesthetically pleasing and well designed content (for the ad and landing page), when engaging with followers via an ad specifically, it is crucial to have that ad’s landing page relate directly and unequivocally to the content in the ad to reduce bounce rate and help the algorithms recognize your ad experience as a pleasant one. This strategy, along with a carefully targeted audience will not only put your message in front of those most likely to respond but will allow you to get the most from your budget.

holiday social media ideas

Toni Harrison, CEO – Etched Communication

1) Be consistent. Don’t let social media efforts fall short in the holiday rush or vacations. This may seem like a basic rule, but it’s an essential one to ensure that algorithms don’t get the better of you. Many social algorithms award users for regular, consistent posting. When you don’t keep up, your content will be less likely to appear on people’s feeds and timelines (especially if you don’t have the budget for sponsored posts), which hurts your engagement, follower count, and consequently, sales.

2) Offer value, not just sales. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, social media users are bombarded with messages about deals and sales, and it can get tiresome and seem overly “sales-y.” Zamiast, provide value and helpful information in your social messages.

If you’re a local gym, don’t solely push memberships, create posts about how to stay healthy and active during the holiday. If you’re a beauty brand, post content about how to best style looks for holiday events and parties. If you’re an auto shop, tell your followers how to maintain their cars in the cold weather.

This will help you stand out against competitors, and customers are more likely to patron your brand if they rely on you as a trusted, expert source. Plus, posts that provide value are the type of content that elicit people to like, comment and share, which will spread your visibility.

3) angażować. Social media is an engagement tool, not a digital billboard or company news board. Your online audience, customers and clients, must be involved to secure loyalty and engagement. Keep in mind, your content shouldn’t be limited to social media posts on your networks. Joining online conversations in relevant online networks and commenting on posts from your audience is also required for maximum engagement to drive visibility and sales.

holiday social media tips

Charlie Whyman – Business Development Strategist & Marketing Trainer

1) Be consistently visible – Post regular content on LinkedIn that’s of value to your ideal clients to remain in their feed and front of mind.

2) Be clear about who your ideal client is and post content aimed specifically at them – Your ideal clients are more likely to take notice and respond to your content if it is aimed at them and speaks to their challenges, pain points, and motivations.

3) Clearly articulate in your LinkedIn Profile – specifically your headline. Summarise who you serve, the outcome that you deliver and what makes you stand out from others. Ensure you add clear instructions on how to contact you if someone is interested in working with you.

4) Show your audience how you deliver value and the outcomes you offer, don’t tell people about them. Do this via case studies, video testimonials, video walkthroughs, demonstrations, images – tell real stories your ideal clients can relate to.

5) FOLLOW UP with people that send you messages and inquire about your services. So many opportunities are missed by people that don’t follow-up. Use LinkedIn messenger, pick up the phone, use different methods of communication but don’t stay silent and do nothing.

6) Address sales objections in your content using case studies and stories – if one person has an objection to buying from you (not enough time, not enough money etc…) others probably do too so using content in an open forum is an effective way of progressing people from interested to purchasing.

Rhys Jenkins – SixGun

1) People either go overboard in holidays or non-existent. The key is to keep up your current levels of activity but change your strategy and most importantly – the timings. People on holidays will use social media for slightly different reasons and for sure will use at different times.

2) Your usual best posting and engagement times will change. People will be able to check their social more often through the day as they won’t be at work, so with have more free time. You can post in between 9-5 and get more pickup than usual.

5) Target your demographic but keep it relevant to your offering. Overcrowding on events makes you stand out like a sore thumb, not a thought leader. Sometimes quieter times may give you fewer impressions, but much better engagement and interaction, as you are the big fish in the small pond.

social media holiday campaign ideas

Shane Barker – Digital Strategist

1) Focus on Holiday-Specific Products and Promotions. The more you focus your social media marketing efforts, the more likely it is to get noticed and drive conversions. Running multiple promotions and featuring anything and everything in your portfolio will dilute the message. To avoid this, you should design your holiday campaign so that it focuses on promoting the same products or promotions across all platforms. The idea is to increase the content’s reach and giving consumers multiple touch-points to interact with your holiday promotions.

2) Get Creative with Your Social Media Content. There is no lack of brand promotions and posts on social media during the holiday season. To get your content noticed, you need to think out of the box and make your posts stand out. One example is how a well-known company Starbucks not only created engaging holiday-specific content but also added a call-to-action to get sales conversions. Starbucks added a holidays Instagram highlight on their Instagram profile with a series of images and GIFs to attract audience attention. Use these tips to optimize your social media holiday campaign to get more conversions. And don’t forget to add purchase links and a clear call-to-action to your posts.

how to turn followers into leads

Alexander Sergeev, CEO – Hygger.io

Holiday posts gather more likes and shares than usual posts. Brands and visually oriented businesses may really get benefits from holiday season on social media. It’s rather important to prepare for holiday dates in advance. During these days, social networks are great channels of communication. With their help, business owners can greet their audience, manage interesting events, attract new followers, increase conversions and so on. Social media holiday activities should not become urgent one day before the holiday. Any SMM-service with postponed posting may be helpful here. I’d like to share 5 ways that may be helpful for brands that want to get more benefits on social networks before the holidays. Here they are:

1) Remind that your product is a gift If your product is good as a gift, do not hesitate to create a photoset and post cute pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.

2) Add video Any holiday is a reason to dilute the monotonous posting and publish something unusual. Many popular brands use holidays to attract followers with interesting videos, corporate films, itp.

3) Create your own corporate hashtags Many brands use them when planning posts promotion on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

4) Arrange a global social media campaign with partners It’s about any co-promotion campaign. It’s a great way to start the global social campaign.

5) Invite an influencer Popular influencers and celebrities (if you have the budget) will definitely attract likes, komentarze, shares and increase conversions from social media followers into customers

The winter holiday season is probably the most important to most businesses. It is the time when consumer spending will be at its highest, and the last chance brands and businesses have to make their quotas. That means that having a strong Social Media strategy is pivotal, especially on Instagram. We’ll give you some great ideas for marketing your brand or business during the season but before we get to that, make sure to copy and save these Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags. They will help you to get more visibility on social media and increase your chances of reaching your marketing and sales goals. Use them by clicking on the “copy” button right below the hashtags via your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

Winter Break and Winter Holiday Hashtags

#Winter #Winterbreak #Christmas #MerryChristmas #Santa #Newyear #Happynewyear #Fireworks #Cold #Snow #Family #Hanukkah #SweaterWeather#Freezing #Holidays #Noschool #SnowyDay #December #Happiness #Familytime #Snowing #Christmas2018 #Hello2019

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Winter Break and Winter Holiday

Don’t wait until November to have your holiday planned out. You need to start thinking about this way before Black Friday. This way you’re not running around like a chicken without a head.

Don’t expect Social Media to do all your selling for you. Begin to plan out newsletters, mailers, blogs, and ads as well as social media posts. An all-encompassing strategy has a much better chance to get you the results you want. Check out this article for a list of ideas on how to promote your social media offline.

Think about the offers you can provide and when you can provide them. You can kick-start your holiday selling by offering super discounts now. Black Friday before Black Friday.

Create some add-on goodies. na przykład, each time a customer shops with you before the holiday season and shares their purchase to social media, they earn points towards a super special free item (think of this like the free Turkey supermarkets give over the holidays).

Host an event to kick off the season. Maybe an Instagram Fan Only wine tasting at your restaurant. Or a free upgrade on a manicure to a customer who posts about it to their Instagram account. Keep in mind it’s all about thinking outside the box…Oprócz, when they come in for that mani, they’ll probably get a pedicure as well.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Happy Holidays.

Winter Hashtags need to make sense in the context of your messages

Swanky Monkey Garden, a popular nightlife spot understands the power of winter hashtags. Imagine yourself checking out Instagram on a cold winter day and seeing this delicious treat. Pretty enticing, dobrze?

How to reach people in a location on Instagram

Beer Snack Almanac understands how to use location hashtags along with winter break hashtags. During their NYC visit, they used hyper-local hashtags such as #newforkcity #nycfood #nycdining #grubshotsnyc #nybeer #winternyc & #bestbrewsofnyc. This will make it easier for them to be found by a target local audience and those who are interested in NYC and as such, they will increase their chances of converting them.

Come up for brands and businesses by using their hashtags on Instagram

Lina is a photographer who uses Instagram to drive traffic to her blog. She is very smart about winter hashtag use. Notice how she includes both winter hashtags as well as the hashtags for the brands of products that are featured in her image. It’s a great way to come up when people search say #UrbanOutfitters on Instagram.

How to combine brand and winter hashtags

Famed chocolatier, Godiva, is smart about pushing out their brand. Note how they use both #Godiva and #GodivaChocolate on their posts. It both teaches their audience to use the tag AND allows them control over what comes up on search. Note how while Godiva has only created around 1,000 images, there are well over one million that come up on search.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts


Now that you have a strong strategy on how to use winter break and winter holiday hashtags on Instagram, you need a tool to help you execute on this strategy. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Instagram marketing tool for teams. With Socialdraft you can:

  • Assign content creation for different accounts to different team members
  • Schedule posts to multiple Instagram accounts
  • Search Instagram for the latest posts published with a hashtag
  • Repost from Instagram to Instagram, Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • And manage all your other social media accounts on Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn and Pinterest

These features are available along with all the other social media tools that come with Socialdraft.

If you’d like to take Socialdraft for a risk-free trial, sign up now.



New Year’s Eve and New Year’s are HUGE celebration days throughout the world. The time period right before the New Year is critical to most businesses. As a rule, consumers are broke after the winter holidays and curb their spending after January 1st. This means that your last chance to capture big dollars before tax season is the New Year, right before your customers make resolutions about how they are going to save money, lose weight (so no more dinners out), and spend more time with loved ones. That’s why you need to make a strong impression before the New Year. We’ve put together a list of New Year Hashtags to help you get the most out of your Instagram posts. Copy them and save them so you can use them, then read the rest of this post for tips on how to use these hashtags to get the most out of your Instagram New Year’s marketing.

New Year Hashtags

#Newyear #Newyearseve #Newyears #Newyearsresolution #Newyears2018 #2019 #Goodbye2018 #Hello2019 #Happynewyear #Celebrate #Happynewyears #Cold #Happynewyearseve #Fireworks #Family #Holidays #Snow #Winter #Party
#Happy #Cheers #Partytime #Gifts #Presents #Snowing #Familytime #NewYearNewYou #NewYearParty

How to Get The Most Out of Your New Year Hashtags

New Year’s Eve is one of the most awaited times of the year. Especially when you or your business is located in one of the large metropolitan cities like NYC, Paris, or London. But no matter where you are, the New Year holiday will result in record-breaking social media posts AND sales.

That means your business, be it a brand, a restaurant, a gym, a hairdresser, or any other sort of business needs to be a part of this conversation in order to be relevant in the coming year. This also means that you must stand out above the chatter.

This means you can’t just tweet a “Happy New Year’s” image when the ball drops. You need to be active before the holiday AND that you need to create content that your audience will see, share and engage with so that at the end they convert to sales. Here are some ideas to do just that:

local businesses and services must use geo targeted hashtags

Combine Your New Year’s Hashtags w/ Location Tags

the NewYork_Instagram account is smart. Their core audience is made up of New Yorkers and tourists. Because of this, they use tons of location hashtags so that people who are browsing Instagram to see what’s going on in NYC can easily find them.

#NewYork #NewYorkCity #newyorker #NewYorkNewYork #NYC #nyclife #USA #America #UnitedStates #manhattan #Brooklyn #soho #eastvillage #timessquare #bigapple

Combine hashtags related to your brand or business with your New Year's Hashtags

Don’t Forget Industry Hashtags

Lacquered Bits is a smart beauty blogger. This gorgeous Instagram post has the opportunity to be discovered by people who are searching for both New Years and nail related hashtags because they used the following tags related to the nail industry: #livelovepolish #indiepolish #indienailpolish #nagellack #nailpolish #nailblogger #instanails #crueltyfree #vernisaongles #newyear #nailvarnish. You should follow their lead and include a set of hashtags related to your industry, brand, lub firma.

New Years is the perfect time for businesses to throw a party

Host a Party

This can be a real life party (great for local businesses) or virtual. Ask your community to share a picture on social media. If you are a product, ask them to include it in the pic. If you’re more of a brand, ask them to tag you in the shot. The reward can be a freebie or discount in the coming year.

Idea for New years contest

Run a Contest

The contest should be related to your brand or business. The prize should be given out on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s day and shared to social media to build excitement. Dunkin’ Donuts did this incredibly well. They asked their community to take pictures and videos wishing friends and family a happy new year. The chosen winners would have their pic shown on a billboard on Times Square during the New Year Celebration. Pretty smart, dobrze? While you may not be able to afford this kind of contest, you can come up with similar ideas that don’t break the bank.

Have coordinated, themed social media posts

This should come as no surprise. Your posts starting right after Christmas and Hanukkah should have everything to do with the New Year. Pick a palette, a constant font and work that New Year Magic until the final day. Share New Year’s tips, events, and memes.

Launch a New Social Media Account

You’ve been meaning to get on Snapchat, but you haven’t yet. Create a countdown calendar on other social media accounts to build excitement over your new endeavor. Invite fans and community to join you in your new adventure.

All in all, the best thing you can do is get your users involved. This way you can keep them engaged and keep your brand and business fresh in their minds.

How to Get The Most Out of Your New Year Hashtags & Instagram


It’s not enough to just post a beautiful picture with a great write up and perfect hashtags. These are just the basics for a solid Instagram strategy. There are a few more things you need to do in order to get the most out of your Instagram posts.

Be Consistent: Pierwszy, you need to publish on a consistent basis, daily is optimal, but if you can’t publish daily – then try to do so every other day. This will make it so you always have a chance to be seen by your audience. It will also help you with beating the Instagram feed algorithm so you don’t get pushed down the feed.

angażować: Instagram is a pull type of system. You need to get out there and find opportunities. How do you do this? Search for people creating content around your industry hashtags. Then engage them by following them, liking their posts (and if you really want to get an ROI from your efforts – comment on their posts). You will see almost immediately that your account will grow and your influence will increase.

Use A Great Instagram Tool: Socialdraft can help you to manage your Instagram accounts with ease. With Socialdraft you can:

  • Schedule Instagram Posts
  • Have multiple people work on various accounts
  • Search for posts in a particular industry
  • Schedule Reposts from Instagram to all your connected social networks
  • Manage all your other social media!

Just watch the video above to see how it works and take us for a risk-free trial of our social media calendar tool.

Thanksgiving may be the ultimate family holiday. It’s also a wonderful holiday for sports fanatics, but the ones who should rejoice at the arrival of this holiday of gluttony are social media marketers. The holiday buying season officially begins on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but you need to start thinking about how to market the holiday a long time before that. Before we give you some awesome Thanksgiving marketing tips, make sure to copy and save these Thanksgiving hashtags, they have been optimized to get you the most visibility on social media.

Instagram Thanksgiving Hashtags

Use this list of Instagram Thanksgiving Hashtags by clicking on “copy” below the hashtags on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

#Thanksgiving #Happythanksgiving #Thanksgiving2018 #Family #Familygathering #Familydinner #Foodporn #Thanksgivingbreak #Familytime #Thanksgivingeve #Thanksgivingdinner #Thanksgivingfeast #Thanksgivingselfie #Thanksgivingparade #Thankful #Thanksgivingnight #Blessed #Turkey #Foodstagram #Thanksgivinglunch #Thanksgivingpie #Givethanks #Happyfamily #Turkeyday #Pumpkinpie #Thanskgivingfun #BlackFridayay

Since your potential customers are going to be checking out coupons and Black Friday deals on Twitter, searching for the best Turkey recipe on Pinterest, and posting pictures of the family to Facebook, you need to get them engaged with your brand if you want to convert them into paying customers.

What hashtags should I use during Thanksgiving

Check out the images above. Pretty telling, dobrze? On Instagram alone, over 10 million images used Thanksgiving related words on Thanksgiving day and over 200 pictures were posted per second. This means that as people celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday you need to engage them in real time to capture their attention. On top of that, unlike the football commercials, on social media, you have the chance to engage your audience. This is powerful.

This is not just powerful for supermarkets selling turkeys, or travel companies getting families to reunite. This is for all companies since Thanksgiving marks the start of the winter holiday season.

Social Media Ideas for The Thanksgiving Holiday


Use social media to let your audience what you and your team are thankful for. Use a simple hashtag such as this and encourage them to do the same.


Collaborate with a non-profit to do something good. Encourage your community to take part. Maybe it’s a coat drive, or maybe you give 10% of your profits from Black Friday sales to a charity.


Monitor conversations around events like this so you can engage your audience. If you are a local business, monitor local events like this. If people on social media are discussing them, there is a good chance they are your potential customers. This is an easy way to find geo-targeted leads. It also works for brands like the TODAY Show. Notice how they promote their interview with the NYPD Chief of Department. They are still targeting a local audience although they are a much larger brand.

#Czarny Piątek

This is your chance. Share special deals that are exclusive to your social audience. Make them feel special.


Your customers are probably traveling for the holidays. Ask them to share a picture of them, their family, and your product. Tie this into a contest where the image with most likes gets something really special (maybe one of your top end products). Everyone else who participates gets a 20% off coupon.

How to Manage & Grow Your Instagram Account


You can’t expect to post only on major holidays and get a return on your investment. Z Instagram, you need to be consistent in posting and engaging. That means you need a tool to help you and your team with the daily tasks that are required for Instagram success.

With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule Instagram Posts
Have multiple people work on various accounts
Search for posts in a particular industry and schedule reposts to your connected social networks

Just watch the video above to see how it works and take us for a risk-free trial of our social media calendar tool.

What Else Does Socialdraft Do?

Socialdraft is more than an Instagram tool. It is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages (and one LinkedIn account) and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.

Black Friday is the start of the big retail season. In truth, the season starts way before that, and if you are a retailer or small business marketing for Black Friday you need to start thinking about your strategy way before that. Today we’ll discuss how to use Black Friday hashtags on Social Media (particularly Instagram) to build excitement and get people to buy your products. But, before we get to that, take a few seconds to copy and save the following Black Friday hashtags. They are optimized to get you the most eyeballs on your Instagram posts.

Black Friday Hashtags

#Blackfriday #Blackfriday2014 #Blackfridaysale #Blackfridayshopping #Blackfridaydeals #Socialdraft #Blackfridaybonus #ShoppingDay #Shoppingtime #Deals #Sale #Bigsale #Fashion #Shopping #ShopTilYouDrop

Let’s discuss how to use your hashtags, then we can get into some really cool ideas for you to use along with your Black Friday hashtags on your Instagram posts.

Promotional Hashtags

Sure, you’re going to use more general hashtags like the ones listed above (#Czarny Piątek), but you want to be a sniper. Czemu? Because you want to aim to get the attention of the people who are really going to come into your shop or log onto your website to buy your stuff. Również, Black Friday is a great time to brand yourself. You may not be Kohls, but you can learn from their social strategy after the holiday. O 8 months ago (Grudzień & Jan), Kohls announced a sweepstakes that became a complete social media success. They announced that people who retweeted their favorite Kohl’s ite, using the hashtags #KohlsSweepstakes or #BlackFriday could win small prizes such as tickets to the Star Wars movie, but that there would be a grand prize, a chance to win all the 30 featured gifts from their Black Friday Guide. This promotion earned them over 112,000 tweets just in the first three days. Maybe your shop can’t give away items, but you could ask customers to share their favorite item from your shop (using your branded hashtag #StoreNameSweepstakes) to either Twitter or Instagram for a discount. This helps you in two ways. Pierwszy, these people will be a marketing army sharing your merchandise to their local circle. Drugi, they will be getting a discount, so that’s pretty much a guaranteed sale. Branded Hashtags

Maybe you’re not running a promotion like the one above, and you just need to spread the word that you have the hottest item in stock. Make sure to use that branded hashtag so that you come up on the feed when people search. Otherwise, you’re not giving yourself a chance. Competitor Hashtags This one is a bit sneaky, but…all is fair in love & Biznes. Your customers may be shopping your competition. This means they may also be searching for your competition on Instagram and Twitter. Go ahead and drop their hashtag on your image. na przykład, Hollister was the number one brand on Instagram last year during Black Friday. If you sell a similar product, drop the #Hollister hashtag on your images to drive more eyes towards your products. BLACK FRIDAY INSTAGRAM POST IDEAS Update Consumers & Get Them Excited

This is a basic for social media, but something worth a reminder. Make sure you use your social networks to let potential buyers know about deals, hours, itp. Go a step further. Tease your followers a bit. Macy’s did this in 2014. They started revealing one of their best deals on a daily basis on Instagram. Great way to get your customers to come back to your account, zaangażowanie ich, and re-market them. W tym przypadku, Macy’s kept things simple with one single hashtag, #Czarny Piątek.

Create a Deal Flipbook

Use an app like PicFlow, Flipagram, or Slidemaker to create a video flipboook of the items that are on deal, something like a 10 for $10 with the discount code at the end so that you can get your customers excited about those #blackfriday deals.

Offer Instagram Exclusive Deals

Tell your customers to follow you on Instagram and DM you for special deals and coupons for the Black Friday holiday.

Create an @tag Referral Program

Ask followers to tag a friend to get a DM with a special discount code. This will make it so their friends come in and tag their friends allowing you to capture more leads.

Run a Hashtag Giveaway

Ask your community to post a photo the week before Black Friday and to add your custom Black Friday Hashtag to it. Then you can pick one or multiple winners from the submissions. Make the prize something exciting and worthwhile so you get good participation. Each picture is a proof of purchase & a free piece of advertising.



Now that you have your Black Friday Hashtags, you need to take care of a few more things. Instagram recently implemented an algorithm that penalizes accounts that aren’t consistent and don’t get too much engagement. Socialdraft is an Instagram tool you can use to help you with getting an ROI from your Instagram account.

Engage Your Customers

This may sound counter intuitive, but some brands and businesses will be able to pull this off. There tends to be some fatigue around Black Friday. People do get tired of all commercialized nature of the Black Friday holiday. Businesses who take the time to listen to their community and engage them in real-time chat have a lot to gain in the long run. This is something you should do on a regular basis. Just search a hashtag that is related to your business and like the posts & follow the content creator. This acts as a reverse link. They’ll want to check out who you are and follow you.

Monitor Your Brand

You need to listen. It is probably the most important skill of Social Media. So take a few minutes per day to check out what is being said about your business on Social Media. These opportunities could not come around again, so you want to be especially vigilant around the holiday. You can use a tool like Socialdraft to stay abreast of your business mentions.

If someone mentions you or the products you are selling, make sure to take time to like, Komentarz, and engage. You show that your brand is human and that it cares.


How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages (and one LinkedIn account) and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.


Before Socialdraft became a social media scheduling calendar tool for teams, we were a ragtag bunch doing social media for clients (we still offer managed services to our enterprise clients). We started small with local clients like restaurants and ended up handling multinational clients and governmental entities. It was pretty cool…most of the time. From time to time an issue would arise with a client. Oczywiście, we wanted them happy so we did what we could, sometimes this worked for us, other times it turned out to be a mistake. So today, we want you to learn from our mistakes and give you our tips on how to deal with common client issues and complaints so that you can reduce churn and have a much happier work experience.

How to Deal with Common Social Media Client Issues

Preventing Client Issues

Preventing these issues is usually the best thing to do. The majority of times, we found that issues happen because the client is not educated in Social Media. No, they are not stupid, it’s just that the nature of social changes all the time. So, in order to educate your clients, you are going to set up a drip email campaign. The first one is to let them know you are there if they have questions. Then every week, you’ll send an email with common questions about the industry, or questions that former or current clients have already asked. Chances are if current clients asked, new clients will ask too. This will keep you in your client’s minds and head them off at the pass with common issues.


The second reason is that they may not be aware of all the work you are doing. So, each week you will send a growth report (if you use Socialdraft, you can pull these as often as you want and there’s no extra charge) and include an email that outlines what you have done for the week as well as any milestones you’ve hit. na przykład, when you reach your first 1,000 targeted Instagram followers, or when you make a connection with a powerful industry blogger on Twitter. Anything that you achieve needs to be included in this email. You need to boast about all the amazing things you are doing for them. Don’t be shy on this respect.

They bring in a consultant or “assistant”

Our team was pretty darn thorough. We had SEO’s, PPC’s, SMM’s, web devs, Projektanci, you name it – we had it. When we brought on a few of our larger clients, they wanted a separate consultant on the accounts (nice that they had that kind of money – in retrospect, we should have charged them more). There were various issues with these extra people:

  1. More bureaucracy & meetings
  2. Intellectual property issues
  3. Contract security

Zasadniczo, if your client brings on someone new, you’ll have to defend your ideas more, you’ll have to worry that they may steal or take credit for your ideas, and they may want to slowly steal your business. If you are smart, you can spin all this in your favor.

The first thing you need to do is build a solid relationship with people on all teams. You need to show that you are irreplaceable and that you can become a partner to outside consultants. Craft a report for your client to show them everything that you have achieved before the arrival of the new team member or consultant. You want to do this so there is a baseline of where you are at.

Secondly, don’t be combative. This will not help. Introduce yourself to the new parties, be friendly, and be open about having communications with them. Let it be known that you are ready to work with them so that your client can get the best of both worlds. You’re building a trust relationship between all three parties.

Then discuss with your client exactly what the responsibilities of each party are. Tell them that you just want to have everything outlined so that you don’t step on any toes and so that there is no confusion in the future. This will put your client in the position of having to clearly outline these and will make you look very organized.

Then, work with the new party. They’re probably in the same spot as you. They are probably worried that you’re going to be combative or that you’re going to block their efforts. You never know if this person may become a great referral of new business. You don’t have to be their bestie, but you can have a great working relationship. It is your duty to work for the best interest of your client and this may be a fantastic way for you to get results and show just how good you are at teamwork.

Pick up a tool like Socialdraft which has team capabilities. Everyone can have their own log-in and different permissions. This makes it easy to be transparent without having to worry that someone is going to mess with your work product. You can even set up your client and their consultant up with guest accounts. That gives them access to their content and lets them leave notes, but not make any changes.

Your Client Acts Like Your Enemy

You’ve been working your tush off for your client. They’re getting great Facebook organic reach without any ads. Then, suddenly, you get an email from your client asking why their competitor has 50,000 Fani. Or maybe they accuse you of breaking their website (when what they have is a virus on their computer). They start sending nasty emails, asking for the impossible and in CAPS none the less.

You need to take control and you’re going to do this with communication and numbers. Going forward, you’ll be sending them weekly reports that include your growth, demographics (you can automate this with Socialdraft), and include an email with the attachment that tells them some awesome milestones (like that time Alyssa Milano retweeted them and broke their site). You’re going to explain to them how their competitor’s 50,000 fans mean nothing because their posts get no likes and that your demographics are all within their city or state. The idea here is not to give them a chance to question anything.

If you’ve already done this, the issue may not be you. They could be having problems with their spouse, maybe it’s low season and money is tight. Ultimately, you’re dealing with a human being and we’re all flawed. Ask them to hop on a video call so that you can discuss their concerns (we use Zoom and love it!). Seeing your face will help more than an email or a call.

Your Client Thinks They’re Smarter Than You

One day you wake up to check your analytics and you see 5,000 new followers from Bangladesh. Or your client keeps liking the page’s Facebook posts (not even as themselves, but as the pages). They ignore everything you say and are taking images from Google and posting them without telling you along with a link to their site. You’re freakin’ out.

You have to say something. Yes, it will be a difficult situation, but you’re a pro and you know how to handle this respectfully. Let your client know that they brought you on because you have experience and because you care about their success. Show them numbers, go into analytics and show them the results of their experiments. Explain to them that you’re doing this because you are looking out for their ROI. If they fail, you fail and your goal is to make them winners. If they still won’t listen, twist things around a bit. Say something like, maybe we can work this another way…and come up with a way 😉

Your client wants more, but they don’t want to pay for it

Your client hired you just to post to Facebook, but not to grow their audience. You took them on with the clear stipulation on exactly what the job was. They like your posts, but now they want you to grow their account and get more clicks to their website. You can do these things, but they require more time, planning and engagement. That means time and you need to get paid for your time. You quote your client and they don’t want to pay more.

Explain to the client that these things take time. Because of the time requirements, there is an extra charge, but these changes will result in an ROI which you will include in your reporting. And next time you quote them (even for a small project) include the costs of these extras in the contract and add them in as an on-request basis. This way they know that if they want something new there is a cost attached.

Your client wants you to do something illegal

Maybe your client has no time to send you pictures and asks you to “borrow” from Google. Then they demand that you leave positive Yelp reviews for their business (or worse, buy fake Yelp reviews).

Even if the request seems small, if it is illegal, you cannot comply. This is your reputation and your business. Start off by telling your client you’re not sure about the legality of their request. Suggest that you do a quick Google search to check on that.

If they insist that you partake in this illegality, ask them why they are interested in doing this. If you understand their desires, you may be better able to suggest something else that is legal and effective.

Ultimately, if they keep pushing. Just say no. Lawsuits just aren’t worth it.

How to Manage your Social Media Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Dashboard that helps you manage multiple Social Media Accounts. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages (and one LinkedIn account) and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Keep an eye on your online reputation and easily share the good news to social
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft and any of its features, just click this powiązanie. If you’re ready to take us for your risk-free trial, simply Kliknij tutaj to find the perfect plan for you.

Makeup and beauty make sense on Instagram, it is, after all a social network focused on the visual. This is both a blessing and a curse. While it is the perfect social network for make up artists, shops, and vloggers to promote themselves, there are tons of people on there who are competing against you and working to steal your audience. You don’t have to fret. dzisiaj, we’ll discuss the top Instagram Makeup and Beauty Hashtags to use and how to incorporate them into your Instagram strategy so you don’t just gain followers, but make money. Before you read on, take a few seconds to copy the Makeup and Beauty Hashtags below (just click the “copy” przycisk) and then save them into your phone. These will be the building blocks of your Instagram strategy.

#Makeupartist #Makeupaddict #Makeupjunkie #Makeuplover #Makeupforever #Makeupbyme #Makeupmafia Makeupmurah #Makeupoftheday #Makeuplook #Mascara #Makeupgeek #Makeuplovers #Instamakeup #Instamakeupartist #Makeupporn #Makeupobsessed #Beauty #Eyeliner #Makeupfanatic1 #Eyeshadow #Lipgloss #Makeuptalk #Makeuptutorial #Makeuplove

How to Use Makeup and Beauty Hashtags for Instagram

Think of Instagram as a miniature Google that is growing by the millisecond. Just like Google uses keywords for SEO, Instagram has its own version: hashtags. When you use hashtags, you need to think like an SEO. Is this hashtag going to get me found, and who is it going to get me found by. If the hashtag is not relevant (#followforfollow) or not targeted, the answer is no. Think about it, when someone hops on Instagram and searches #lipstick, they are probably looking for new ideas for a purchase.

RELATED ARTICLE: Lipstick Hashtags

That’s a pretty good person to attract. If you sell or promote lipstick and you are not using that hashtag, you won’t be found. The only people who can get away with not using hashtags, or only using one or two hashtags are celebs like the Kardashians. This is not the time to worry about looking cool. Know what’s cool…making money…and you know how you’re going to make money, by being found. So use all 30 hashtags that Instagram allows you to use. Now that you have the basics on how to use makeup and beauty hashtags, let’s get down to business.

Industry Specific Versus General Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

The hashtags you copied above aren’t going to get you where you need to go. Czemu? These are general hashtags. They are used quite often. This means that you won’t stay on top of the feed because of the number of posts that utilize these hashtags. Powiedział, że jest, you want to give yourself a chance to reach the millions of people who are searching this type of content on Instagram, so you still want to use them. What you need to do is mix these with more focused hashtags. So, while you will want to keep #lipstick (13 million posts as of today) as part of your hashtag kit, you will also want to add more specific hashtags to draw an audience that is interested in exactly what you are offering. Think #MatteLipstick. This hashtag currently has 463K posts attached to it. This is a perfect hashtag for you. It has enough visibility to get you a decent number of eyes, but it is not too large that you get lost. It also gets you a more targeted audience. These people aren’t just looking for lipstick, they are looking for matte lipstick. You’ve just upped your chances of engagement and of making a sale. If you keep your targeted hashtags between 100k-600k you will be giving yourself the best chance at being seen by the right people.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

These are extremely important if you are a makeup artist, salon, or local shop. While it is nice to get likes, you want to get likes that convert. That means you need likes from people who can either hire you or drop by your place of business. Say you’re a makeup artist in New York City. You want to attract people in New York. You will want to use geo-targeted hashtags to give yourself a chance of being found when people search by location tags. You would want to use hashtags like #NYCmakeupArtist #NY #NYC #Manhattan #NewYork #NewYorkCity #BigApple #EastSide #MurrayHill #MidtownEast. Notice we’ve covered general location, location nicknames, and neighborhoods. These will change according to your location, Oczywiście. Love that K used location and actually tagged the location on the post. That is smart Instagramming. Trending Hashtags


? #Regram from @bopmappy interviewing @ArianaGrande in Tokyo, Japan! #VIVAGLAM #MACAidsFund #MACCosmetics A photo posted by M∙A∙C Cosmetics (@maccosmetics) on

Say #AriannaGrande is trending. This is when you want to create content utilizing her shades of Viva Glam. Make sure that you tag it #AriannaGrande #VivaGlam #MACcosmetics so that you can take advantage of this trending item. You can do the same with events such as the Oscars, Mother’s Day and lots more.

Branded Makeup and Beauty Hashtags

Instagram is the place to brand yourself. You need to come up with a branded hashtag and then educate your clients and audience to use that hashtag to help you grow your brand. Take Pat McGrath who uses the tag #makeupbypatmcgrath. Pat has created 1,900 pieces of content, yet the hashtag has been used 6,000 czasy. That means that around 4,000 people have become Pat’s personal marketing army. And Pat’s army includes professionals like Samuel Harrison who has a following of 34k. What does this tell you? Start to collaborate with others in your industry, help each other out. It’s an easy way to grow your following and credibility. [fve]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjd6OBgGD94[/fve] Once you’ve got a hand on this, you can run a regram campaign. Change your profile so that it states that those who use your hashtag have a chance to be featured on your account. This will help you with content creation and engagement. Monitor the hashtags, and use a system like Socialdraft to repost those posts. With our dashboard, you can repost to not just Instagram, but also Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Product Hashtags


#MasterPaletteByMario x #anastasiabeverlyhills ? swatches with MAC fix+ sprayed over them. ?? A video posted by Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) on

Using a well-recognized name helps. Just like you would talk about the products you use when you’re working with a customer, you will want to start the exact same conversation on Instagram. Check out how Mario Dedivanovic has used #anastasiabeverlyhills as a hashtag. It is his way to communicate that he uses their products and to connect with their fans. Go beyond a hashtag. If you are using and promoting someone’s products in this way, make sure you @tag them as well. This way they will receive a notification and hopefully (if they are smart Instagram marketers), they will like, comment on and share your post.

Post Daily, engage and reshare content.


If you’re not posting daily (or at least consistently) on Instagram, you’re going to lose followers. It is also possible that since each day off is equivalent to fewer interactions that the algorithm will kick in and you’ll drop in the feed. This means that you should be using an Instagram scheduling tool like Socialdraft to schedule to Instagram on a daily basis. This will keep you consistent and growing on a consistent basis.

Now that you have your starter list of Makeup and Beauty Hashtags for Instagram and an entire technique on how to use them, it’s time for you to get out there and slay.

How to Manage your Instagram Account

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages (and one LinkedIn account) and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Keep an eye on your online reputation and easily share the good news to social
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft and any of its features, just click this powiązanie. If you’re ready to take us for your risk-free trial, simply Kliknij tutaj to find the perfect plan for you.

Social media is a complicated thing. It can get even more complicated when you throw people into the mix; interns, employees, outsourcers, and even clients. z Socialdraft, a social media tool for teams will make it easy for all of you to work together to achieve your social media marketing goals.

Features of Socialdraft, A Social Media Tool for Teams

Compatible with The Major Social Networks

Socialdraft is not just a Social Media tool for teams. Socialdraft allows you to work on the major social networks including:

  • Strony Facebook
  • LinkedIn business pages
  • Twitter Konta
  • Rachunki Instagram
  • Deski pinterest

Set Different Permissions for Different Users

There are various types of users you can set up on Socialdraft. Let’s break that down:

Admins: This is the person that set up the account, he/she has access to all features, settings, and billing information.

  • Dodaj & delete social media profiles
  • Assign tasks to others
  • Download content calendars as PDF
  • Edit billing options
  • Create & delete sub-users
  • Create campaigns & Kategorie
  • Add/delete or edit the Bit.ly URL Shortener
  • Populate calendars
  • Change timezones
  • Upload bulk content via CSV

Managers: Managers can create, schedule, and reschedule content for the social networks the account admin assigns to them. They can also (if given access by account owners):

  • View, generate and download reports.
  • Work on Instagram (Poszukiwanie, lubić, follow, unfollow)
  • Use the all-in-one inbox (view, lubić, Prześlij dalej, and comment)
  • Approve sub-user posts
  • Filter on the content & task calendars
  • Bulk upload via CSVs

Sub-Users: Admins can decide what social networks and features this type of user has access to (All-In-One Skrzynka odbiorcza, and the Instagram engagement tools). Sub-users can also be set up so that their posts require approval before they publish. This is a great feature for interns, outsourcers, and new team members. Subusers on Socialdraft can:

  • Schedule social media content
  • Engage on the All-in-One Inbox
  • Use the Instagram engagement tools

Guests: The guest role is for those of you who have clients that want a little more input. You can add a guest user to have access to just certain content calendars. Guests won’t be able to schedule, edit or publish content, but they are able to leave comments and feedback on said posts.

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Social Media Tool for Teams


Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool for teams. z Socialdraft, you and the rest of your social media team can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages, and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If your interest in Socialdraft is piqued, take us for a risk-free trial. If you find we’re not the right fit for you and your team, cancel before the trial period is over. It’s that easy.

Want to take Socialdraft for a trial, Kliknij tutaj.


One of the most important things that you can do as a modern marketer is fall in love with something that direct response marketers have loved ever since the early 1900’s – the ability to measure your marketing and its impact: to test, tweak, and modify your marketing until you get the kind of conversion rate you’re happy with!

Niestety, a lot of otherwise smart and savvy business owners really aren’t all that comfortable with marketing OR measuring – and that’s why most have absolutely no idea about KPIs for social media reports or which KPIs to pay attention to and give the most weight to.

Obviously, that’s going to be a big problem – especially considering just how competitive today’s online marketplace really is. If you’re not measuring your results, you won’t be able to replicate the things that work…and revamp those that don’t.

Pay attention to all of the inside information we are able to share with you below and you’ll begin to understand EXACTLY which KPIs to include in your social media reports and which ones to really lean on when you want to know how well your social media campaigns are doing!

How to Measure Social Success

Have clear goals

You can’t measure success unless you have goals…good goals. A goal is not “become popular on Instagram”. Here are a few examples of good social media goals:

  • Increase click through to my website from Social Media to 30% during Q1
  • Increase click through to my website from Twitter by 15% in the next 3 months
  • Get 15 influencers to share my content during the first week of my social contest
  • Increase social media sales by 10% YOY
  • Increase my targeted (meaning either geo-targeted people who fit your target demographic) przez 20% by year’s end

Note these goals have very specific number goals. All these goals should also include a time period.

Your followers and fans numbers are critical

One of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you’re going to want to pay a lot of attention to is the number of followers and fans that you have on your social media platform.

Before you get overly excited, you need to make sure that the current following you have is real and targeted. Czemu? Because these followers don’t convert. Sure, those big numbers look nice, but fake or untargeted followers will mess up your ROI.

Click here to learn how to tell if the followers your brand has are fake

You need to be able to market and advertise to real people, so once you have made sure your following is real and targeted, you need to work on building a stronger, bigger follower base. A HUGE note here. Not every business needs to be at 100,000 lub 1 million followers. You should be measuring:

  • Twitter followers
  • facebook lubi
  • Instagram followers
  • Pinterest followers

What matters is the money that ends up on in your bank account…which leads us to the next social media success indicator:

Engagement KPIs are KEY

You really need to pay attention to engagement KPIs that include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

kliknięć: How many people click through on your social media posts (use a URL shortener like Bitly – they’re Socialdraft compatible).

komentarze: This is one of my favorite measurements. If people take time to comment on your social media posts, this means they are really invested in your brand. Pro tip – ask questions to increase your comments on your social media posts.

Retweets: Retweets are awesome. It’s a very simple metric. How many people on Twitter have “forwarded” your tweet on their feed to their network of followers. Retweets give you a chance to be seen by that person’s entire Twitter circle who may, in turn, share it as well and even follow you. Retweets will usually (but not always include an “RT” at the beginning of the post, but will always include the retweet icon. The more retweets you get, the better.

Social mentions: If you are being @mentioned by others on Social Media, you should rejoice. The more mentions of your brand or business on social media (unless you’ve just been involved in a snafu) is a great thing. Keep an eye on the conversations that mention your company, this will give you a better idea of reach.

Social shares: You want your content to be shared all over social media. Think of each social share as a link to your content. The more shares, the better. Just as with retweets, they increase the chance that your article or message will be seen (and that an action may be taken) by the sharer’s social circle.

Website Traffic:

How to get social media analytics from google

If you have not already set up Google Analytics, you need to. They can get pretty complicated, but we’re going to give you a simple place to get started. Once you have done set up your Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > społeczny > Network Referrals. This will show you how much traffic each social network is sending to your website.

Conversions: This (IMHO) is the most important metric. When you put out social media posts, does your audience do what you want them to? This is super important…but first you need to understand what makes up a conversion…sure, a conversion can be a sale, but it can also be:

  • a click thru
  • a registration for a webinar
  • a pdf download (in exchange for an email address)
  • a newsletter sign up

So make sure that you have a goal for each of your social media posts and that you measure the conversions on each of these calls to actions.

Sales: Speaking of conversions…this is the ultimate conversion, a monetary transaction. Each time you sell something (be it a physical product, service, or membership) – make sure you track where that sale came from organic traffic, paid traffic, or social media. If you’re noticing a decent number of sales from Social Media, then you’re doing a-ok.

Social Media Reporting

If you’re just getting started in social media, you may not have the time to do this all by yourself. Socialdraft offers great reporting (with white label options – so you can remove our branding and add your own) that includes all the basics to get you started on reporting including:


Facebook: Total Fans, New Fans, Unlikes, Top Views, page Impressions, and gender impressions, page views, post reach, impression demographics by age and gender, top country and top cities

Świergot: Overall followers, times you have been listed, ulubionych, daily interactions, twitter mentions, and audience demographics by age and gender

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

These engagement details are of the utmost importance to track because they are going to let you know just how well you are resonating with your market, at least from a social media standpoint.

These are the KPIs to include in your social media reports when you want to really understand how effective your marketing is, how much you understand about your target market, and what you can do to better improve your marketing moving forward.


How to Manage your Social Media Accounts

Socialdraft is an all-in-one Dashboard that helps you manage multiple Social Media Acccounts. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Pages (and one LinkedIn account) and Pinterest Boards
Schedule posts individually, as recurring posts, or bulk upload them as CSV
Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
Download content calendars as PDF
Keep an eye on your online reputation and easily share the good news to social
Find content on Instagram and easily schedule reposts not just to Instagram but to all other social networks
Engage on Twitter, Facebook, i LinkedIn
Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft and any of its features, just click this powiązanie. If you’re ready to take us for your risk-free trial, simply Kliknij tutaj to find the perfect plan for you.

Isn’t it amazing how social media has evolved? It started what seems like ages ago with Geocities in 1994. Then, Friendster hit the waves followed by the ever-famous MySpace. dzisiaj, we’ve seen the rise and fall of Google+, Vevo and so many more…but there are a few social networks that have outlasted the rest: Facebook, Świergot, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest seem to have the strongest staying power. IF you are just jumping on board and need to quickly build your Social Media following, read on. We’ll give you some tried and true techniques so you can not just grow a following, but grow a following that is targeted and converts.

24 Tips to Quickly Build Your Social Media Following

Social Media is the New ”World of Mouth”

You had to know things were changing when Beyonce skipped traditional press to launch her new album on social media. She skipped the middle man and went directly to her fans and followers…and she killed it! How much did she slay? Let’s take a look:

* It sold 828,773 copies in 3 dni

* Twitter reported 1.2 million Tweets in 12 hours

* It was the largest single week ever in the Apple iTunes store

* It was iTunes fastest selling album worldwide

But Social Media Takes Time & Consistency

Those who expect to go on a social media site and become an overnight success should expect to be disappointed.

Success on social media requires strategy, consistency, and persistence. It also requires diversification. Relying on only one network can really be risky. Snapchat’s fans recently rebelled. What would happen if that was your only marketing channel?

Facebook Growth Tactics

Hate to confirm what you already know, but growing organically on Facebook is a more difficult task by the day. It is evolving into a pay-to-play dashboard, but that does not mean that you can’t win on Facebook.

You’re going to have to get creative. Let’s look at some ideas to help you game engagement and reach that ever elusive targeted audience:

Run contests

Contests are exciting ways to bring engagement to your Facebook page. Just remember that people have content fatigue, so that fee piece of pie at the end of a meal is not going to get people excited. Make your prize truly amazing. Collaborate with other related businesses to make the prize something to get really excited about.

Provide premium content

This means creating content outside of regular Facebook posts. Think about creating a free e-book, a really cool video, or some sort of content to provide a value to your audience.

Activate a Facebook Plugin on your blog or website

Blogging and website platforms like WordPress have a range of Facebook like plugins. Activate these plugins to launch once someone has been on your site for about 30 seconds to a minute. If they are there that long, it means they are interested in your content. Launching them too early will probably make them click off page and hurt your time on page. When executing this tactic, always remember to keep a balance between capturing that like so you can retarget & keeping people on the page.

Create Inspiring Content

Test to see what content will drive “likes.” Oftentimes this can be inspirational content. Back in the day, images of Inspirational quotes would do, but these are trite now. Create a powerful video and upload it directly to Facebook to get the most engagement and shares possible.

Engage Your Audience

If there is anything you can do (outside of paid reach) to grow your audience is to engage. Respond to comments, Ale na tym nie kończą. Get out to pages that cater to your audience and comment and like their posts. Each comment is like Facebook link building, it gives people another way to reach your page.

Mobile optimization

Include like buttons on your mobile app and website so that when people they are using your app or perusing your website they can like your Facebook page


Run ad campaigns and promote posts. Facebook has some of the best targeting options (outside of Google), so if you target properly you can grow an audience that converts.

Use Pop-Ups

Especially after videos on your site. Once people have watched a video, prompt them to like your Facebook page. It’s a great way to get more likes.

Twitter Growth Strategies

Twitter plays by its own rules. It recently discarded its 140 character limit and has become a political battleground. Many poo-poo Twitter and say it’s over. We love it and we convert lots of users on the dashboard. It gives you a direct way to reach your audience, so if you’ve been ignoring the network, perhaps it is time you give it another try. Let’s discuss how to grow a targeted following on your Twitter account:

Optimize Your Bio

Take time to make sure your profile and “Bio” are to the point. Use keywords to attract followers in your niche.

Tweet, Tweet A Lot

Tweet more often. The timeline is always moving and your audience will be on at all different times. This is one network where more is more. We tweet around 10-15 razy dziennie.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are Twitter SEO tools. They are a great way to get found and to expand your tweet visibility.

Use a Scheduling Tool Like Socialdraft

Schedule and automate tweets. We recommend 80% lead & influencer content followed by 20% of your content split between evergreen & promotional. Spend the rest of your time engaging.

Share Plenty Of Influencer Content

Make lists of influencers. Share their content via scheduled posts and retweets. Always include an @mention so they get a notification whenever you share. This is a great way to start up a conversation.

Take Part in Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a fantastic way to reach your target audience. Join some, or start one of your own.

Find New Followers

Twitter will suggest followers according to those you follow and engage. This is an underused tool you should take advantage of.

Tweet Valuable Content

Don’t bore your audience by always tweeting about yourself. Think about their problems and craft your tweets so they are the answer to their problems. If you can provide a value to your Twitter audience, your account will grow.

Cross Promote

Promote your Twitter account everywhere. Make sure it’s visible on your website, business cards, and that you cross-promote on other social networks.

Instagram Growth Techniques

Who knew Instagram would become the fastest growing social network. Its simplicity (and the Facebook team’s strategy) have grown this network exponentially. jednak, this means that there’s a ridiculous amount of competition. You need to work smart and consistently to grow your Instagram account. Let’s dive in:

Use a Scheduling Tool

It’s easy to forget to post to Instagram, use an Instagram scheduler like Socialdraft to make sure you post consistently.


I cannot stress the importance of engagement. You can have gorgeous images, but if you don’t get out there and engage you’re not going to grow your Instagram account. Engage on hashtags, location, and on followers of your competition.

Run contests outside of Instagram

No matter what network, contests are a great way to gain followers. Run your contests on Instagram and promote them on all other social media. Think about running a repost campaign. This way your community creates the content and helps you share it to their audience. Socialdraft has a great repost tool on the dash to make this easier for you.

Display Instagram Your Site

There are fantastic plugins that allow you to display your Instagram feed on your site. It’s a fantastic visual tool to help you capture people who visit your site so you can remarket them later.

How to Manage & Build Your Social Media Following


Sure, you can do this all manually, but there are tools out there to make this easier for you. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media tool for teams. z Socialdraft, możesz:

  • Schedule posts to multiple Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram & Twitter Konta, LinkedIn Business Pages, and Pinterest Boards
  • Harmonogram Gify z Facebook i Twitter
  • Have multiple people create and post content w/ different permissions
  • Search Instagram hashtags, and repost to all connected social media.
  • Engage on Facebook, Świergot, and LinkedIn via the feed
  • Manage your online reputation
  • Przypisywanie zadań członkom zespołu
  • i wiele więcej

Ready to check us out? Sign up for your risk-free trial!!!


I’m a huge fan of podcasts. They are the one place where I can get information without distractions. I listen to podcasts daily for an hour or two. The first hour while I walk my dog and the second on the elliptical at the gym. Since this time is so limited, I am quite choosy about what social media podcasts I listen to. The following list is a combination of my favorites, that of our staff, and those that are loved by the members of our social media managers group on Facebook. If you think I missed one that is essential listening, leave a comment so I can check it out.

The Best Social Media Podcasts

The best thing about podcasts for all of us in Social Media is that they are available to us anytime we want them, and that they come with no interruptions. You can fully concentrate on them while you do passive activities which means that you will probably get much more out of them than say a blog post…

So whether you’re interested in learning more about marketing your brand by listening to podcasts, or possibly want to create a podcast of your own, here is a list of podcasts we really like with descriptions and links to subscribe on iTunes. These were selected not because they are 100% dedicated to Social Media, but because they discuss items that will make you well rounded and give you an edge in this incredibly competitive field. Enjoy.

The podcast from social media agency Casual Fridays


Social Media Social Hour

What we liked about this podcast is that the host, Tyler, talk with brands and influencers to discuss all aspects of digital marketing. They give you actionable strategies to test out and plenty of tips to improve your social media marketing. Darmowy

Chris Barrows hosts Why I Social

Why I Social

If you are looking for real-life examples of agencies and brands doing social media the right way, this is it. It’s simple, accessible, and it’s Darmowy.

a valuable social media podcast

Art of Paid Traffic

As Social Media becomes more of a pay to play field, it becomes more and more important to keep abreast of the things that work when it comes to advertising. Rick Mulready’s podcast will make you a much better digital advertiser.

A good podcast for new social media managers

The Digital Entrepreneur

This social media podcast is fantastic if you are just starting to ramp up your social media business. It brings you business tips, tactics, stories and strategies on some vital aspect of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Darmowy

Freakonomics is a great podcast


While Freakonomics Radio is not a social media podcast, this award-winning podcast hosted by Stephen Dubner is a great way to keep us thinking outside the box. Highly recommended for keeping up on what’s going on in the world too. Darmowy

Jay Baer's podcast is good for those looking to do social selling

Jay Baer, Social Pros

Jay Baer is a digital marketing strategist, speaker and New York Times best-selling author. He founded Convince & Convert in 2008. Baer helps you get better at social media and content marketing through
audits, the creation of strategic plans, workshops, and coaching, setting up and configuring metrics and tracking.

A good social media podcast for beginners

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is a podcast that covers both classic and new marketing. Your hosts, John Wall and Christopher Penn, record the show in a local coffee shop every week and publish the show on Thursday mornings. Because it’s a podcast, you can download the shows and listen to them whenever you want. Each show is about 20 minutes long and is filled with the kinds of marketing tips and tricks that you can only get out of casual conversation outside of the office.

A great marketing podcast

Six Pixels of Separation

Six Pixels of Separation podcast offers marketing and communication insights. Mitch Joel, journalist, publicist, and president of Twist Image, a digital marketing agency, explores the complex world of digital marketing and social media with the perspective of a digital marketing agency. Joel’s blog and podcast focus on the intersection of digital marketing and personal branding.

The best social media marketing podcast is by Social Media Examiner

Social Media Marketing Michael Steltzner

The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. Each episode includes social media success stories, interviews with industry experts and tips from Michael on how to improve your social media marketing.

Bobby Montoya of Social Ubiquity loves the Social Media Marketing podcast. He said “I like the information about Branding. I have subscribed to them for a long time now and experiment with some of the advise they give. Branding is huge when your agency or company is trying to make a name for itself and build credibility. We had to rebrand our agency as we are phasing out from Rock Coconut to Social Ubiquity. But making these changes were not that bad as we follow some advice from Social Media Examiner and personally write them for additional insight.”

Britt Michaelean's podcast is great for Social media managers

The Mass Amplify Show

This weekly podcast gives you an insider’s view of the world’s top authors, influencers, entrepreneurs, speakers and business leaders who have achieved success by working with their audience to amplify their message. Episodes run 30 minutes and have included people such as Jen Groover, Bryan Kramer, Porter Gale, and Ted Rubin. Each guest is prompted by Brit to share tips to help budding entrepreneurs to become successful. They also chat about tech and marketing trends.

We kept hearing from you that you sometimes wanted to work on a social media post over the course of a longer period of time. We listened and have just released Socialdraft Draft Posts.

Draft Posts allow you to work on a social media post over the course of a day, Tydzień, rok, or as long as you want. This is great if you have special events coming up or new launches, but aren’t sure of the final specifics.

Simply craft the post just like you would a regular post, but set it as draft in your Queue. It will show in your calendar and the Socialdraft Queue.

How to Schedule Socialdraft Draft Posts


  1. Click on a Spot on the calendar (the day you want the post to publish)
  2. Enter your write up
  3. Select an image from the link or add a custom image
  4. Select either a social network or campaign
  5. Select a category (optional)
  6. Choose the time you want this to publish
  7. Click “Save as Draft”

How to Find Socialdraft Draft Posts

  1. Refresh the calendar
  2. Click on Filtering options
  3. Click on Posts
  4. Choose “Draft” as status
  5. Filter by “Network”
  6. Filter by “Account”
  7. Your draft posts will show up

Edit Your Socialdraft Draft Posts

  1. Click on the post you want to edit
  2. From here you can change all sorts of things including the write-up, date and time, obraz, itp.

Hope you enjoy this latest feature. If you’re ready to take Socialdraft for a spin, go ahead, we offer a risk-free trial.

What Else Does Socialdraft Do?

Socialdraft is an all-in-one social media tool for teams. With Socialdraft you can:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook pages, LinkedIn Strony, Świergot & Rachunki Instagram & Deski pinterest
  • You can schedule one-time, recurring, or duplicate posts
  • You can categorize your content to easily find it
  • You can download your content calendar as PDF
  • You can give access to different people on your team and set different permissions for them
  • You can engage your community
  • You can pull reports
  • You can schedule Instagram reposts
  • and tons more!

Baseball would be a very boring game if the score was not kept. Same thing goes for social media. There’s Klout. But, is Klout Score a Good Measurement of Your Social ROI? Klout ranks its users by using social media analytics to come up with a “Klout Score”. The score can be as small as 1 and as large as 100. To give you a better idea of what the scores mean, here are a few people and their respective scores:

Various examples of famous people klout

The hilarious George Takei wins the internet with a 90 Klout Score. Michelle Obama does quite well at a solid 88 Klout Score, and French Chef Eric Ripert holds sway over his audience with a 67 Klout score.

Social networks that Klout measures

How is Klout Calculated?

The Klout score algorithm takes over 400 factors into consideration when calculating someone’s Klout score. The site looks at the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Świergot
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Foursquare
  • Klout
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress.com
  • Blogger
  • Flickr
  • Foursquare
  • Last.fm
  • Pinterest
  • Yammer
  • Youtube

What Klout really measures is your level of influence on your fans and followers. When you speak, do they listen, do they click through, do they engage with you.

How to Improve your Klout score



Is Klout a Good Measurement of Your Social ROI?

Yes and no. Klout is flawed, but it is an easy way to get a quick view into your social media presence. If you start to see a drop in your Klout, then you need to do a deep dive into your social media analytics to see where you are going wrong. Powiedział, że jest, Klout is no longer taken seriously. Serious marketers will look at other ways to measure effectiveness. Klout can be gamed by purchasing followers or retweets, na przykład. Zamiast, you should focus on more serious metrics such as social CTR, engagements, itp. If you are looking to find out if someone is a genuine influencer, click here for our tutorial on how to find social media influencers.

Ways to Increase your Score

All that being said, it can’t hurt you to have a higher Klout score. Here are a few ways to increase your Klout score:

1. Connect: Start off by connecting all the social networks that Klout measures. This gives Klout way more data to work with.

2. Oddziaływać: Create a network of people to interact with. Select people who are in the same area you want to become influential about. If you are a winery, interact with wine writers. If you are a restaurant, interact with other local businesses and food bloggers in your geo targeted area.

3. Content is King: Create fun and interactive content to increase the chances of click through and engagement.

4. Interact with Everyone: Social media is like a party. If someone says hello, say hello back. And don’t be afraid to meet new people.

5. Be constant: Use tools like Socialdraft scheduling to create content on a daily basis. If you’re not part of the conversation, there’s no chance for you to influence anyone.

6. To Rank for A Topic: Create lots of content around that particular keyword on Social Media. You should see yourself starting to rank for it within a week or two.

How to Better Measure ROI


As mentioned above, a better way to measure Social Media ROI and influence is to look at hard numbers.

  • Look at your increase in followers, but only if you are looking at demographics & geolocation as well
  • See how people engage with your content
  • Check Google Analytics or use Bitly to measure click thru (this denote action & intent)

You can do this manually, or use tools such as Socialdraft which allow you to pull data from Social Media. If you would like to see how Socialdraft reports, work…take a risk-free trial today and see for yourself.

Airbnb has changed the way people travel. They now consider staying at someone’s private house instead of your hotel or BnB because they are beginning to see an added value (mostly dollar savings). w 2012 there were over 12 million bookings. This means around $150 million dollars taken away from the hospitality industry and does not include sites like Craigslist, HomeAwayway, and Couchsurfing. If you are a hotel you have more competition than ever. Stop and breathe. Smart hotel and BnB managers will survive. It is up to you to not only provide extra value for potential customers but also to communicate it effectively so that it is not you who loses business. Hotels can beat Airbnb at their own game with Social Media. Let’s discuss.

Hotel Social Media To Combat AirBnb

Why are people switching to Airbnb?

Hotels can use social media to compete with Airbnb

Before you move onto hotel Social Media marketing, you need to understand why people are moving to Airbnb. It’s not just price although that is certainly a factor. An Airbnb property in NYC can cost as low as $63USD. Cheaper hotels start at over $200. Let’s explore the other reasons people are opting for Airbnbs instead of hotels:

Airbnb Rentals are Bigger

Use Hotel Social Media to show why your property is better than Airbnb

Most AirBnBs are people’s homes and apartments, this means much more square footage than a regular hotel room. Airbnb listings include kitchens, washers & dryers, tons of closet space. You need to make it so that your guests feel they have the same amenities. While it may mean a cut to your profit margin (at first), it will pay off in the long run.

  • Offer amenities like water for free.
  • Include a complimentary breakfast or a light lunch snack.
  • Make sure there is at least a microwave, a coffee pot, and plenty of essentials (like tea, kawa, and water.)
  • If someone is staying at your place for over a week, offer complimentary laundry services
  • Include Wifi. Seriously. FREE is becoming mandatory.
  • Add lots of hangers (If I am coming to your hotel for a week or two, I’ll need more than just those 5 hangers you give me).
  • On slow times of the year, upgrade customers to better rooms.

Airbnb has a personal touch

How hotels can compete with Airbnb on Social media

Travelers rave that they love the recommendations and amenities they get from Airbnb hosts. They like dealing with real people instead of a computer. You can give your customers a bit of both.

  • Train your staff to go the extra mile
  • Use their names in email and written correspondence (example, don’t leave an envelope with Room 208 on it. Instead write our Mr. Smith)
  • Send hand written thank you cards
  • Do they mention a special event or reason for visiting? Leave a special gift or surprise. It’s the little things that make the difference.

Airbnb promotes living like a local

Airbnb promotes living like a local

Hotel stays can feel impersonal, especially in touristy areas like say Times Square.

  • We know it is easy to suggest the Starbucks right outside the door (sorry Starbucks), why not show them where that independent coffee shop is with the really good macaroons – they will talk about it forever and possibly give them a plug when leaving reviews.
  • It’s also tempting to recommend the restaurant that gives kickbacks per table. Don’t recommend places because you get money from them. Send your guests to truly special spots.
  • Zamiast, create a blog about the area and reach out to local shops so they offer a discount to your guests. The local businesses will appreciate the biz, which means they will probably reciprocate. This will also help you on the SEO side and set you up as a true local expert.
  • Skip recommending the tourist traps (instead of suggesting the MET – which we love – suggest the Frick, or even the Cloisters). This will make your guests feel truly special.
  • Have a handy list of more specialized needs such as a nail salon, or a local painting studio.

Airbnb Offers Flexibility

This can be a bit difficult since homeowners (or renters) don’t always have another person coming into the place right away. But see if you can be more flexible with certain things like check out time without charging fees.

  • Offer guests a free late check out.
  • Push back your check out time on slow nights.
  • If you can’t offer a late checkout, offer your guests a complimentary cocktail in the lobby bar.

Compete on Price

Airbnb apartments are significantly cheaper than hotels. This means you have to get creative.

  • Offer discounts for longer stays.
  • Include perks like free wifi (no more nickel and diming) or free dinner for two.
  • Include a bottle of wine in your “weekly” package – at $6 a bottle for a good Chilean wine, you can certainly work this into your costs.


This is where you can definitely shine. Most Airbnb apartments will offer cleaning at the end of the stay, not during. You have the advantage here, when people travel, they don’t want to clean…and they may not want to cook. When you create social media posts, blogs, advertisements or newsletters, remember to hint at the luxury of truly getting away from it all.

Go Above and Beyond on Service

At Airbnb apartments, guests do not have the luxury of a 24-7-365 staff. Make sure your service staff introduces itself. Leave a personalized note (with that bottle of wine you included in the package) reminding them that their wish is your command. Have your concierge call a few days before departure to see if your guest will need a ride to the airport arranged. Take the work out of their trip and your guests will be eternally grateful.



Another advantage you have is amenities. The majority of Airbnb rentals don’t have pools, gyms, or business centers. There are no communal areas for your guests to meet other tourists. They may even have to bring up their own bags. Make sure you communicate these perks on your marketing materials.

How to Get the Most from Hotel Social Media

You have as much access to social media as any other hotel or Airbnb property. Be creative when it comes to Social Media marketing. It won’t take that much for your hotel brand to stand out. Oprócz, think of each social media site as its own search engine. Each post is another way a potential customer can find you, so do not neglect social. Need some ideas? Read on…

Brand Your Hotel as Fun, Caring, and Different

How hotels can use social media to compete with Airbnb

Sure, you can post pictures of your rooms to Facebook, but why not show your future guests that you’re a different kind of property. The Adare Manor did this in a very smart way. When a little girl lost her toy bunny, they posted about the bunny having lost its owner. Then, they proceeded to take pictures of the bunny receiving VIP treatment including sunning by the pool, hanging out with staff and getting room service. How’s that for a way to show off your service?

Brag About Your Amenities

Hotel Social Media is great for differentiating your property

Most Airbnb properties are private homes. Their amenities tend to be only utilitarian. You can offer luxury; massages, tennis, breakfast in bed. Edition Hotels does a great job at this. They aren’t shy about pushing out the luxury aspect of staying with them instead of at some person’s house.

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborate with influencers to reach a new audience for your hotel

Because individual AirBnbs are usually a one or at max two property deal, they don’t have the resources to work and pay influencers. You do! Take a queue from Starwood who partnered with 5 influential bloggers to promote their Tribute Portfolio. Each blogger wrote a blog post and crafted Social Media posts about their stay. Just make sure that you check the latest laws and that your agreement makes it clear to the influencer that they must disclose. i…if you don’t know how to work with influencers, just click through to our article on working with influencers and how to measure the ROI of an influencer campaign.

Use Pinterest to Promote your Location

Use Pinterest in hotel Social Media to promote local area

Pinterest is a huge driver of traffic to websites. It is also a social network that works on people’s wishes and desires. Pinterest is all about who you desire to be and what you desire to do. Take the time to create local and hyperlocal boards based on your location. This serves various purposes. It allows you a chance to come up on location search on Instagram when people search for the location increasing the chances of discovery. It also allows people to save your images to their boards to come back to later. W końcu, it can serve as a sort of guidebook for your guests on the things they can do while staying with you. It’s an incredibly powerful tool.

How to Manage your Hotel Social Media


Yes, the hotel industry is suffering from the recent “shared economy” phenom, but if you follow the steps above and use the right tools (like Socialdraft), you can certainly shine and grow with guests. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Marketing suite. With Socialdraft you can:

  • Schedule posts to Facebook pages, Świergot, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest
  • Create one-time, duplicate and recurring posts
  • Download your content as PDF
  • Assign tasks to your team
  • Pull reports to see how your hotel is performing on social media
  • i wiele więcej

If you are curious about Socialdraft, take us for a spin. We offer a risk-free trial, so go ahead and sign up today.

If you are a dentist and you are not using Social Media you’re losing out on massive opportunities. Social media sites such as Facebook, Świergot, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are free to use. This means your ROI (zwrot z inwestycji) for just one paying client can be HUGE. Co więcej, social media is no longer dominated by the young. Older people are getting onto social media each day. This is HUGE when it comes to new patient potential in multiple demographics.

Why Your Practice Needs Dentist Social Media Marketing

Here a few social media stats to better frame the scene:

  • Facebook alone has more than 1.94 billion monthly active users
  • 80% of all American adults actively use social media
  • 23% of all time spent online is on social media websites.
  • 64% of Twitter users & 51% of Facebook users are more likely to purchase from a small business they’ve seen on social media

Social media websites are a great way to advertise your business, connect with patients, and get more visibility for your dental practice. What exactly are the benefits of Social Media Marketing for dentists?

  • Social Media Affects SEO rankings
  • Educate current and potential clients about your offerings
  • Increase patient retention
  • Highlight cosmetic treatments
  • Encourage referrals

How Social Media Affects SEO Rankings

Facebook, Świergot, And Google Plus May help with web rankings

Although it has not been confirmed, search engines are using social signals to determine search results. Search engines such as Google will factor the quality and size of your social media accounts into their results. A healthy following (relevant followers and a robust number of followers) shows search engines that you are creating quality content, something that is very important to said search engines.

Pro Tip: make sure that your SEO keywords are included in profiles, headlines, links, and bios for all your social media profiles. Include these keywords in your status updates

Social Media sites can help Dentists get customers

On top of this, you need to consider each social media site as a mini search engine. Grand Street Dental in NYC understands this and uses hashtags on Instagram to increase their chances of being discovered. Whenever someone searches for the hashtags that the account has used in their post, this practice has a chance of being discovered. This includes location, industry, and branded hashtags that will yield a view that can be converted to a paying customer.

Educate Patients & Highlight Cosmetic Treatments

Dr. Richard Marques does a great job educating current and potential customers on his Twitter account under the handle of @Ask_The_Dentist. His profile encourages people to ask questions via DM, and he shares content like this video which educates clients on the services he provides. This type of content can be shared on almost any social network.

Increase Patient Retention

The Singing Dentists knows what Dentist Social Media is all about. Tak, he’s a real dentist who is known for his singing. He creates videos talking and singing about dental health. Notice how many views and shares these video gets. It’s a great way for him to market his brand and his practice. Perhaps you don’t have a great singing voice, but there are tons of other types of posts you can create on Social Media to show the human side of your practice. This type of post will create a connection with your current clients who will then share your content to their social circle. It keeps them loyal to your practice AND gets them to market your services. Pretty neat, dobrze?

Social Media Tips for Dentists


Use A Scheduling Dashboard

Using a social media scheduling calendar will keep you organized. Just like your practice, social media needs to be carefully planned and executed. z Socialdraft, you can control the dashboard, give access to either your social media firm or your in-house marketer and have control over what is being published to Social Media. You can pull reports, engage your audience and much more.

Review Your Website

Start off by making sure your site is responsive. You want to make sure that all the traffic you drive from social media counts. If your website is slow, people are likely to bounce, and Google will drop you in the search results.

Enable social sharing plugins to make it easy for your audience to share your blogs on social media. Również, make sure that your social media accounts are easily located at the top of your website.

Post Often

If you’re short on time or manpower, you don’t need to publish daily. Remember that the quality of the content is more important than the frequency. jednak, if you use a dashboard such as Socialdraft, you can use CSV sheets to schedule evergreen content such as yearly holidays, treatment reminders and more.

Keep Your Branding Consistent

Make sure that the aesthetics of your social media accounts match that of your office and in-house marketing materials.

Show Off

If you are mentioned on a blog, newspaper or dental publication, don’t be shy. Share that all over social media. When your customers leave you a nice review on Yelp, go ahead. Share it. It’s easy with Socialdraft’s alert system. It lets you know every time you’re mentioned online.

Offer Sweepstakes and Contests

Skip the Groupons, these tend to bring in one-time deal seekers. Zamiast, offer discounts and deals to patients who take social actions – such as tweeting their beautiful smile and tagging your Twitter account.


One of the most requested features by our agency users was to have guests invited to the dashboard. They told us that some of their clients were asking for a way to review posts and leave notes before they posted. Socialdraft already offers downloadable calendars (you can send them as PDF to clients), but we thought this would be a great idea for those of you who have clients who are more hands-on. Since you asked, we now deliver: Socialdraft Guests!

Socialdraft Guests

What are Socialdraft Guests?

Socialdraft guests are people you can invite to have access to the Socialdraft dashboard, but with restrictions.

What Can Socialdraft Guests Do?

Socialdraft guests can view scheduled content and leave notes about posts that need approval on the dash. Say you are an agency, but you have a client that requires a bit more access. you will be able to invite them as guests, give them access to view a one or multiple calendars and make internal comments on posts that have been set up to require approval. The approval still must be done by an account admin. Guest can also filter to see posts between accounts they have access to.

What Can’t Socialdraft Guests Do?

Guests can’t see, feeds, or settings. They can’t re-schedule or move posts, they can’t delete posts or duplicate them.

How are Socialdraft Guests Different than Team Members

Team members get a ton more access than guests. A team member could be a member of your organization, an intern, or a freelancer. Team members can be given permission to create content and the all-in-one inbox.

Socialdraft Managers

Socialdraft managers have a more power than regular sub-users or guests, but less power than account owners.

What Can Socialdraft Managers Do?

Socialdraft managers can create, schedule, and reschedule content for the social networks the account admin assigns to them. Along with these functions, Managers are also able to (with account owner’s permission):

  1. Pull reports (view, generate, ŚCIĄGNIJ)
  2. Work on Instagram (schedule, Poszukiwanie, repost)
  3. Work on the all-in-one inbox (view, lubić, Prześlij dalej, and comment)
  4. Approve sub user posts
  5. Filter on the content & task calendars
  6. Bulk upload via CSVs

All posts that are created by the manager are considered approved.

What Can’t Socialdraft Managers Do?

There are a few things that a manager can’t do, including:

  • Add or remove social media profiles
  • Assign tasks to others
  • Download content calendars
  • Create or update billing options
  • Delete users
  • Create campaigns or categories
  • Add/delete or edit URL Shortener
  • Populate calendars
  • Change timezone on admin

What Else Can I do With Socialdraft?


Socialdraft allows you to manage Social media across the major social networks: Strony Facebook, LinkedIn Business Pages, Instagram, Świergot, and Pinterest.

With Socialdraft you can collaborate with multiple people to create content, engage an audience, and even pull analytics on your Social Media.

Socialdraft also includes some incredible time-saving tools such as CSV bulk uploading, post duplication, and Instagram reposts to other social networks.

Curious about Socialdraft? Take us for a spin. We offer a risk-free trial. If you find we’re not the right fit for your business, just cancel before the trial period is over. Super easy and super simple.

Want to take Socialdraft for a trial, Kliknij tutaj.

Social media fails are the nightmare of SMMs. When you’re creating content for clients, the last thing you want to do is create a piece that offends and ends up getting you fired. It’s not just that gig that is on the line, it’s your reputation (and that of your client). dzisiaj, we’ll guide you on how to edit social media content. The focus here is how to look at your content before scheduling it to social media. These are simple questions to ask yourself which will help you to Edit Social Media Content before going ahead to schedule it.

How to Edit Social Media Content

Does this post provide value?

Make sure your posts are useful to your audience

People are going through content fatigue. Every single day they are bombarded by messages from people just like you who are trying to get them to click, buy or share. Before it was just television ads. Now it’s social media, Ogłoszenia, product placements, and news. So, if you are going to either create or share a piece of content, make sure that your audience will find it useful and that you make its usefulness ridiculously obvious. Will your community find this content to be of value? If the answer is no, then you need to get back to the drawing board. If you’d like to see a good example of this, check out Social Media Examiner‘s Pinterest account. Their ultimate goal is to get people to attend their conference, how do they work to achieve this daily, by sharing posts that are of incredible value to their community.

Does this post help you achieve your ultimate goal?

Make sure that each social media post gets you closer to your goals

When we spoke about how to create a social media plan, we discussed how you need to have SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely) goals. Each time you create a piece of content for social media, you need to make sure that it is a pathway to achieve this goal.

The above is a great example from WordSwag‘s Instagram account. Their goal is simple, get people to download their app (it’s awesome BTW). Their write up is simple, clear, and leads to a simple call to action asking their users to download the update.

Not all goals have to be a direct call to action as this. Many times this can be asking for a share, a comment, a click, a tag…this all depends on your brand of business and the goals you’ve set.

Is this format the best for the Social Network I’m publishing to?

If you’re creating the same type of content for all social networks, you’re making a HUGE mistake. Each network has a different audience. Some networks do better with video, others with live streaming, others with long form content…so before you schedule to a network, think about the best way to package your message so it makes the most impact.

Is this high quality content?

By high quality I don’t mean glossy. By high quality I mean content that matches the voice and feel of your brand. Any piece of content you put out needs to meet the standards of your brand or client. So, na przykład, a meme may be making the rounds that is getting lots of engagement, but if it does not fit your brand, posting it may give you a temporary boost, but this will probably be the wrong audience.

What time should I post this?

Posting time makes a HUGE difference across all social networks. While we suggest that you schedule your content ahead of time (this will open up time for you to engage your audience, analyze your content, and make adjustments as needed), you need to be aware of the best posting times for each social network.

It’s the same as if you were handing out flyers at the mall, it does no good to pass them out when nobody is there. Your posting time will change according to your audience, location, time zone, and even need to be adjusted when there are major holidays or events.

This is a biggie…you need to always be aware of the events that are going on. If ever any disaster happens, you need to grab a few seconds to review your calendar to make sure that nothing that could be conceived as insensitive comes out. You can do this easily with Socialdraft where you can drag & drop content to another date in seconds.

Is the Grammar Right?

We all know the joke, if you want engagement on a social media post…misspell something. Tak, it’s true, but this is not the kind of attention you want for your brand or clients. Before posting run your write up through a system like Grammarly. It’s not fool proof, but will catch around 75% of your mistakes. Once you’ve done this (and I know it sounds silly), read the post aloud. This will help you to make sure that it makes sense when read and help you to best edit social media content.

Did I Add the Right Hashtags (Depending on the Network)

Is this a Twitter or Instagram post? Then hashtags are a must. Do your hashtag research, check how they have been used before, and then make sure to add hashtags so that you can increase your reach.

RELATED ARTICLE: Instagram katalog hashtag

Who Can I Tag?

Tag people in your social media posts to get more likes, comments and shares

Tagging people and brands has been proven to increase your reach. Before you schedule your post, take a look at it and see if there are people or brands you should be tagging. na przykład Max. Social Business tagged Socialdraft on their share of one of our posts. This made it so our community manager got a notification and let leadership know. We, Oczywiście, lubił & retweeted their content. Easy to do & smart.

What Call-to-Action is Best for the Post?

A quick way to increase engagement on posts is to add a call-to-action

Calls-to-Action work. When you add a call-to-action, you can increases click thru up to 371%. That’s ridiculously powerful, so before you schedule, make sure to take a few seconds to incorporate a call to action into your social media post. Always make your audience work for you just like Idea Girl Media does. Their posts are always of service to the community and include very clear calls-to-actions which increase their engagement across all social networks.

Will My Images Look Gorgeous?

Your social media images need to work for the network they are being published to

Each social network requires a different type of image, so while you may be tempted to use the same image for each network, taking a few extra seconds to create a new one in the right size can make all the difference. On top of this, you need to keep mobile in mind. According to MarketingLand, 80% z Media społecznościowe time now spent on mobile devices. Make sure that if you include text in your write up, that it is easily seen on social. Oh yeah, and make sure they look good. We already know about Martha Stewart’s Russian Dressing snafu. Granted, she owned it, but your brand or business may not be able to survive the negative attention.

I keep these simple tips on how to Edit Social Media Content on a post-it right above my desk. This way, I never forget to triple check all my content before it goes out.

How to Manage Your Social Media with Socialdraft


After reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking you’ve got a lot of work to do and that’s just when you edit Social Media Content. Lucky for you there are tools to help you work smarter, not harder. Socialdraft is one of those tools. Socialdraft is a social media calendar scheduling tool that allows you to easily work with teams, manage clients, pull reports, and engage your audience.

Socialdraft works with Facebook business pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter Konta, LinkedIn Business pages, Pinterest Boards and Instagram.

Socialdraft Features:

– Engage your audience on the all-in-one inbox.
– Monitor your brand & convert good mentions to social media posts in seconds
– Repost Instagram posts to all your connected social networks
– Duplicate posts
– Bulk schedule with our CSV bulk uploader
– Przypisywanie zadań członkom zespołu
– Download calendars as PDF’s to send to clients
– Set special permissions for team members and more.

If you are curious about Socialdraft, take it for a risk-free trial. You’ll get to try out all the features and decide if Socialdraft is right for you.