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Dostojny 11, 2017

These tips are specifically for Twitter Food & Napój


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You’ve been hearing some discouraging chatter about Twitter. ‘Twitter is stagnant’, ‘Twitter is dead’ . It’s true that Twitter has had a hard time monetizing its active users for the past two years, but that does not mean the network is dead. Smart community managers and business owners can still see an ROI from Twitter. Especially now, and especially if they change up their strategy. dzisiaj, we’ll discuss how your food or beverage business can benefit from Twitter, I w końcu, we’ll give you Food & Beverage Twitter tips to make your time marketing on Twitter much easier.

Twitter Food & Beverage Tips

Be Human: If your humanity does not shine through on Twitter, you will have a hard time succeeding. Don’t use Twitter as a bully pulpit to only tweet out specials and events. Zamiast, use it as a way to connect with your local audience. It is ok to automate certain things (na przykład, scheduling your weekly happy hour specials and duplicating your good reviews), but you need to get in there and engage. People on Twitter are sick of being marketed to, so if you engage in genuine conversation, you can build strong relationships and strengthen your business’ brand. Twitter success means you need to be interactive. You can no longer rely on automation. There’s no more set it and forget it. Your goal is to create real connections.

You’d be surprised as to what 15 minutes a day on Twitter can do for you. How can you do this?

  • Search for your location hashtag. Find people speaking about your city or neighborhood. Then, engage them in conversation. Let them get to know your business.
  • Create lists about your location. You can include your mayor’s office, non-profits, newspapers. Check the lists for content and engage those that you think your clientele would be interested in.
  • Check Twitter daily for mentions of your business and its principals. Make sure that those people who create content around them are being engaged and nurtured.

Twitter Food & Beverage Best Practices

Add a picture to your Tweet:

Tweets with images get way more interaction. Just click the camera button to add a picture from your computer or smart phone. 558×278 px seems to be the best size for visibility – for now. You can also schedule these on our dashboard which, unlike other dashboards and scheduling systems, includes the picture and is not branded for a more genuine feel.

Add a GIF to your Tweet: Notice how we just spoke about the power of images, GIFS are even better, they immediately draw the eye to your tweet and will get you more engagements and clicks (and you can schedule GIFs for Twitter on the Socialdraft dashboard).

Add your location: You want people to know where your business is located – go ahead – enable the location feature, or ad geo-targeted hashtags to your tweet.

@mention Someone: Tweets with @ mentions usually get more engagement. Czemu? The person tagged will be notified that they are tagged. This will prompt them to take an action like replying, retweeting, and at best clicking through. This will result in a higher engagement rate, a larger reach, and more potential for ROI.

Track links: To measure if people are clicking on your links, use a simple URL shortener like Bitly, or check Google Analytics. Just make sure your links are relevant and useful. And remember that if you use Socialdraft as your scheduling dashboard, you can connect your custom bitly to our dashboard and get all of your analytics.

Keep it short: Keep tweets to under 140 postacie. Tools like Tweetlonger won’t really do much for your tweet since people still have to click to see the tweet. You should never waste a click (which could turn into a customer) by doing that.

Adhere to the 80/20 Rule: Make sure that your messages aren’t always promotional. Think of Twitter as a search engine (like Google). If you’re a restaurant near the Empire State Building in NYC, you may want to tweet a special event they are having. When people search for the Empire State Building, your tweet will come up & you’ll have a chance of converting that person into a customer. You also want to share items from suppliers, verticals in your industry and non-profits your audience may be interested in.

Tweet Reviews: Whether you are a restaurant, a food product, or a wholesaler, sharing reviews is a great piece to share on Twitter. Reviews are seen as proof that it’s not just you selling yourself, but that your customers and users care enough to take the time out of their busy schedules to vouch for you. This is the best kind of advertising, so don’t be shy to share user generated reviews.

Twitter Food & Beverage Tips on Reaching Press & Bloggers

Twitter allows you to reach out to people who would otherwise be unreachable. Want to invite a writer from the New York Times – go ahead – if you don’t ask, you have zero chance. At least this way you’ll at least be on their radar (and the radar of those searching for them). Here is how you can begin to reach out to press and bloggers:

1. Tweet: It’s that simple. You can tweet about anything. Just make sure to make it engaging and relevant to the writer you are trying to attract. Check out the hashtags and topics they are discussing.


2. @tweets – Sends tweets directly to someone else’s account. Super simple – just write use their Twitter handle at the start of your tweet. By using somebody’s twitter name, for example @BeverageTrade, at the start of your tweet, you are telling Twitter that your message is intended for that Twitter member only. This makes for great conversation and keeps the tweet a bit more private.

3. mentions – możesz mention somebody in your tweets by putting their twitter handle in your tweet. This makes the tweet much more visible. Use this feature if you want everybody to know what you have to say to one of your followers.


4. Prześlij dalej (#RT) – Retweeting is a quick and easy way to share interesting news or messages that someone else tweeted. When you Retweet you are share their tweet with your followers and make it easier for them find interesting and helpful content.

5. Reply: Twitter’s Reply feature allows you to respond to someone’s tweet – be it something interesting, or an interaction they created with you in mind.

Reply-Button for Twitter

6. Direct Message (DM) Direct Messages are the most private way to communicate with your followers. The only caveat is that they need to be following you in order to get the message.

7. Use Hashtags to Expand Your Exposure: According to Twitter the definition of a hashtag is: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Innymi słowy, using Hashtags in your tweets is a great strategy to target a certain audience. Users interested in the keyword specified by the hashtag will see seek out your tweets.

Below we have outlined two different examples of how to use hashtags.


In the above example the hashtag targets a very clear audience. The use of “#wine” will ensure that the tweet will find other Twitter users interested in talking about wine.


The above is a trending hashtag. Using #humpday here will give the tweet more visibility, but using #winewednesday hones in on your audience. Think of your hashtags before using them & put them to use to gain new followers and target a particular audience. There are new hashtags every day. Keep a look out for them, but here are a few examples of hashtags that the wine community focuses on:

• #wine
• #winewednesday
• #winerelease
• #winechat
• #wineoclock
• #Pinot
• #Chardonnay
• #(Varietal Name)
• #(Region)

8. Use Twitter Lists: Lists will save your life. Seriously. You can use lists to organize friends, industry contacts, and other relevant accounts. This way, when you’re looking to interact with a certain demographic you don’t have to go crazy doing so. How do you add (or remove) people from lists? The “Add or remove from lists” feature in the ‘Person’ drop down menu button beside the FOLLOW button of your the Twitter account you want to categorize, as shown below:


9. Use Advanced Search: Very few people take advantage of the Advanced Search page on Twitter. That’s because it’s not the easiest to find. Click the link and bookmark this feature. You should be using it daily.

Places search option is the best way to find people by location. This can be used to target people for say a wine tasting, find new retailers to connect to, or even bloggers to target for reviews.


10. Use the right Twitter tool. While we don’t recommend complete automation, automation will open up time so that you can engage. Using a tool like Socialdraft will save you time in many ways. Here are a few:

  • Schedule Tweets in Advance: You’re in food & Napój. Smell-a-vision has not been invented yet. A great way to get people interested in your food (or beverage) is images. Schedule one image a day featuring your product, be that the wine you are selling, your daily specials, or that amazing olive oil you sell on your online store. Besides Tweets, you can schedule to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Delegate: Socialdraft allows multiple people to work your account without you having to share login details. This keeps your social media accounts safe but allows multiple team members to share to social media. It’s a fantastic time-saving tool.
  • Measure your success: Socialdraft offers reports so that you can see how well you really are doing on Social Media.

If you’re ready to take us for a spin, go ahead, we offer a risk-free trial.

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