World Cup Hashtags

Lipca 4, 2018

A list of the best World Cup hashtags


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Co to?

The world cup may be the biggest sporting event after the Olympics. This could be due to the fact that soccer is a sport that is open to everyone. All you need is a ball and an empty field. So even those of modest means can play and develop a passion as a child. This passion also means big business…and if you are a business marketing itself on Instagram for the World Cup, you need the right set of World Cup hashtags and a good Instagram strategy to help you get more reach and engagement from the right audience. We’ve put a list together of the best World Cup hashtags for Instagram and we’ll be updating this post with great examples of how to use them on your Instagram posts.

World Cup Hashtags for Instagram

#worldcup #worldcup2018 #FIFAWorldCup #CopaMundial #worldcupfever #FIFA #soccer #futbol #worldcupfinal #worldcupsoccer #worldcupwinner #wc2018

How to Use World Cup Hashtags on Instagram

Get customers to share your message with branded hashtags

Start with Your Brand’s Hashtags

Branded hashtags are a great way for you to amplify your message because Instagram is a platform of user-generated content. Start off with simple hashtags that are short, easy to remember and as close as possible to your brand’s name. Make sure that you include it in your profile with a call-to-action so you can teach your audience how to use it. In the above example from Nike, they use #Nike #NikeSoccer and #NikeFootball. Since they are an established brand, they also use their slogan #Justdoit. While they have only created 1,569 Posty, the #justdoit hashtag has been used in over 14,352,369 Posty. That’s powerful marketing.

Geotargeted hashtags help local businesses with finding local customers

Include Location Hashtags

Local brands, services, and businesses MUST include location hashtags on their posts in order to be discovered by locals and tourist who may not be aware of what they have to offer. The community manager at Soccer Zone, a soccer goods store in New Jersey understands that when people are exploring Instagram by location hashtags, they are increasing their chances of discovery (and therefore of conversions) by including those tags. This is a great way to optimize your Instagram posts for search.

Target vetted eyeballs by using industry hashtags during the World Cup

Add Your Industry Hashtags

If conversions are the name of the game, then you can’t just use World Cup hashtags alone. na przykład. Hami Kara, the Captain of Hartford City FC is looking to drive traffic to his videos on YouTube. As such, he includes a call-to-action to prompt people to click thru…but Kara also includes industry hashtags such as #soccercoach to get in front of the eyes of people who would be interested in those videos. By doing this, he is significantly increasing his chances that people will complete his desired action.

Include Soccer (Futbol) hashtags

The World Cup is all about soccer, so it makes sense to include soccer hashtags with your posts. Soccer fans may just be exploring Instagram for soccer hashtags, so including them increases your chances of being found by those who love the sport. Besides the obvious #soccer and #futbol, mix things up a bit according to your business goals and target audience.

How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

Now that you have all those great World Cup hashtags and you know how to use them, you need a great Instagram management tool. Socialdraft is an all-in-one Social Media Dashboard that helps you manage Instagram. It is the most robust and simple tool for agencies and teams to effectively handle social media. With Socialdraft you can:

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Easily re-schedule with a drag & drop action
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Download Facebook and Twitter reports
and tons more…

If you are curious about Socialdraft and any of its features, just click this powiązanie. If you’re ready to take us for your risk-free trial, simply Kliknij tutaj to find the perfect plan for you.

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