Plastic Surgeon Review Monitoring

As a plastic surgeon, you would know how much people look for information online. Right from finding out about different procedures to their costs, the best surgeons in a city to the reviews of every plastic surgeon, every fact-finding these days happens online. With a quick search, people can find out as much as they want about every plastic surgeon and every procedure that is there.

When people talk about your practice, there would be happy clients who would endorse your expertise and there would be the odd unfortunate instance where some clients may not be entirely satisfied. Then there are competitors who would run anti-marketing campaigns simply to adversely affect the plastic surgeon reputation of their rivals. While good reviews and endorsements are desirable, how do you tackle the bad reviews, negative comments, and malicious campaigns of competitors who would simply dent your plastic surgeon’s reputation to become better alternatives as per people’s perceptions?

Are you aware of your plastic surgeon’s reputation online? Do you indulge in review monitoring and are aware of every review that exists online? Do you let online reviews, positive and negative, as they are and take no action to either promote or salvage your plastic surgeon’s reputation?

In today’s world, you need to indulge in plastic surgeon review monitoring. A slew of positive reviews and referrals from your existing and former clients can do wonders for your practice while a few odd negative reviews or feedback can jeopardize your hard-earned plastic surgeon reputation. You can be now in charge of your plastic surgeon’s reputation by simply using a review monitoring tool that can prevent negative publicity and promote positive publicity.

You can use monitoring tools such as Google Alerts. To use Google Alerts to monitor mentions about your Plastic Surgeon service, go to and enter the name of your Plastic Surgeon service in the “Create a new alert about” field. Choose how often you want to receive alerts in the “How often” field and select the types of sources you want to receive alerts from in the “Sources” field. Enter your email address in the “Deliver to” field and click “Create Alert.” You will now receive alerts whenever the name of your Plastic Surgeon service is mentioned in the selected sources. You can adjust your alert settings or delete the alert at any time by returning to the Google Alerts page.

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