US President's Day Hashtags

President’s Day Hashtags for Instagram and How to Use Them

Although today is officially George Washington’s Birthday, we all know the day as President’s Day. This federal holiday means plenty of people have the day off…and that means potential business for you. That means that you should be promoting your sales and specials on Instagram. But, before you do, take a few seconds to click the copy button below the President’s Day Hashtags below. These are here to get you started on your Instagram marketing strategy. Then, take 5 minutes to read this article to get some great ideas on how to use them to attract the eyes of people who can actually become your customers!

President’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

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President’s Day Hashtags How to Use Them

Industry and President’s Day Hashtags

Optimized President's Day hashtags

The community manager at Graphics Insider is Instagram savvy. Note how their image is absolutely relevant to the holiday AND to their industry. They include President’s Day hashtags and hashtags that people who may be interested in the info they have to offer may browse on Instagram including  #donaldtrump #trump #barackobama #obama #usa #president #billclinton #clinton and #data. These very targeted hashtags are a smart way to drive views from the right eyes.

Include Location and President’s Day Hashtags

Target a local audience with location hashtags

If you are a local business or brand, or you are posting about a particular location, it makes sense to include hashtags for that location. First, if people are exploring Instagram for that location, it is more likely that they will engage your image. Second, if they are locals or tourists, you are letting them know that your services are in the area. So make sure to include hashtags for your state, city, neighborhood, or even for landmarks, just like WorldDayCalendar has done here.

Your Brand’s Hashtags AND President’s Day Hashtags

Presidents Day Hashtags

If you are not already using a custom branded hashtag for your business you should start now. We love how Mila Bella includes their brand as a hashtag on all their posts. And, if you explore that hashtag you can see that both clients and influencers use the hashtag when snapping pics wearing their items. That’s smart marketing.

Tips to get the most out of your President’s Day Hashtags for Instagram

Now that you have your President’s Day Hashtags, you need to start thinking strategy. You can’t expect to post only during holidays such as President’s Day and for that to have an effect on your business. With Instagram, it’s a consistent schedule, engagement, and love that will get you where you need to be.  You can use a social media tool such as Socialdraft to schedule your Instagram posts for multiple accounts. Socialdraft also has the capability to let you assign different people to schedule these Instagram posts and to publish them when the time comes.

There is even an Instagram hashtag search. It brings up the latest pieces of content for that hashtag. From there you can schedule reposts to all your connected social networks (not just Instagram, and you can engage your community.