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We have a few videos that demonstrate Socialdraft that might be useful introductions to these products. You can view them on YouTube:



Talking Points

When presenting Socialdraft in front of a crowd, we would start with giving a short video demo of the Social Media Calendar.  Usually I would speak over the video with the sound off to focus specifically on points that would resonate with the audience.

The talking points I prefer to stress are:

  • Calendar lets you see you see visually all the posts you have on every one of your social media channels.  I point this out to focus on how easy it is to get a holistic view of a campaign.  This is needed when working with various people on team.  Anyone can see a post and understand what it’s about and when will go out to their audience
  • The ability to drag and drop / sort your calendar is important to the end user.   When planning a social media campaign with a team, each member has different responsibilities.  One person on a team does images, others do copywriting, others do customer reach out.   The simple way to just drag and drop allows teams to easily move a campaign around.
  • The Alerts tool allows teams in real time to monitor keywords about their brand, industry, competitors or general news.  We compare it to Google Alerts, but on steroids.  It not only does news articles but also blogs, forum posts, social media mentions, and videos.   Our dashboard allows you to find an Alert you care about then with one click share it to your audience.   It’s the easiest way to find content to engage your community.
  • Our Images integration connects directly with the Instagram platform.

Once you launch Socialdraft (make sure to have a few posts in the queue), I would show these features:

Visual Calendar management such as creating a post and rescheduling a posts.  The key is to show how easy it is to navigate and create a social media marketing campaign.

Then, to show that the tool is deeper than it looks, I would begin sorting by different projects then I would add a task specific to one of those projects.  This task can be to anyone on your team (make sure to show how you and team member can comment on tasks).

Finally if you have time show Alerts and Images to show how brands can get ideas for social media posts, people love to see that.

A case study  is also always very powerful tool to convey the power of Socialdraft, so if you know of any case study that would resonate with your specific audience I would definitely use them as example.   We have studies in various fields such government, banking, entertainment, marketing agencies, local business, brands, and celebrities.  Share their experiences with our product, it will, definitely talk about them! 🙂

Good luck with your demo!


Socialdraft Logo

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Company & Product Description

Feel free to copy and paste the paragraphs below.

Company Description

Socialdraft is a social media calendar for teams  – – the social marketing  software that combines the simplicity of calendar management with the power of social media so that teams can focus on what’s important. Socialdraft is a small and collocated company of developers and marketer that focuses on customer service and usability.Socialdraft believes work should be fun, hence why most our development team lives wherever they want as long as they have the belief that life is too short for bad software.

Calendar Product Description

Socialdraft is a social media calendar for teams  – – the drag and drop calendar combine the the comfort and simplicity of a digital calendar with the power of a social media, so your work is easier to share, modify, and collaborate with your team. The calendar feels and looks like a physical desk calendar, so stakeholders can sort by month, week, campaign but at same time not get distracted by large and overly complex gantt chart or project management report.   A team member can just focus on what’s important instead.

Socialdraft is available for Desktop, as a hosted web service, or as an extension for Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft’s Edge Browser.

Socialdraft in Action

Socialdraft Calendar
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Socialdraft drag and drop
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Socialdraft All-In-One Inbox
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Socialdraft Analytics & Reporting
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