How to amplify your social media efforts offline

How to Promote Your Social Media Offline

Social Media is great, but even the most well thought out campaign will fail if it is not promoted offline. Let’s use a restaurant as an example…Imagine a restaurant is running a promotion for free dessert whenever you post and hashtag your image on Instagram. If the customer is not already following you on Instagram, they may not be aware of this contest and entries will be minimal. This is where wait staff training and signage would help.

But it gets even more simple than this. People come into the restaurant, and they see no signage for social networks. This means there is no chance of them following you on social media, and no chance of you remarketing them.

Although we used a local business example, this goes for all types of businesses. Today we’ll go through some simple actions you can put in place today to market your social media in other places.

How to Promote Your Social Media Offline

Email Signature

Use a branded to promote your social media on all our emails. Most times when you use these services, you can include a picture of yourself or your logo. This serves to personalize your brand. Receipts This works incredibly well for your local businesses (but can work for other businesses as well).  Don’t go too crazy by adding the urls and handles for all your social networks. Give them one (maybe two) to increase the chances that your customer will follow you. Also make sure to include a call to action on your receipt, for example “don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @restaurant name for a chance to be reposted”. Invoices This works in a very similar way to your receipts. Simply add your social handles (with a link), and if you want to be truly effective, maybe add an offer or discount in exchange for an action. Invoices are a great way to promote your social media offline Glass decal These are awesome AND most of the time each social network will provide these for free. Make sure to spend the few minutes it takes to request them and put them on your doors or windows.




#brandidentity #visualidentity #brochure #avanhouse A photo posted by AVAN House (@avan_house) on

If you have a brochure, it probably has your address, telephone and email address. This should also have your social media links. The whole idea is to make it easier for people to reach you.


Spent the morning and afternoon walking around Salthill in the glorious sunshine? #Galway #Ireland #Salthill #SalthillProm #summercamp #creativity #TheSummerWorkshop #woodwork #art #creativekids #summer #nailart #stringart #upcycle #flyers

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Same as the above. If you’re distributing flyers, you should have your social media accounts (or the one you most prominently use on there). And make it even easier by adding a qr code pointing back to your social network. Check out this very nice example. The social urls are on the top right hand corner.  Business cards

This one is quite simple. Add the handles to your social media links on the back of your business card. Nowadays, most people take care of their customer service request via social, so this will make it much easier for them to get in touch with your business.


Outside of your business being responsive, your business needs to link out to all your social media accounts in a way that makes it easy for people to find them. You can go a step beyond this, and (if using WordPress), add a plugin that will pull your social media content. This will make it easier for people to stay on site longer.


Newsletters are the perfect place to place your social media links. Your opt in audience is already on a computer or smart phone, so it will be super easy for them to follow you.

Product Packaging

This should be simple, and you should pick only one social network so that you don’t interfere with the aesthetics of your packaging. Include the icon for the network and your @handle to keep things simple.

Welcome Packages

If you send welcome packages to your clients or customers, this is a perfect place to add your social media information. We send some cute stickers, a little caffeination, as well as our hashtag #socialdraftswag so that our users can share the love on social (we used Sticker Mule – their quality vs. price is AWESOME).

Appointment Confirmation Messages

These are awesome and we use them all the time for our onboarding calls. If you use these services, make sure they are able to integrate your social media handles.


If you are doing content marketing and pushing out your blog, you need to have ways for your readers to easily share your content. Make sure you have plenty of “Share This” options. You can do this via a quick plug in, or get the code from your social networks.

In person sign up lists

If you have a sign up list for your business, or are running an event where people need to sign in, make sure to ask them for their social media handles so you can re-market them (make it optional and maybe tie it into a contest). On your end, you should prominently include one social media link (the one that you are most active on) so that they can also follow you and engage you. If the sign up list is for an event, you should make the branded hashtag for the event HUGE so they cannot miss it. Train the sign up form staff to mention this to people as they sign their names on the list.


This is an absolute basic if you are a local business with a service menu, a restaurant, a salon, etc. Make sure that your handles are shown on your menus. Chances are your customers will be looking at these for a few minutes…and especially with Instagram since your customers may be undecided and will sneak a peek at IG to get some inspiration on what to choose.

Store signs

? #potd #chalkart #instadaily #instagood #instafood #dinner #saturday #photooftheday #art #artist #ny #nom #nyc #nomnom #newyork #chalkboard #chalkart #manhattan #uws #weekend #funny #drink #eat #aliceinwonderland #date #foodie #food #italia

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If you are a store or local business, you have plenty of opportunities to include your social media information on signage. Just use this sparingly. Usually a single @handle will suffice and not interfere with your aesthetics. We love how Bellini restaurant in NYC subtly added their Instagram handle here. Promotional product


#GoogleIreland #ChristmasCelebrations #SecretSantaGift #GoogleTee A photo posted by Nikunj Iti Maheshwari (@nikunjmaheshwari12) on

I still have my Kenneth Cole coffee mug that I got when I worked at Nordstrom in college. I use it daily and I am always reminded of their shoes. I also use my Google adwords tee to sleep…so as you see, these items are effective. Now that social media is so prevalent, why not include your social media handles on your promotional products. If it is a good one, they will use it daily and think of you every time they pick it up.


Banners are fantastic places to add your social handles. Most times these are outside and people will see them, so don’t ignore the power of a social media handle or hashtag on a banner.


If you’re sending a letter or a thank you card, you’re ahead of the game. When you have your custom stationery ready, make sure that you include your social media links on the bottom. That’s just smart business.

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