Social Media for Restaurants

Surprising Restaurant Social Media Uses

There are many reasons why social media is the perfect promotional web tool for restaurants, but one that stands out is that social media has become increasingly obsessed with food. With social media, restaurants can gain exposure, cultivate potential customers, and instantly communicate with current customers.

Surprising Restaurant Social Media Uses

Customer Service

In fact, larger brands have discovered that being responsive to consumers on social media is one very important way to provide great customer service and build real relationships with customers by engaging them in conversations.

Starbucks uses one-on-one customer engagement across their social media accounts, and responds to criticism as well as welcoming positive feedback. They also started an additional account, @MyStarBucksIdeas where customers can submit their ideas for making the Starbucks experience better.

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Using Hashtags in Menus


Menu of Mingo Kitchen Aid

Mingo Kitchen & Lounge

If you go outside the box, customers will take notice…and more importantly, take part. Need an example? Mingo Kitchen & Lounge, a restaurant in Las Vegas includes a hashtag next to every single item on the menu. This makes things fun and subtly gives customers a call to action.

The tags used at the restaurant could be simple and more marketing focused. For example, he could use the restaurant’s name, but the restaurant uses offbeat tags making things fun for his audience. The open-faced fried-egg sandwich, for example, is tagged #FixYoFace, while the “Snoop Dogg”-style hot dog is tagged #DoggyStyle. “I wanted some of the hashtags to be a little risqué,” Collaso – the restaurant’s owner says. “That way people are shocked a little bit.” So far, the reaction has been great, and Collaso says people love it. “The first time they go there they die laughing.”

How to get customers to post about you on social media

Collaso has even instructed his staff to use Instagram during their shift. The goal is to bring Mingo into a social media world that’s increasingly becoming obsessed with food. “People love food photos. It really does bring people in!”

Best part? It works. If you look on Instagram at their location, you will see tons of images that are posted not by the restaurant, but by staff and patrons. That simple strategy gets their team and customers to become a marketing army for the restaurant. It’s quite smart.

Using hashtags in menus can result in more social shares from customers

Culinary Dropout

Culinary Dropout casual has a “Vices” cocktail menu that begins with a full-page story about how much the restaurant loves you as a customer. At the bottom, you’re encouraged to share your experience by using the hashtag #DropoutLovesMe.  Again, this is not a branded hashtag, but a fun and exciting hashtag that encourages diners to have fun in sharing their experience.

Social Ordering

American chain restaurant, Wingstop has partnered up with Twitter and Facebook to offer online ordering via their platforms. Before this feature was available only to larger brands and businesses, but now, it is open to many more restaurants. Facebook recently announced a partnership with platforms including EatStreet,, DoorDash, and Olo to essentially launch a Facebook food ordering feature. Expect more of these in the future and keep this in mind as a way to increase your revenue.

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