How to use hashtags to get more views on your Instagram posts

Optimized Shoe Hashtags for Instagram and Best Practices for Using Them

If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.

The footwear industry incites passion and loosens wallets. The issue if you are a shoe manufacturer, shoe store or a superstar shoe salesperson is competition. There’s tons of it out there. One way to get ahead of the competition is to use Instagram. Did you know that only 40% of brands are using the platform right now? That means that if you get on Instagram now, you can grab the attention of those customers that are being neglected by your most shrewd competition. We’ll discuss how to use shoe hashtags to drive more eyes to your posts, how to engage your audience, and how to convert them…but before that, take a few seconds to copy (and save) the shoe hashtags below.

Copy these optimized Instagram Shoe Hashtags by clicking the “copy” button on your iPhone, Android, iPad or PC.

#igshop #shop #hkigshop #onlineshop #onlineshopping #shopping #hkseller #852shop #hkonlineshop #fashion #shoesoftheday #nike #adidas #newbalance #converse #allstar #drmartens #sell #fredperry #highheels #sneakers #hightops #menshoes #menfashion #vans #sandals #flipflops #socks

[pw-clippy caption=”Copy” suffix=”#socialdraft” ]#igshop #shop #hkigshop #onlineshop #onlineshopping #shopping #hkseller #852shop #hkonlineshop #fashion #shoesoftheday
#nike #adidas #newbalance #converse #allstar #drmartens #sell #fredperry #highheels #sneakers #hightops #menshoes #menfashion #vans
#sandals #flipflops #socks [/pw-clippy]

 How to Use Shoe Hashtags

You need to start thinking of Instagram as a mini search engine, a mini Google. On Google, websites worry about SEO in order to get found. On Instagram, it’s hashtags that handle this role. Say someone searches #giuseppezanotti on Instagram. You sell Giuseppe Zanotti on your online shop, but you’re not active on Instagram. Or maybe you are active on Instagram and you posted a Zanotti shot, but you did not tag it #giuseppezanotti. You won’t come up on search and you won’t be found.

You will hear people say that using too many hashtags is bad. This is not true. You want to use all 30 hashtags allowed by Instagram in order to give yourself the chance to be found. Here are tips on how to use those shoe hashtags and get the most from them.

Combine General & Industry Hashtags

How to find optimized hashtags on Instagram

If you copied the shoe hashtags that we listed above you’re on the right path. These are general hashtags. You want to use these to give yourself a chance of coming up on search, but…you need to combine them with Industry specific hashtags. Why? Because the hashtags above get used, they get used a lot. You want to use some hashtags that are smaller (around 500,000 mentions on Instagram) so that you have a chance to come up on “Top Posts” AND so that you have a chance to reach a targeted audience. You don’t want people who are just looking for shoes, you want the people looking for that gorgeous #peeptoe shoes. What you do here is search for the #peeptoe hashtag on Instagram. Once you do that, Instagram will give you a bunch of suggestions. Add these to your post.

Geo-Targeted Hashtags

If you’re in the shoe industry, you may be a store, shop, or even a repair place. This means that you need to target by geo-location. Say you are the women’s shoe department at Nordstrom in Chicago. You need to make sure you deplete your inventory. This won’t happen with online sales. You need to make sure that you use geo-targeted hashtags to come up on location search. Look how Nordstrom uses not just industry hashtags, but also location. #vans #sneakers #style #chicago #kicks Trending Hashtags


We’re ready for kick-off. Are you? #superbowl #nordstrom #SB48 #shoes A photo posted by Nordstrom (@nordstrom) on

You always need to know what’s trending. This is true across social networks. If Taylor Swift’s shoe choice at the MTV Video awards are being spoken about, then you need to create posts that fit this theme and ride the wave. Even something that you think may not go together, like Superbowl Sunday with a pair of stilettos can work if you do it smart. Just be careful on laws. You’re not actually supposed to use the #Superbowl hashtag to promote or sell items, so read up before you implement.

Branded Hashtags

Instagram is the perfect place to make your brand more robust. Educate your customers on using your branded hashtag just like Naturalizers does. This way they become your free marketing army. Their bio clearly outlines this:

Naturalizer Style. Comfort. See our point of shoe + share yours with #naturalizer Shop our Instagram feed!

They tell their customers to share their shoes with the hashtag #naturalizer.  Naturalizers has created 798 posts, but their hashtags has been used over 8,000 times. That means that their customers are advertising their products for them. That’s smart Instagram marketing. Product Hashtags


Flower Power!? #NineWest #Heels #Flowers #Floral #Print #Fashion #Color #WomensShoes A photo posted by Gibbons Company (@gibbonscompany) on

Associated brands have probably already done a lot of your marketing work for you. Just like you would recommend say Nine West to a customer, you can share this brand to Instagram. The effect is that sharing this recognized brand gives your brand validation. If you create this kind of content, make sure you hashtag the brand #NineWest and that you at tag them (@NineWest). They will be notified and (if they have a good community manager), they will like, comment, and maybe follow.

Post Daily


All experts agree that if you don’t post on a consistent basis, you will lose followers. Besides, Instagram has implemented their algorithm. That means that every day you aren’t active, you aren’t getting engagement and you’re dropping in the feed. If you want to be on top of the feed for your followers, you need to be active. Use a dashboard like Socialdraft to schedule your Instagram posts and be on top of the competition.


How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts

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