Social Media Manager Skills

February 6, 2018


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What’s This?

Before Socialdraft was an app, it was a social media agency. We managed small clients such as restaurants, chef organizations, and incredibly large ones like governmental agencies. We still run managed services for Socialdraft users, so if you have a need, just ask. We have been lucky strategic in finding amazing people to work for us. Not all of them had Social Media experience. When you are hiring a social media professional, there are things that you need to consider. We’ll share some of the things we’ve learned over the past few years so you can find the perfect fit for you.

Social Media Managers today are required to have skills well beyond the realm of skills needed when social media was in its infancy. Because social media campaigns have become more complex, social media marketing projects include a much wider array of components necessary to develop brand awareness and drive leads and sales. Read on to find out if you (or the person you are hiring) has the skills needed to be a social media manager.

Social Media Managers require skill sets that range from creative writing to basic photography, as well as the ability to use analytics in tracking social media mentions, likes, comments, and URL clicks, to measure the results of various promotional strategies.

Social Media Manager Skills

Because of the progressive nature of social media in the last decade, most businesses and organizations require a Social Media Manager with a firm grasp and knowledge of the following skills:

Knowing how to parse data and information are important skills to social media managers

Analytical Skills

Just like baseball, Social Media is no fun if you don’t keep score. Besides, you need to justify your pricing with reporting. A good social media manager will be able to take information and analytics and interpret it for clients (or bosses). Most social media platforms now have their own analytics tools. Since going public, even Twitter has introduced Twitter Analytics for different components on Twitter. With tools like SocialDraft or Salesforce, links shared on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network can be traced to measure leads, revenue, and the success of a promotional campaign. Social Media Managers need to know how these platforms work and what information can be gathered, and what they mean. Excel is A MUST!

Good grammar is essential to social media

Writing & Grammar Skills

From attention-grabbing headlines to quality and engaging content, writing is vital to the success of your brand. Most social platforms involve writing. Even with venues like Pinterest and Instagram, you must write titles and captions, and a well-written caption can contribute to the success of a photo or video. Grammar is HUGE – the last thing you want is to make a grammar mistake that makes your client or brand into a laughing stock.

SEO is a valuable skill in a social media manager

Search Engine Optimization Skill

If your new social media manager knows why pandas and penguins are scary, then you’re at least on the right path. Understanding the nature of search engines is crucial for optimizing content related to your brand so search engines will rank it high for keywords and phrases. The sooner content is indexed, the faster you’ll attract organic traffic to your brand’s social media venues. Having an established social media presence can influence your rankings with Google.

Social media managers need to understand design

Photography and Design

Because of the popularity of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, photos and images are an essential part of social media. Today, people expect social media posts to include quality shareable photos and images. And since photo content should be original, a rudimentary knowledge of photography is required to ensure that quality images are selected. It is most likely that your clients will not have a professional photographer on site to take gorgeous pictures to match your social media posts…additionally, some photo images may need to be digitally modified, edited (or completely created from scratch) to meet the size requirements of various social networks. This means that one of the most important skills for social media managers are design and photography skills (Click here for some design tips to get you on your way to becoming a design expert).

Social Media Managers Need Multitasking Skills

All the various social media projects need to be managed by someone with an overarching view of the elements of your campaign, including paid promotions, scheduling, and analytics and tracking of results on different projects.

By monitoring every aspect of various projects, from blog articles, videos, and images on Pinterest, a social media manager can discover what content worked and what content did not work on social networks.

Social media management also involves observing and timely responses to interactions within your own social media community. Monitoring tweets and responding to negative feedback and Facebook posts are crucial activities when it comes to promoting your brand. This means that the majority of social media managers will need to have excellent multitasking skills in order to do everything that is required of them.

A good social media manager knows how to conduct research

Have Strong Google-fu Skills

Social media is constantly changing. On top of that, a good social media manager needs to constantly find good content and vet it. Research skills are a MUST for all social media managers. Thankfully, the google makes us all tiny geniuses.

Use the Best Social Media Management Tools

Finally, a great social media manager must have great tools. Their social media arsenal should include:

  • Scheduling to the major networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram)
  • Reporting
  • Engagement Tools
  • Time Saving Tools

Socialdraft does all that and more. It’s a fantastic social media tool that scales up as your business does. Have questions about Socialdraft? Ask us. Curious as to what we do? Sign up for your risk-free trial!

If you are a budding social media manager, or a business owner running his or her own social media and are looking for a place to learn more, check out the Socialdraft Facebook group for Social Media Marketers. It’s a great place to ask questions, get support, and meet like-minded people to share ideas with.

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